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299 thoughts on “September 2023 Giveaway”

      1. I always looked forward to the first day of school with all new clothes and shoes. Never thought I’d say it but I miss school days.

  1. My favorite back to school memory was using the money I earned at a summer job to buy a whole new fall wardrobe. I was always very excited to wear my new clothes to school.

  2. I loved when my class schedule would come in the mail and my friends and I would all call each other to see what classes we had in common.

  3. One of my favorite fall memories is going to pick apples at the orchard with our family. Nothing like a fresh apple right off of the tree.

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  4. My favourite fall memory is walking through my neighbourhood in an alley of trees not far from my house. The beauty of fallen leaves never fails to amaze me!

  5. My favorite fall memory is going to the upper Pennisula of Michigan for our 10th wedding anniversary and seeing all the waterfalls!

  6. Autumn is my favorite time of the year. Not only because of the beauty, After all, in the fall I appeared in this world.

  7. My favourite Fall or Autumn memories are from my childhood, playing in the piles of leaves after raking them up.It was a lot of fun.

  8. Woohoo! Thank you for the opportunity.
    My favorite fall memory is pressing leaves from our maple and oak trees in my photo albums and books to save forever. I no longer have them.unfortunately.

  9. Having good back to school memories can be a challenge because you were a kid and often you would have wished for Christmas and Summer to never end, but I remember being happy to return to school when I was in 5th grade. My English teacher knew how to teach by keeping students interested during the class. She would also lend a Barnie the Dinosaur plushy to a student every week, a student who showed good behavior during class. I always went back to school eager to win that Barnie toy for a week, but I never could. lol

  10. My favorite back to school memory was just the excitement of the newness of school supplies and clothes and a fresh start and new beginning each year

  11. On my first day of fifth grade, my teacher surprised us with a scavenger hunt that let us explore every nook and cranny of our new learning space. The prize was a jumbo pack of colorful markers, but the real reward was realizing this was a place where learning would be an adventure. That’s my favorite back-to-school memory!

  12. My favorite fall memory is traveling to the Mohawk Trail in Massachusetts to see the fall colors when I was a child and having a pancake breakfast.

  13. I love fall when the trees start to turn. In the eastern sierra we have many beautiful fall colors. It reminds of sending my boys to school.

  14. I always looked forward to going back to school, and meeting my old friends again. I missed them during the summer! (I find that now, as an older adult, I miss going to school). : (

  15. My favorite back to school memory was always the first day of school seeing friends I hadn’t seen all summer and how quickly the school day went.

  16. I remember perfectly well that returning in high school many of my friends had changed so much physically that I was unable to recognize them.

  17. One of my cherished fall memories was going to the apple orchard with my dad. The air was crisp, and the trees were ablaze with red and gold leaves. I picked apples, crunched through fallen leaves, and felt the “magic” of autumn in the air.

  18. My favorite back to school memory was the first day of classes, wearing new clohes and seeing some friends that I hadn’t seen in a long time.

  19. Back in college where I got brand new glasses and nobody recognized me (they were round) and literally built a new personality until I became CEO of college, hoooly gigachad.

  20. I really don’t have one. I always did summer school in jr and sr high to knock out requirements so that I could max out electives during the school year

  21. My favorite memory is finding out who my teacher is going to be and if any of my friends are going to be in my class.

  22. My fav back to school routine: picking out my shoes. My grandparents gave me money for my birthday that aligned with school starting. We couldn’t afford Nike shoes when I grew up, but my grandparents generosity allowed me to get them… so findin out which shoes I would get was really fun and rewarding.

  23. My favorite back to school memory is going back to school wearing a new outfit I earned the money for working the summer. I earned enough for my school clothes and extras like the movies.

  24. My favorite back-to-school memory was always shopping for back-to-school gear and clothing. Not as fun when the stores are crowded, but finding times when there are not a lot of other shoppers and you can really take your time to find what you need and want!

