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I’ve been struggling for a while to figure out how to best present the links. I started out with the idea for a lot of separate pages organized by category. Then I thought about separate pages organized by audience (teachers, students, parents, for example). In both cases I realized there would be a lot of overlap, and, at least in the first case, a lot of pages to navigate. For that reason, I decided to present the links in what I hope is a handy table form (courtesy of the Tablepress plugin). You can sort the table using the data from any column. More importantly, you can search the table, and the table will be filtered, with only rows that have the relevant search term visible. This feature will help you find what you’re looking for much more quickly, especially as the number of links grows larger.

When describing the audience, I have used employees rather than saying teachers, support providers, administrators and so on. In most cases, the interests of these different groups would either be identical or overlap heavily.

The links included are typically ones with which I have some experience, though I’m happy to take suggestions if someone tells me about a good resource that isn’t yet listed. In the case of sites that provide hardware, software, or services for a fee, I have always used them myself, unless otherwise indicated.

Embedded Content

This collection begins with items I used with my students, but hopefully it will grow as time passes. You can find this content on child pages of this page.


This collection includes samples and other miscellaneous materials.

Copyrighted content may not be reused without permission.
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