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Suddenly being able to remember all of his past lives was hard on Tal Weaver. He’s sure he’s going crazy. But when he starts hearing a voice that could be real, he discovers there may be worse things than going crazy…

For Taliesin Weaver, remembering all of his past lives was cool…until a hidden enemy began launching supernatural attacks against him. Tal doesn’t know whom to trust, but without allies, he is doomed– and so is everyone he cares about.

It isn’t the lurking Morgan Le Fay, nor the mysterious half-djinn, nor the ghost, nor even the dragon surprise attack that Taliesin fears most. It is the darkness within his own soul.

Taliesin Weaver faces his greatest challenges yet, from figuring out why a war god wants him dead, to recovering an artifact from a world he can’t enter, to defeating Death in the Underworld itself. Failure is not an option–if he wants to survive!

Alex was bullied and alone, so when Ares, the Greek god of war, offers him a great destiny, Alex is unsettled but curious. When he discovers Ares wants him to kill one of his fellow students, Alex wants out…but it may be too late!

When Hal finds a feather in his backpack with a note claiming it’s an angel feather, he is skeptical, to say the least. But when the feather actually shows signs of being supernatural, Hal is faced with questions: if he can have one miracle, what will he ask for…and what if he makes a mistake?

Having an evil alter ego inside of you is difficult enough to live with. Having that alter ego become flesh and try to take your place? That’s nearly impossible, especially if you also have to fight a faerie queen, a prince of Hell…and your friends!

Lucas worries for months about his freakish speed and the flashes of the near future he keeps seeing. However, when a shadow takes on a life of its own and comes after him, he realizes being a freak may be the least of his problems!

Usually, Tal rescues his friends. This time, they need to rescue him. The situation is so dire that their only hope is to join forces with Dark Me, Tal’s evil alter ego–but is he really trying to help them or betray them?

Amy Monroe goes to Santa Brígida to investigate a series of bizarre events no which got little or no press coverage. What she finds threatens to unravel not only her world view, but the world itself.

In a parallel universe, Eva O’Reilly’s counterpart finds herself caught in events originating in other worlds–events that make her question her past and place her future in jeopardy.

The Dragon Bares Its Teeth CoverIn a parallel universe in which Camelot never fell, and much of the world is ruled by a descendant of King Arthur, Tal and his friends find a deadly threat to their own universe.

Void Gazes Back Book CoverThis time, it isn’t just Tal and his friends her are pulled into a parallel universe–it’s the entire town of Santa Brígida. In this universe, ancient gods walk the earth, primal evils stir, and an old enemy waits to get revenge.


Abandoned by his parents the moment he was born, DL did his best to reinvent himself . However, his past isn’t so easily buried. Haunted by weird dreams and hunted by weirder strangers, DL must face who he really is–or die trying!

How far would you go to protect the ones you love? DL and Max have to deal with this question when Adreanna, Max’s girlfriend, is kidnapped by a crazed faerie sorcerer. Rescuing her means plunging into an unknown world with no idea what lurks there–and maybe no way to get back.

DL and Ekaterina are about to get married. But on their wedding day, DL discovers that Adreanna now has magic she doesn’t want,  and Max, losing his battle on his dark alter ego, plans to disappear right after the ceremony. Then the father of the bride shows up, and things get really complicated!

Chris is nothing if not stubborn. The woman he loves is trapped in Hell, and he’s determined to free her even though everyone who finds out about his quest thinks he has no hope of success. They could be right. He doesn’t have any idea how to rescue someone from Hell. Even worse, his lack of faith robs him of the best methods to combat demons. Can love really conquer all? To find out, Chris will have to risk his life–and maybe his own soul.

When an old friend wants Chris to investigate the mysterious comas of five high school students, Chris is skeptical that demons are actually involved–but the truth is so much worse than he could ever have imagined.


Fateful Pathways Book CoverTheseus has a great destiny awaiting him, but bandits, evil kings, witches, and even hostile deities stand in his way.

Harmony and Disharmony CoverOrpheus and Jason could not have been more different, but when scheming gods throw them together, they must learn to cooperate if they want to survive.

