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103 thoughts on “Winter Holiday Giveaway”

  1. When i was little ( 5or 6) we when to spend christmas eve in the family….there was a lot of snow and unfortunatefyul we had a little crash , no injuries just a big fright for me and the car woulnd’t move…the repair man came and drove us to the family meeting as it wasn’t that far…. But i was told we would spend the night there as it wasn’t possible to go at home that day…little me was really distressed that santa wouldn’t find me. The evening went well but i was still afraid….but around midnight the door bell rang when everyoen was in teh living room, we went open teh door and nobody was there safe a santa plush with a small word” i always know were good children are ” happy christmas”…. it was magical! and the look on evryoen face was really fun because we never learned how santa knew it

  2. the best would have to be the one I slept thru, no fuss no muss nothing but dreaming about books probably

  3. Best holiday memory is when my grandma made us hot chocolate and popped popcorn and strung it together and ate a lot of it too and hung it on the tree. Parents don’t do the simple things in life anymore. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Thanks for the joy of reading.

  4. My best winter holiday memories are of going out on our Kentucky farm and cutting down our Christmas tree with my Grandfather.

  5. best was when my dad bought snow mobiles and brought then up to our winter house in vermont. what an awesome time.

  6. My favorite winter memory is from when I was a child and I’d build snowmen in the garden with my parents. I’d love to build a snowman again for old times’ sake, but these days winters aren’t what they used to be, often mild like in spring and no snow to speak of, which is a shame.

  7. I had turned four years old on December 5th and my thrifty Grandparents had wrapped my presents in Christmas wrap. I remember boasting to friends that I was SPECIAL because Santa sent me my presents first!

  8. I remember going sledding at the old ski jump in town with my family. The hill seemed so huge to walk up but it was a ball coming down. Back then, we had these round medal sleds that would just fly and spin you at the same time. I am really surprised none of us kids ever got hurt on them. I remember that day as if it were yesterday. My parents even packed hot cocoa in the car for us for when we got cold.

  9. My best memory when we were kids playing in the snow and building a snow man with all the neighbors kids

  10. My best winter holiday memory was the Christmas of 1972.My brother had just come home from Vietnam and the whole family was together.There had to have been 30 people total in our house for Christmas Dinner.

  11. One of my favorite winter memories is the year that we were snowed in on the farm and it was my brother’s birthday. However, we had no electricity and mom had not yet baked his cake. Using the ingenuity of a pioneer woman, she proceeded to bake his cake on top of the fuel oil heating stove in a cast iron kettle with a cover. It was very much the equivalent of an oven!

  12. I guess my best Christmas was when my son was about 3 and he got this car for Christmas and he didn’t know how to drive it so we put it in a circle and he road around for hours.

  13. My best holiday memory was when we were stationed in OK, we drove up to visit my inlaws on long Island NY. The night before Christmas my father in law got on the roof of a two story house and made noise like reindeer was in the roof. The kids were only 6, 5, 3 and loved it

  14. My best winter holiday memory is the winter when we lived in Waukesha Wisconsin and grandma lived in Milwaukee. I am 63 so when I was a kid, the two cities were separated by 30 miles of farmland. Well this particular winter we got a blizzard, a good old fashioned blizzard. Heading back home from a visit with grandma, we got caught in this storm. Got stuck in a ditch, couldn’t see in front of the car at all. Since my youngest sister was only about 3, the farmer that lived right near where we were stranded took us in. I remember sleeping in sleeping bags under their Christmas tree all cozy by the fire. Next morning, turns out we were so very close to our own driveway it was crazy. Happy Holidays and thank you for the chance!

  15. My best Winter Holiday memory, is living in Northern Michigan. Our family would go tobogganing! Boy, it was cold, but always had so much fun.

  16. My best winter holiday memory is opening my aunt’s Christmas present on Christmas Eve with my parents and siblings. Especially with the snow falling heavy at night and the lights around the apartment looking very pretty.

  17. My better Holiday memory is the year we got sleds for Christmas. And when we looked outside we had snow to play in.

  18. When I was little my sister and I played a game every Christmas Eve with my parents. We called it “the color game”. Basically, my mom or dad would call out a color and then we had to run to our room and find something of that color. First one back to the living room won. It’s probably my best holiday memory.

  19. I have a lot of wonderful winter memories growing up but I think my favorite is actually one that took place yearly; the day after Thanksgiving my entire family would gather back at my grandparents house and we would all spend the day making home made Christmas ornaments and then we would decorate the tree that my grandpa had chopped down and hang up our stockings. My grandma would always have fresh baked cookies and cocoa for us. This is a tradition that my family is now doing at my mothers house.

  20. My best winter holiday memories were as a child making holiday cookies with my grandma then on Christmas day my grandparents showing up with tons of presents.

  21. Staying home from school when I was younger because it snowed is my best winter holiday memory! It never snows where I live so that was pretty exciting!

  22. My best holiday memory is the last Christmas Eve I was able to spend at my grandma’s house with my grandmother and my whole extended family as a kid. My grandma passed away from cancer the following year on the day before Christmas Eve, and the holiday season just hasn’t been the same since.

