Greek Mythology Genealogies

This download is for users of the ebook version of A Dream Come True: an Entertaining Way for Students To Learn Greek Mythology.  (The genealogies didn’t transfer well to MOBI or EPUB formats.) However, anyone who wishes to use the genealogies is welcome to do so. Sources for the information are not cited here but are cited in the book itself.

If you’d prefer to view the file online, here it is:

If you’re intrigued by mythology and thinking about buying the book, here’s a handy preview:

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Teachers are eligible to receive free copies for review, and, if desired, use in a textbook adoption process. Librarians are eligible to receive free copies for their libraries.

Schools can receive discounts if they wish to purchase the book for classroom use.

Questions? You can also view the book’s product page here and fill out a form to request additional information about institutional uses.

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