  25. My favorite Fall memory was my wedding 13 years ago! It was a perfectly crisp and beautifully sunny day sandwiched between two days of non-stop rain. We totally lucked out with the weather for our park wedding and it was an absolutely magical day.

  26. My favorite fall memory is when we took our daughter to this big corn maze/ pumpkin patch. It was really fun and she loved all the fun fall activities.

  27. I can’t remember taking a long ride through a bunch of hills with my family, looking at all the beautiful changing colors of the leaves.

  28. Bridgette Williams

    Thank you for an amazing giveaway. I love buying new Fall clothes, the color of nature and jumping in piles of leaves.

  29. My favorite back to school memory was being so excited for the 1st day of school that I could barely sleep the night before, meeting up with friends and comparing our schedules. My daughter is starting Junior High on Tuesday 🙂

  30. Definitely falling for this amazing giveaway! My family loves visiting our local pumpkin patch and enjoying all the pumpkin spice goodies released during the season. Thanks for the chance and for doing such a fantastic giveaway! Wishing everyone an incredibly wonder-fall season! Fingers crossed! Good luck all!

  31. My favorite fall memory was traveling to New Hampsire & Vermont back in 2012. It was the first time I got to see fall foliage/coloring changing leaves.

  32. Besides getting new clothes and shoes, it is hard to come up with a great reason for loving going back to school. I really don’t have a happy memory that sticks out

  33. My favorite Fall memory is going around to all the Apple Orchards and tasting all their delicious apple cider and Doughnuts with my grandmother. The smell of leaves burning and pumpkin Spice in the air is definitely my favorite time of the year!

  34. Going to the corn maze, corn pit, pumpkin patch with my son. We had so much fun playing, searching the maze for clues, eating mini donuts!!

  35. I have read all the mystery books in the Wilmington, NC library. So I need to read your books if they are not too scary.

  36. My favorite memories of my kids going off to school, excited for the first day with a new backpack and new supplies

  37. Michael Christofield

    Halloween is a highlight for me. I love getting my kids costumes and trick-or-treating. When I was a kid, I always looked forward to the excitement of the first day of school.

  38. My favorite back to school memory was being able to wear new clothes. My family didn’t have alot of money, so we only got new clothes for school.

  39. loved fall as a kid and still love it as an adult. The cooler temps, the smell of leaves, time to get into the woods. My favorite season

  40. Jennifer Kirby-McLemore

    My favorite back to school memory is meeting a friend who would become my BFF. We’ve been friends since 6th grade and our 20 year high school reunion is coming up, so….it’s been a wonderful few decades!

  41. When I got to take my nephew to his very first day of school. It was so special to be apart of that big life-changing moment!

  42. I remember my grandmother baking cookies for me to take for everyone on my first day of school. It helped break the ice.

  43. My favorite Back to School memory will be the one of this year where my baby girl moved into and started college.

  44. My favorite back to school memory was finally sitting down in my class. I’ve always been directionally impaired- making it to a seat was the biggest feeling of relief!

  45. One of my favorite fall memories is the first day of school after a long summer break. The excitement of seeing friends again, the anticipation of new classes and teachers, and the smell of freshly sharpened pencils and new notebooks. It’s a time of new beginnings and endless possibilities.

  46. I absolutely love seeing the new students that will be joining me for the year coming off the bus that first morning

  47. I would always enjoy back to school shopping – the smell of the new school supplies and getting new clothes was always great!

  48. My favorite back to school memory was going to the shoe store for new, leather shoes. The store is no longer in business, but I can still smell the scent of the store when I reminisce.

  49. My favorite Fall activity was going shopping for school clothes, and then reading ahead to learn (before I learned in school) what was being taught. I loved school.

  50. Fall is my favorite time of the year, I live on a farm and the leaves changing is one thing but the best is the harvest sunset with the deep red and orange hues in the distant tree line in the country skyline without any man made buildings blocking the view, just soaking up the beauty of nature!

