General Giveaway Rules

The giveaways on this site will all be subject to these general rules unless a specific exception is noted. Depending on the nature of the giveaway, some additional rules may be added.

  1. The giveaway is void where prohibited. It is also void in any place in which the nature of size or the prizes would trigger extra reporting requirements.
  2. No purchase is necessary to enter, nor will making a purchase improve your odds of winning.
  3. There is no entry free for the giveaway. Entrants receive points for entries based on simple actions (such as Twitter following, for example) that do not require enough time to amount to a “consideration” (nonmonetary fee) under the law.
  4. The giveaway is sponsored by Bill Hiatt. Any reference to other companies is only for the purpose of describing the prizes and does not imply any endorsement or sponsorship of the giveaway.
  5. The number of prizes will never be less than advertised unless there are not as many entrants as there are prizes. However, the sponsor reserves the right, at his sole discretion, to award additional prizes in the event of an unexpectedly large entry.
  6. The sponsor reserves the right to modify any element of the giveaway if necessary to comply with unforeseen legal requirements.
  7. The sponsor will make a good faith effort to operate the giveaway appropriately. However, the sponsor will not assume responsibility for circumstances beyond his control (for example, website server failure).
  8. All entrants must either be legal adults in the jurisdiction in which they reside or entering with parental permission. Entrants who do not meet this requirement will be disqualified.
  9. Entrants must provide a valid email address. Entrants who do not provide a valid email address cannot be awarded any prizes which they have won until they correct their records. The email addresses will not be used for any non-contest-related purpose.
  10. People who attempt to register as more than one entrant through the use of multiple email addresses or by any other device will be disqualified. (One entrant may make multiple entries, as Gleam defines the term.)
  11. Entrants who report through Gleam the completion of entries that they have not in fact completed will be disqualified.
  12. Entrants who subscribe to the email list but do not click the link in the confirmation email will not be considered to have completed that entry option. (Gleam doesn’t monitor that aspect of the entry, but winners drawn on the basis of completing the email subscription process will be double-checked to ensure that they have actually completed it. Any who have not cannot be awarded a prize.) This provision in no way impairs an entrant’s right to unsubscribe at any time. It simply means an entrant must complete the subscription process in the first place for that entry to be valid.
  13. All times listed are in Pacific Time.
  14. Every effort will be made to award all prizes within one week. If a delay is unavoidable, that will be noted on the giveaway page.
Copyrighted content may not be reused without permission.
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