A few high school students cramming for a mythology test fall asleep. When they wake up, they find themselves trapped in the world of Greek mythology. The only way for them to escape is to seek out clues in the myths– before this strange world crumbles around them, leaving them stranded there forever.

Thirty-eight authors speak from the heart in this anthology that will put you in a philosophical mood. 

Don’t have much time but need a quick dose of reading? Try this flash fiction anthology, inspired by Halloween but good for reading any time. With twenty-four stories in various genres, you’re bound to find something you’ll like. Best of all, the collection is free at all major retailers and also available for download on this site.

Don’t have much time but need a quick dose of reading? Here is yet another flash fiction, anthology, this one inspired by Christmas but good for reading any time. With eighteen stories in the fantasy, romance, and horror genres, you’re bound to find something you like. Revisit your favorite authors or discover new ones. Best of all, this anthology is free on all major retailers.

Unknown is the first volume in the Hidden Worlds series of science fiction and fantasy anthologies. Including twenty short stories and novellas by several authors, this collection is likely to have something for every fan of the either genre. As with the flash fiction anthologies, it’s free on all major retailers.

Volume Six of The Great Tome Series features eight original tales featuring historical and mythical magic-users. Includes stories by Vonnie Winslow Crist, CB Droege, Bill Hiatt, ErlyAnne Toomey, J.M. Williams, Larry Lefkowitz, Mark Charke, and Julie Ann Dawson.

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Parent-teacher communication can be frustrating to parents, but it doesn’t have to be. If you’re a parent, this booklet will provide tips to maximize the quality of that interaction. From knowing when to get in touch, through preparing appropriately for any contact, to the follow-up afterward, this booklet will give you the tools you need to play an active role in your son or daughter’s education.

Writing college recommendations is a very important part of the admissions process. Unfortunately, it can also be stressful and time-consuming–but it doesn’t have to be. If you’re a teacher who needs to do a lot of recommendation writing, this booklet will offer ideas to make your process better.

One reason education reforms fail is that politicians with one eye on the next election are the ones who control reform efforts, while teachers are systematically marginalized. The only way to improve education is to return control to educators– before it’s too late!

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269 thoughts on “My Books (If you want to browse)”

  1. The Devil Hath the power is the cover that most stands out for me. The color, the feel, I Love all things paranormal and that is the cover that draws me in.

      1. Tera Culverwell

        I love the Christmas in Love cover! The colors are beautiful and are bright which attracts people to it. The picture is gorgeous and very cheerful.

    1. I love all the covers! But the “Divided Against Yourselves ” was my top pick! I love the look of it, and it is something that draws me in to look at the book!

  2. shannon fowler

    Destiny or Madness because he sounds like just a regular guy initially. I always love books with the underdog.

  3. I so love the cover of Echoes from my Past Lives book that one looks really interesting and one that I would so love to read.

  4. Most appealing cover to me is the one showing the earth and a barren landscape because it conveys different sci-fi ideas that I find interesting.

  5. If I saw all these on a shelf at the store, We Walk in Darkness would be the first one I pick up because of the cover.

  6. I really like the cover for “We Walk in Darkness” as it reminds me a little bit of books by Dean Koontz (my favorite author) and it beautiful conveys mystery and suspense.

  7. Echoes from my Past Lives looks really interesting. Great cover and intriguing story line 😀
    Most of the covers are awesome tho

  8. I really like the sound of all of them but Different Lee grabbed me with the cover and the title and made me want to know more.

  9. I find Separated From Yourselves most appealing.It draws my attention to it with the howling wolf overlaying the Earth.The cover is very well done.

  10. ok so truthfully, I love Living with Your Past Selves, because it is like an old friend, you know how much I love Tal . But I do like the cover of Different Lee, but for m it is hard because I have all the books and know he wonderful stories inside 🙂

  11. Living with your past selves seems very intriguing. I definitely want to read it and the cover makes it more appealing.

  12. Julie Ferguson-Gould

    I love the Angel Feather cover……….Just caught my eye , maybe because I believe 🙂

  13. We Walk In Darkness looks like something I would really enjoy! Love the graphics and makes my imagination become very intrigued

  14. I like the cover for “Evil Within Yourselves” best. I think it is a really eye catching cover and the title grabs you right away.

