Angel Feather

Hal doesn’t have any close friends at his high school and lies to his parents about his situation so they won’t worry. He wishes his life were different, but finding an anonymous note and a feather in his backpack wasn’t exactly what he had in mind. The anonymous note claims the feather is an angel feather, capable of working one miracle, but Hal hesitates. Is the feather someone’s idea of a joke, or is it the answer to Hal’s secret wishes? If the feather can really work a miracle, will it change Hal’s life for the better, or will it simply prove the old saying, “Be careful what you wish for”?

(Although this short story is a set in the Spell Weaver universe, it is intended as a stand-alone piece that can be read and enjoyed whether one has read any of the other Spell Weaver books or not.)

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