  51. Going to the apple orchard with my family. We would take a hayride to the field, pick our apples, then go to the mill for freshly pressed cider and freshly made cider donuts

  52. My favorite fall memory was and still is enjoying the crisp fall weather and reading my new book. With a firepit it extends the time I have to enjoy this favorite!

  53. we lived out in the country so I was always happy to see my friends again. One thing I didn’t miss was the homework.

  54. My favorite back to school memory is knowing that we got to go shopping with mom and she let us pick out our favorite clothes and classroom items.

  55. I just love that Football is back! NBA is around the corner and Baseball is entering into the playoffs as well as just the weather if your in the Midwest like me. You get a few days during September where it’s hot like summer, and cool like October and maybe a day or two where it’s actually colder like November.

  56. I once tripped and fell “by accident” in front of the “new girl” on the first day of my freshman year of high school . As I anticipated, she rushed to my aid. I ended up getting her number . We dated all through high school until she got hit in the head by a foul ball at a Varsity Baseball game and lost her long term memory. For awhile, it was fun making her fall in love with me everyday, but eventually it go tiring and she started breaking up with me everyday, so I dumped her. Today, she doesn’t even remember my name, but I will never forget her. That is my favorite “back to school fall” memory.

  57. My favorite school memory is when we turned a boring math class into a hilarious adventure with Mr. Johnson’s talking parrot, Captain Squawk.

  58. My favorite back-to-school memories are related to the first day of school because I would reunite with old friends and meet a lot of new class students – it was always a special day!

  59. I was of the generation that missed out on six months of high school when the cretins then in charge of Virginia’s politics decided that racial integration was so scary, it was preferable that they just close all the schools to prevent it. So for half a year, instead of enjoying my first year of high school in an actual school, I spent it in a small room in the basement of a church, getting schooled in math and English and history. Ironically, though, we also got schooled in race relations, since the church-school was fully integrated. Funny thing, we all got along fine and actually learned a lot that we carried into adulthood, including about friendships and respect.

  60. My favorite back-to-school memory is related to the initial days of school when you start a new year – you get to see old friends, meet new colleagues and see the teachers you got!

  61. My favorite fall memory was entering 7th grade in junior high school with good vision after my eyes surgery in the previous summer!

  62. We loved going to visit my grandparents and going to a local cider mill for donuts and apple cider! We got to feed the ducks any leftovers ❤️

  63. My favorite fall memory is the entire season from the cool crisp weather, the leaves changing colors, enjoying fall themed foods and drinks, baking more and making chili and soups! Watching Halloween movies and planning my Halloween party, decorating my home for fall, enjoying hot coco, going to a haunted house or the pumpkin patch!

  64. I always loved going back to school shopping with my grandma. The best was getting to wear a new outfit and shoes on the first day.

  65. I love fall when trees change leaves, no more crazy heat, love smell of rain. I love picking apples with Family and making jam, getting ready for Thanksgiving.

  66. My favorite falk memory as a kid (and still to this day) is going to the pumpkin patch. Carving pumpkins and enjoying the many different color leaves.

  67. My favorite season is fall so I have many memories however my fave is when I was little my papaw would rake all the leaves up into a big pile & I would have the time of my life running & jumping into the leaves! Ty for the chance

  68. I had no favourite back-to-school memory in particular because I was very aloof. I procrastinated a lot and dragged my feet to school every time despite excelling academically. I worked full time back in college, and I was particularly pond of weekend getaways to the beach or out of town or late night get together with my coworkers. However, at school I was mostly a loner despite having a few friends, no best friends whatsoever.

  69. I always enjoyed back-to-school. Favorite memory is seeing all my friends after missing them over the summer (way before cell phones or social media)

  70. I love to watch the leaves change and fall to the earth and the squirrels rushing around to gather winter stores that they will probably forget about!.

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