  15. Seperated from yourselves…I like that cover! Just love the earth and the wolf in the fore front!

  16. Where Dreams and Visions Live is a beautiful cover, there is something so enticing about simplicity

  17. MargaretAnn Rice

    “Echoes From My Past Life” — the cover grabbed me right away. I think it is the , sort of, double pictures and the coloring that I like. It would draw me to read the book.

  18. I think that I would like to read Poisoned by Politics. I am always looking up different perspectives on our modern politics in the US, and I think this would be a great read.

  19. The “Past Lives” cover, although there are a couple other I like equally. I like the ghostly image of the boy stacking stones making a way-marker. Very intriguing.

  20. Unknown really got my attention. The cover just seemed to reach out and grab my interest. I think it’s the mystery in the picture. Looks very interesting!

  21. Echos from my past life seems intriguing I personally deal with that on an everyday basis because I grew up in foster care and in my grown life am steal dealing with past issues

  22. Armando Rincon

    I like the cover from “Angel Feather”, it reminds for some reason a “Never ending story,” Keep the good work.

  23. I like hidden among yourselves because I feel it has inspiration from greek mythology mixed with modern day

  24. Echoes from My Past Lives looks to be the most interesting, not because it is the first, but because I always wondered if I had a life before my current and what I would have been/done. I feel I may have been a writer professionally. I feel I changed lives somewhere but my work was lost, maybe through a natural disaster or just buried with me. I try to change lives every day with inspirational writing, but I’ve never taken it further than my personal circle. I’d love to branch out and see if that life comes through somewhere in my words.

  25. Theresa Powell

    I have to say “A Dream Come True” sounds very interesting. I love Greek Mythology and this would be a great way to not only learn more about it but to be entertained as well.

  26. Katrina Brockavich

    The cover of We Walk In Darkness made me stop and look to see what it was about! That’s a great cover in my opinion: one that draws you in and makes you want to know more about the book.

  27. I would chose Angel Feather. I love to hear about supernatural experiences. I myself have had several supernatural experiences that were absolutely incredibly awesome. For that reason I find this book one that I would pick up and read.

  28. I found the book cover for the book titled the devil hath the power most appealing. Very clever with the imagery of the fire being her hair and the glowing feiry eyes. It’s inttruging beguiling and beautiful

  29. Echoes From My Past Lives is the cover I find most intriguing. I like the watery look to the cover and I’m fascinated by the title.

  30. Crissie Woolard

    My favorite cover is Echo’s from my past lives bc for it reminds me of my brother who was killed a few years ago

  31. Cover for “The Devil Hath the Power” look simple, great and pretty girl face goes accordingly with the book

  32. I love Christmas in Love…. I love love love everything Christmas and the cover is more colorful and upbeat

  33. I like a lot of them, but World Crossed Lovers is my favorite. It goes perfectly with your title.

  34. I like the cover for Living With Your Past Selves, as I am intrigued by what is at the end of the tunnel.

  35. The cover that I like the most is “Living With Your Past Selves”. Because I think it is very good in terms of composition. Also the colors and the typeface are very well chosen.

  36. I think the angel feather book cover is my favorite because it looks just like my best friend brian lol

  37. beverly harrold

    A dream come true is so close to what i normally dream that it is the one i want to read the most.

  38. Rachel Collins

    I like the Separated From Ourselves cover because it has a Wolf in it and I love Wolves! They all look very interesting!

  39. I really like Echoes from my Past Lives. I consider we have had past lives and life we live nowadays are experiences from those lives. I feel identified with it and could exceed my expectations…

  40. I like the cover of Echoes of my past lives, because the transparency gives it a touch of mystery, of suspense.

  41. Echoes from my past lives . Love how hands turn into ancient ruins , very nice detail and fitting to book title

  42. CHRISTMAS IN LOVE is my favorite cover, how can anyone resist it? Especially NOW during a brutal heatwave? The snowman couple make me shiver- in a good way.

