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Welcome to the part of my site reserved for email list subscribers. (If you take advantage of any of the subscriber-only offers, I will verify your status before fulfilling the offer.) This is the place you can come to for special, list-only promotions and giveaways. You can use the Contents widget in the right sidebar to navigate easily to the part you want. 

Immediately below this section is the form for US subscribers to select their free book, as well as links to free downloads open to all subscribers

The next section is the place to check who’s won past subscriber only giveaways based on random drawings from the whole mailing list or from select groups (those who opened or those who clicked). You don’t need to do anything to enter these giveaways except meet the requirements. You can also see the approximate date when the next winners will be announced.

The last section contains links to previous winners of the old subscriber rewards giveaways.

Free Book Selection (due to the limitations of the Kindle gifting system, this option is currently available only to US subscribers)

Please make sure that the email address you provide here matches the email address you used when you subscribed to the newsletter. Otherwise, you book request cannot be fulfilled.
Select the book you wish to receive. Requests will be fulfilled through the Amazon book gifting system. I've listed the first book in each series and any full-length stand-alone titles. If you prefer one of my books which is not listed, select the last choice and fill in the title you want in the blank provided. You can see all available titles listed at

Free Book Selection Open to All Subscribers, Fulfilled by BookFunnel

You can select any or all of the titles listed below as a bonus for subscribing. The list may change periodically. To download a book, click on the title. (This option was designed for non-US subscribers, but it would also be appropriate for US subscribers who want to download a book in EPUB or PDF format–BookFunnel offers those in addition to MOBI.)

“World-Crossed Lovers” (available only through BookFunnel)

“Green Wounds”

(“Angel Feather” and “Destiny or Madness” were formerly offered here through BookFunnel, but I decided I wanted to put them back into KU, which means they can’t be publicly available anywhere else. Subscribers who are able to receive gifted books from can obtain one or both of these short titles from me by filling out the form below.

Please make sure that the email address you provide here matches the email address you used when you subscribed to the newsletter. Otherwise, you book request cannot be fulfilled.
These short titles will formerly available free to subscribers through BookFunnel but are now available to US subscribers through Amazon gifting.

Subscriber Rewards Giveaway Results (no entry action required)

1/24/2021 (open and click list) Al Z, Alyce P, Joshua O, Kirsten L, Boro D

1/1/2021 (open and click list) Angala F, Mindy D, Melissa M, Jole K, William C

8/1/2020 (open and click list) Linda H, Rebbi, Patricia R., Emmaline F., Veda P.

6/1/2020 (open and click list) A A, Nott E, Linda H, Geronimo C, Tabetha M

4/30/2020 (open and click list) Ruben Z, Adriana A, Barbara W, Cathy G, Suman S

3/15/2020 (open and click list) Yong C, Melissa R, Justus B, Catherine R, Susan S 

2/29/2020 (open and click list) Nancy B, Shell H, Emmanuel C, CG P, Santi S

12/15/2019 (open and click list) Danielle M, Toni S, Jordi, Michele M, Jude K

11/15/2019 (open list) Generosa R, Thomas M, Deb P, Ahmed H, Petar K

10/2/2019 (active list) Tina M

9/13/2019 (open and click list) Adalbert L

9/6/2019 (open and click list) Theresa C

9/5/2019 (open and click list) Rick G

9/4/2019 (open and click list) Yanhua T

9/3/2019 (open and click list) Karin M

Subscriber Rewards Giveaway Past Results

Click on the link for the giveaway in which you are interested to see who won.

Subscriber Rewards Giveaway 1, Ended 2/14/2019

Subscriber Rewards Giveaway 2, Ended 3/14/2019

Subscriber Rewards Giveaway 3, Ended 4/14/2019

Subscriber Rewards Giveaway 4, Ended 5/14/2019

Subscriber Rewards Giveaway 5, Ended 6/15/2019

Subscriber Rewards Giveaway 6, Ended 7/15/2019

Subscriber Rewards Giveaway 7, Ended 8/1/2019

Subscriber Rewards Giveaway 8, Ended 8/15/2019

Subscriber Rewards Giveaway 9, Ended 9/15/2019

Subscriber Rewards Giveaway 10, Ended 10/15/2019

Subscriber Rewards Giveaway 11, Ended 11/15/2019

Subscriber Rewards Giveaway 12, Ended 12/15/2019

Subscriber Rewards Giveaway 13, Ended 1/15/2020

Subscriber Rewards Giveaway 14, Ended 2/15/2020

Subscriber Rewards Giveaway 15, Ended 3/15/2020

These giveaways are for email newsletter subscribers only. If you would like to subscribe, there is a form near the top of the right sidebar. If you prefer not to subscribe, I run frequent giveaways open to the general public which you are welcome to enter.

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