Destiny or Madness?

Tasked by Ares, the god of war, with killing one of his fellow students, Alex questions his own sanity. That’s just the beginning of Alex’s problems, though. Now trapped in a struggle between supernatural forces he can’t begin to understand and forced to use a weapon that is really using him, Alex’s only escape may be to find the love that has eluded him his whole life.

“Destiny or Madness?” is a paraquel to Hidden among Yourselves, the third volume in the Spell Weaver series. “Destiny” has something for every fantasy lover. Don’t have time for a long fantasy but crave a quick dose? “Destiny” will take an average reader about half an hour to an hour to finish. Want a sample of the Spell Weaver series? “Destiny” will give a good idea of the feel of the series, and from there you can plunge straight into Hidden or start from Living with Your Past Selves, the first book, if you want to follow the story from the beginning. Already a fan of the Spell Weaver series? “Destiny” lets you see the world from Alex’s perspective and answers some questions about how he got himself into the lives of Taliesin Weaver and his friends in the first place.

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