  43. Jackson Oliveira

    I’m not much of a reader, but seeing these interesting titles makes me want to read a little.

  44. For me the Blood thicker than Runes book cover is the best. The dragon is looks awesome and the runes so mystical and I like the color scheme as well.

  45. My favorite cover is the “Living with your Past Selves” cover because the him looking back into a tunnel describes the title perfectly! It is like he is looking to his past.

  46. I have to be honest. have not read any of the books from you folks. however, that being said, I am very impressed by some of the cover artwork. especially the dragons. well done.

  47. I love the cover for The Dragon Bares Its Teeth! That dragon looks amazing, and practically jumps off the cover.

  48. Lisa Grasssetti

    Destiny or Madness
    This one makes me want to read it right now to see what he does in the end already 🙂

  49. Your newest book, The Dragon Bares Its Teeth, has the best cover. I love everything Dragon and this one looks cool!!

  50. The book cover that caught my eye is, “Echoes From My Past Lives”, it seems like something that I would find very interesting and really hold my attention.

  51. It cracks me up how most people comment on the covers. I’ve spend the last 10 minutes pondering if it should be “sneaked up on” or “snuck up on” to the point that I looked it up.. Pretty sneaky.

  52. Wow! All of your books look fascinating and interesting. Living with Your Past Selves caught my eye immediately because I wonder if there really is something to reincarnation. Probably not, but fun to think about. World Crossed Lovers about a parallel universe is also intriguing. Will definitely check out your books.

  53. Christina Gould

    My favorite cover is the Echoes from Our Past Lives because I love the beautiful purple and artwork.

  54. I love the cover and the story on Christmas Love I guess because I love the holiday. It is my absolute favorite..

  55. Kathy L Hammac

    I am not into science fiction, but I have friends who are. I will let them know about your books.

  56. Melton McKinney

    The covers are very well done and the previews are exceptional.
    Now I need to learn how to download the the books. I want to read them all.

  57. I love Soul Witch cover . I think it looks amazing and she gives that femme fatale look with unnatural twist

  58. Divided against yourselves, just by seeing that eye already denotes mystery, you want to read it just by looking at the cover. It will be my next reading, surely.

  59. The Where Dreams and Visions Live is my favorite cover. Lately, I’ve taken and interest in dreams and their meanings. It caught my attention with the title first!

  60. I like the cover of Hidden Among Yourselves because it reminds me something peaceful. Besides, it’s an instrumental so.

  61. Hidden among yourselves has the most visually appealing and “clean” looking cover. Many of the others are quite amateurish looking.

  62. I would say Monster Maelstrom book cover, something I would ready for sure. The mysterious crime thriller vibe reminds me of other books and when I used to play Nancy Drew games when I was young, loved those games. I would be intrigued by that cover!

  63. These books look awesome! My favorite August memory is going camping with my family. We went every year. I miss it.

  64. One of my favorite August memories was going camping with the neighbors and their kids. We always had so much fun.

  65. One August many moons ago, I had to miss my last week of volunteering as a camp leader helper for the “Summer Fun” program to go visit my grandparents on the island with my family. Seeing the house again felt like stepping into a time capsule of my childhood. I haven’t gone back in years, but fortunately for me, my grandparents now come to visit us.

  66. Favorite August Memory – Swimming in Sunset Lake on hot summer evenings, or spending the day there on the beach with friends.

  67. My favorite August memory? Aug 12, 2017, my husband and I were in Nebraska for the wedding of my husband’s daughter.

  68. My favorite memory of August was my child heading back to school! I love my kiddo more than the air I breathe, but by August, I was ready for a short break in the day! lol

  69. Michelle Bledsoe

    I’m going to check out the entertaining ways to learn hell mythology. Always been of interest to me.

  70. My favorite August memory has always been my birthday on August 11th! Happy early Birthday to me and all the others who have birthdays this month.

  71. My favorite August memory was making every day count because we were going back to school at the end of the month.

  72. The cover of Christmas in Love reminds me of the beautiful December days I had as a child. Having snowball fights and building snow men, Winter is such a lovely season.

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