A Parent’s Guide to Parent-Teacher Communications

Are you a parent of a high school student? Do you feel uncomfortable or nervous about contacting teachers? Then this book is for you!

Let the simple tips in this book make you a more effective communicator!

You may never need to contact one of your son’s or daughter’s teachers, but if you really need to, you want to feel confident. The suggestions in this short booklet will help you get that confidence in about the time it would take you to watch a half-hour sitcom. Bill Hiatt, a high school teacher with thirty-four years of experience, will walk you through the whole process of parent-teacher communication and give you invaluable insights you are only likely to get from an insider. (Note: The content is based on the American educational system and may not be as useful in other locations.)

Easily learn about

  • how teachers typically work and think, so that you can understand their point of view better and thus interact with them more easily
  • how to distinguish situations in which you don’t need to call from situations in which you should
  • how to better handle those really awkward situations in which the teacher may be part of your son’s or daughter’s problem
  • how to prepare for a call or conference so that you can maximize your results
  • what to do during and after the conference
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