The Void Gazes Back

When Khalid returns home, he finds that Santa Brígida has disappeared completed. A fake town with empty buildings and no signs of life has taken its place.

Khalid doesn’t know it yet, but the abduction of the whole town isn’t the worst threat he and his friends will face. An old enemy has found new sources of power and a great place to use them: a parallel universe in which ancient gods still walk the earth and primal evils have been summoned to bring about an apocalypse.

It is to that very universe that Santa Brígida and its entire population has been taken. Facing threats they do not understand, they have a limited time before the world on which they are imprisoned will be conquered by evil forces.

Tal and his friends might be able to prevail. But in order to do so, one of them must give up what he most desires. And one of them must die.

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