“Haunted by the Devil” Release Giveaway

[vc_row][vc_column width=”1/2″][vc_column_text]The giveaway is over. You can check out the winners at https://gleam.io/9wrCN/haunted-by-the-devil-release-giveaway

[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][vc_column width=”1/2″][vc_column_text][/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][vc_separator][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Chris is nothing if not stubborn. The woman he loves is trapped in Hell, and he’s determined to free her even though everyone who finds out about his quest thinks he has no hope of success. They could be right. He doesn’t have any idea how to rescue someone from Hell. Even worse, his lack of faith robs him of the best methods to combat demons. Can love really conquer all? To find out, Chris will have to risk his life–and maybe his own soul.

Haunted by the Devil is available for a limited time at the new release price of $0.99. To make this an even better deal, the prequel novella, The Devil Hath the Power, ($0.99 all by itself) has been incorporated into the novel, so if you haven’t read it yet, you’re getting two stories for the introductory price of one.

(The giveaway is being held to celebrate the new release but is not otherwise connected with it. In other words, purchasing the book is not necessary to enter and will not improve your odds of winning.)[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][vc_separator][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]

Giveaway Terms and Conditions:

  • The giveaway is void where prohibited. It is also void in any place in which the nature of size or the prizes would trigger extra reporting requirements.
  • No purchase is necessary to enter, nor will making a purchase improve your odds of winning.
  • There is no entry free for the giveaway. Entrants receive points for entries based on simple actions (such as Twitter following, for example) that do not require enough time to amount to a “consideration” (nonmonetary fee) under the law.
  • The option to visit the Kindle Scout contest page does not require you to take any particular action, nor will taking any action improve your chances of winning. (Nominate the book only if you think it’s worthy!)
  • The giveaway is sponsored by Bill Hiatt. Any reference to companies is only for the purpose of describing the prizes and does not imply any endorsement or sponsorship of the giveaway.
  • The number of prizes will never be less than advertised unless there are not as many entrants as there are prizes. However, the sponsor reserves the right, at his sole discretion, to award additional prizes in the event of an unexpectedly large entry.
  • The sponsor reserves the right to modify any element of the giveaway if necessary to comply with unforeseen legal requirements.
  • The sponsor will make a good faith effort to operate the giveaway appropriately. However, the sponsor will not assume responsibility for circumstances beyond his control (for example, website server failure).
  • All entrants must either be legal adults in the jurisdiction in which they reside or entering with parental permission. Entrants who do not meet this requirement will be disqualified.
  • Entrants must provide a valid email address. Entrants who do not provide a valid email address cannot be awarded any prizes which they have won until they correct their records. The email addresses will not be used for any non-contest-related purpose.
  • People who attempt to register as more than one entrant through the use of multiple email addresses or by any other device will be disqualified. (One entrant may make multiple entries, as Gleam defines the term.)
  • Entrants who report the completion of entries that they have not in fact completed will be disqualified.
  • All times listed are in Pacific Time.
  • Every effort will be made to award all prizes within one week. If a delay is unavoidable, that will be noted on the giveaway page.


155 thoughts on ““Haunted by the Devil” Release Giveaway”

  1. Hope I’m commenting on the right part. My favorite all time Love Story is Love Story. When I was young by dream was to go to a big league school and become an attorney and move to Boston. Or maybe the dream came from the movie. Anyway it was so sad but just hit that spot I suppose.

  2. My favorite love story is Titanic because Rose was willing to give up her wealth and status to be with the poor artist Jack.

  3. My favorite story is the notebook because it was so heartfelt and so touching about her losing her memory and him still loving her no matter what and holding on that she will remember him if only for a moment in time

  4. My favorite love story is the one between Peeta and Katniss. I guess its because they had to get through so much and problem solve to find a way to get together.

  5. My favorite love story is When Harry Met Sally just because they kept crossing paths and didn’t realize they were meant to be. Yet somehow sensed each other.

  6. Thanks for the chance to win. My favorite love story is rather cliche, but Romeo and Juliet. The written and 1968 movie version each have their pluses and minuses.

  7. My favorite love story was The flame and the flower from Kathleen E Woodiwiss. My girl friend when i was a teenager, let me borrow the book and told me it was a really good book. So i read it and it had always been my favorite.

  8. My favorite love story is Gone With The Wind. I love it because of course its a classic but mostly because of how Scarlett really wants Rhett but doesn’t really know it herself until the end.

  9. WOW! This sounds fantastic! If your willing to send it to me to read for free, I’ll give my YouTubies [as I lovingly refer to my followers as] a proper and 100% completely honest review. Reading helps my mind stay sharp due to my 3 brain disorders. Many Blessings, Love and light. [Let me know if there’s something that can be worked out ????]

  10. Love pride and prejudice, I think it was a great story because they both were strong willed and it didn’t feel like one was over the other. Both Characters were clever and observant and loyal to family

  11. My fave love story is Way Of The Warrior because it is a sad, sad tale of a pair of lovers who cannot be together for some noble purpose that involves a sacrifice and a cruel twist of fates. Sob. Sob! I could read that book and watch the movie a thousand times over.

  12. My favorite love story is the notebook book and movie. The reason for this is their is great connection between Ryan Gosling’s character and his mistress. I love the way it moves in and out of time to reveal the best love story ever told!

