AddAll Book Search and Price ComparisonLiterature (purchasing)The site searches every online retailer to identify where a specific book is available and which retailer has the best price. Librarians, teachers building classroom libraries, parents looking for economical ways to increase their home library, and students looking for a particular book for a book report can all benefit from this site. A used book search is also included, especially useful for hard-to-find titles.employees, parents, students
American Library AssociationLibrary, AdvocacyThis is the place to look ways to support libraries, the latest research on libraries, and ALA's most recent policy positions.employees
ETS CriterionWriting, GrammarCriterion is a system for immediate, online writing feedback. When my formal school used the system, it had a blind spot where parallel structure was concerned, but generally it handled other grammatical issues extremely well, not only noting problem areas in an essay but giving students immediate access to the relevant section in an online grammar book. It can't do much for the content of the writing, but it can help students improve their grasp of the mechanics of writing.employees
Internet ArchiveLibrary, MultimediaThis site is dedicated to preservation and display of everything from hard-to-find older materials to current products, many reusable through Creative Commons licensing or by virtue of being public domain. The collection includes millions of items: print books, audio books, videos, music, podcasts, and images, as well as the Wayback Machine, for people who need to research the past history of web pages.all
Jupiter EdSchool UtilitiesI'll be putting up a more thorough review of the software provided by this site, but if your school or district is looking for online grading, LMS, analytics, and even a choice of integrating with another SIS or using Jupiter's, this should definitely be a contender.employees
National Parent Teacher AssociationAdvocacy, Parenting ResourcesThis site includes a wide variety of parent resources as well as information on the organization's position on various educational issuesemployees, parents
Perseus Digital LibraryLibraryThis site began as a collection of classical texts in the original Greek and Latin and in English. It has since broadened to include Greek and Roman archaeological images, Germanic texts, Renaissance texts, 19th Century American history, and a few Arabic texts. Its largest collections are still Greek and Roman, though.all
Project GutenbergLibraryThis site provides access to over 500,000 public domain titles for download or online viewing.all
Purdue Online Writing Lab (OWL)Writing, FormattingThis site has a great collection of resources, including the most up-to-date coverage of both MLA and APA format, often a weak spot for students. All of the discussions are well illustrated with clear and relevant examples. Notice also the resources specifically designed for grades 7-12 students and teachers.employees, students
QuizletTeacher and Student UtilitiesThis site provides interactive games for the classroom as well as flash cards and other study aids for individual students. You can input new material or use material that already exists on the site.employees, students
RCampusSchool UtilitiesThough the offerings on this site are not as robust as some, teachers looking for a class website, online homework submission, and-or online rubric-based grading, as well as students looking for a way to build an online portfolio, will find this company a reliable provider.employees, students
SqooltoolsSchool UtilitiesThis is a good site if you want to test drive the Moodle LMS for free. Two paid teachers plans and the options to implement districtwide are also available. I've worked with the company, and they provide reliable serviceemployees
TechsmithVideo Creation UtilitiesThe original videos on this site are all done with Camtasia, easy-to-use software that includes screen capture, screen recording (great for demos and training videos), PowerPoint recording, importing of existing video and audio from a variety of sources, and robust video and audio editing. This software probably has all the capabilities you'd need for creating classroom videos at a lower price than some of the bigger name alternatives, though that may depend upon whether or not your school district has a special deal.employees, students
TurnitinSchool UtilitiesThis site provides an excellent plagiarism solution, as well as online essay grading and online grade reporting if needed.employees
Teaching Blog AddictResourcesThis site provides a wide range of resources on a variety of topics, though the emphasis seems to be K-6 for the most part.employees
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