Greetings from the Dragon:


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Dragon Greeting
Dragon's Greeting

(The dragon was animated using CrazyTalk 6.21. Dragon image is from Fantasy Tales content pack. Cave background is licensed from www.shutterstock.com and copyrighted by Albert Russ. The voice was created using Morph Vox Pro, Creatures of Darkness addon.)

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Greetings from the (more or less) Human:

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Welcome to my website! The stories I kept inside me for so long are now escaping at an alarming rate. If you hurry, you might catch some of them. If you don’t hurry, they might catch you!

I’ve tried to make the site design fairly clear, but in the event that you’re having trouble finding something, the top menu links directly to all major sections of the site, the right sidebar provides a handy way to subscribe to the newsletter or the site and to browse recent posts, and the space below provides some handy shortcuts as well as recent news about me and my writing. Enjoy!

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(If you get lost, the dragon can be helpful. He knows the site backwards and forwards–and he hasn’t eaten any of the visitors in ages. Of course, you can never tell what mood he’ll be in on any given day.)

Recent Release: Different Lee

Abandoned by his parents the moment he was born, DL did his best to reinvent himself . However, his past isn’t so easily buried. Haunted by weird dreams and hunted by weirder strangers, DL must face who he really is–or die trying!

(image created for me by Jason M. from http://ilikeebooks.com/; cover designed by Peter O’Connor of http://bespokebookcovers.com/)

Recent Release: A Dream Come True: An Entertaining Way for Students To Learn Greek Mythology

A few high school students cramming for a mythology test fall asleep. When they wake up, they find themselves trapped in the world of Greek mythology. The only way for them to escape is to seek out clues in the myths– before this strange world crumbles around them, leaving them stranded there forever.

(designed for me by Julie Nicholls of http://julienicholls.com/artwork-for-sale/book-covers/)

Additional Image Credit: Background for next great read image is licensed from www.shutterstock.com and copyrighted by pixelparticle.