  13. The notebook – love stories are usually predictable and sometimes boring, but this one got my interest the whole time!

  14. The Dollanganger series by V C Andrews because the books are so twisted and shocking. They’re not your typical love stories.

  15. Jonathan Livingston Seagull, because of its message of the love within that’s developed higher and higher, that can be bestowed upon others in the hope they raise themselves up to higher states.

  16. I don’t really have a favorite live story, but I do know for sure that I love a story with a strong heroin. None of this swoop me off my feet soeey of thing.

  17. The Time Traveler’s Wife was a nice love story. I like how he time traveled and met when she was a child and continued to visit her as she grew up and married her. Through his time travel, he made their relationship work. It’s all about love and just beautiful.

  18. The only story that is stuck in my head right now is Jenny and Julian from the The Forbidden Game trilogy from L.J. Smith. I love that story. It really shows what someone is willing to do for someone they love.

  19. I wouldn’t call this a story, but I love Shakespeare’s love sonnets. So much richness that I haven’t found elsewhwee lately.

  20. i would say titanic cause two people fall in love in s short time but the the love loves a llife time what a american dream that doesnt ever happen this story is something everyone wishes for

  21. I love the beauty and the beast story. People are always too quick to judge based on first appearances. This story tells it otherwise.

  22. My favorite love story would be a strong woman finding a man that can respect her and love her for the strong woman she is.

  23. mine would be the love story in Outlander, their love is full of challenges and twists but end up being so in love!

  24. I like love stories that are enduring and will stand the test of time, like Diana Gabaldon’s Outllandef books. Regardless of the time travel angle, Jamie and Claire’s love endures even when they grow old.

  25. it is romeo and Juliet for me……a love so strong they could not live without each other…..overlooking that they were too young to have the correct judgment skills….but still that sort of love is amazing

  26. Nothing to do with fantasy books but my favorite love story is Ruth and Boaz from the bible. It’s just a great story and encouraging. My hubby thought I was pulling a Ruth before we started dating, I wasn’t, but he asked me to dinner anyways and the rest is history. We were married 7 months later!

  27. Briefly explain what your favorite love story is and explain why

    I like” the art of love” they made a movie about it in 1965…that’s me favorite..has to have a little wit

  28. My favorite love story is the Notebook because he never gives up on her after so many years apart. I love LOVE stories that show that two people won’t give up on each other even when others stand in their way.

  29. My favorite love story is Pride and Prejudice because two people who started not liking each other end up loving each other.

  30. Patricia Hoffmeister

    My favorite love story is how I met my husband. Over 60 years ago I asked my husband to pass the salt and pepper. I was wearing a white peasant blouse with a maroon skirt. The jukebox was playing The High and the Mighty. We have been married over 59 years.

  31. I don’t think I have a particular favorite love story but the TYPE of love story that I typically enjoy is when one or both characters is an artist or musician! 😀

  32. I have many favorite love stories. One of the most favorites is “Devdas” written by an Indian writer. The story plot, and dialogs are heart touching. Also, the finishing of the story is excellent and I cried when I read it. I suggest you read it too.

  33. My favorite love story happens to be Endless Love by Scott Spencer. I know it’s not a love story in a traditional sense, but it is a story about love the deep and emotional kind. He was extremely flawed and he did an incredibly stupid and reckless thing because he was in love. I remember being a teenager, and I remember being stupid. (Well at least not that stupid). I just remember being really touched by that book and I never forgot it.

  34. My favorite love story of all time is “Romeo and Juliet”.It was the first tragic love story that I ever read and is still my favorite.

  35. That’s really nice to win such a ebook. Bought a Kindle yesterday and this could be the first ebook which Im gonna read!

  36. My favorite love story took place in You’ve Got Mail with Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks. Nothing has come close since. Well, maybe Sleepless in Seattle, but YGM is the BEST!!

  37. The Fault in Our Stars a sad but realistic story of falling in love thru tragedy brings them together. Touching emotional and it whispered to my soul of love and how amazing it can be even in sad times

  38. My favorite love story of all time is “Romeo and Juliet”. It was the first tragic love story that I ever read and is still my favorite. Another one I can tell you is Pride and Prejudice. I like that he goes against society to marry her.

  39. I dont have a particular Love story i know most guys dont but i dont mind a good love story I think we all long to be loved

  40. My favorite love story, a common one that’s loved, “the notebook” it’s an amazing story and love that he takes the time to have her re-live it just for a single moment of clarity. I actually heard a real life story about this the other day about a man with dementia (sp?) re-proposing to his wife and them having a wedding.

  41. Pretty Woman!! It shows the people they are that no one sees and discovery of that person and bringing out those traits. I also like the story that if you get to know someone even from different sides of the tracks you may find someone you love. We are not that much different after all.

  42. I have many favorite loves stories but Romeo and Juliet is at the top for me because I can relate to their forbidden love. It reminds me of love at first sight, or what we all believed love to be when we were young.

  43. I like Pride and Prejudice because I like that Elizabeth and Darcy are so perfect for each other an they don’t realize it.

  44. King Edward VIII and Wallis Simpson. That’s love to give up the throne. Their marriage endured. I think I like it because it’s true.

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