  23. my favo memory was when i was a child i visited penn in the winter we it was so cold it froze soda we stuck outside it was the first time i saw snow

  24. My best holiday memory was when I was about . It was just before Christmas. One night, it had begun snowing so we looked out of the window and to our surprise, there stood Santa under the street light! Such a beautiful sight with him under the light while it was snowing! We stood and watched until he finally walked away. I’ll never forget it!

  25. Mary Beth Elderton

    I don’t know if it is the “best,” but an *interesting* Winter memory was the year I moved to Colorado. Having lived my entire life in Louisiana and Southeast Texas, after raising my kids in Houston, I moved to Fort Collins, CO. I had to learn a lot. Before I moved, my friend from Michigan examined my Houston “Winter coat,” and, when she was able to stop laughing, gave me one of her real coats. She saved my life. I emailed her a Thank You every Winter I was there.

  26. rhonda Hagy miller

    Waking up on a cold winter morning and seeing snow coming down and racing from window to window with my brother! Snow in Alabama is rare so you see its was a BIG thing for us!

  27. My best winter holiday memory is the year my son was born 12 days before Christmas. My husband was out of work and we didn’t have much money; but that baby was the best present we ever received. We gave each other one ‘practical’ present that year and it was enough because we felt so blessed already.
    Instead of a buffet for a family gathering we served coffee, tea and hot chocolate and homemade cookies and brownies. Turned out all the nieces and nephews were thrilled at a dessert party.

  28. My best holiday memory, going to the Christmas tree farm with my mother and spending all day searching for the perfect tree. The farm always had hot chocolate, and my mother and 8 got to spend some much needed time together. My mom died in 1994 at the age of 36, and now I at age 36 carry on the tradition of going to the tree farm and having hot chocolate.

  29. My best holiday memory, going to the Christmas tree farm with my mother and spending all day searching for the perfect tree. The farm always had hot chocolate, and my mother and I got to spend some much needed time together. My mom died in 1994 at the age of 36, and now I at age 36 carry on the tradition of going to the tree farm and having hot chocolate.

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  31. I was a kid – about 4 or 5 when we got snowed in with 1,5 meter of snow – no school, no work – we played the whole day long until our dad had to clean all that snow….

  32. My best winter holiday memory was when it actually snowed on Christmas when my children were little. A family friend had just given my children and sled. It was so much fun! We live in Alabama so we rarely get snow. It was a treat!

  33. My favorite winter holiday moment took place thirteen year ago when I met my spouse. We were young and in love building the first snowman of the year with our first snow of the year. I can still remember the crisp smell in the air as the snow fell around us….I don’t even remember being cold <3

  34. My father bought me a banjo for Christmas. I really wanted this one. When Christmas morning came, there was a box under the tree that was large but it was for my father, not me and my heart sank. As he opened that package he pulled out a brick, and a jar of walnuts. We were all laughing. I turned my head for just a moment, and when I looked back he was pulling that banjo out of the box, I could help but let the tears flow. They got me GOOD!

  35. My best winter holiday memory was when my friends would knock on my door everyday to ask if i could sled ride and make snow balls. We would do that for hours

  36. My best winter holiday memory was years ago when my husband and I were truck drivers and we got stuck in La Grande, OR over Christmas because it was snowing really hard and we stayed at the motel and visited some of the shops in town and really had a great time since we couldn’t make it home!!

  37. cassandra berholtz

    In 2000, when my daughter and I went ice skating for the first time. I am so glad we did this because now she is disabled and in a wheel chair. We will always have that memory together.

  38. My best memory has always been being on the farm and being poor as we were , we would get up early Christmas and go hunting for turkey. I carry on this tradition with my kids as we still struggle on the farm. But we have love, respect, and true peace in our hearts.

  39. My best Christmas memory is receiving a red metal race car. I rode it for hours each day. I loved that race car! When I outgrew it, I gave it to a boy
    in my neighborhood so he could ride it to imaginary destinations like I did.

  40. I remember when I was a teenage and it came a big snow and we went sleigh riding down our hill which seem big back then but now its so small funny how when your a kid you look at things different

  41. I think I was 5 or 6 and we had a foot of snow. I am from SC and this is extremely rare. I have not seen snow like this in the 50 years since. I can remember playing in this with my family. It was so very beautiful and stayed around for a long time.

  42. When I was growing up we always went camping over the winter break. One of the most memorable trips was when we drove up into Northern California and visited the redwoods. As a child, driving through those massive trees was awe inspiring!

  43. My favorite holiday memory was when I was little and my sister would sneak into my room to wake me up around 2 am and we would go through our stockings together and look at all the shapes of the gifts under the tree. we were always fighting as kids, but christmas was the one time we always got along

  44. My best Winter Memory would be when my daughter was born! It was our first winter storm & I went in labor. It was such a memorable event. Because my husband had to plow us through town to the hospital. I will NEVER forget it!

  45. Jente Schaerlaeken

    My godchild is turning 7 this year on the 1st of January. He first had another godmother, but she decided to ignore everyones invites for his birthday party and santa claus and all of the other things .. So when it was Christmas, he wore a t-shirt with “will you be my godmother?” and I was extatic.

  46. My best winter Holidays is having Christmas with my parents and my children when we all were younger. Now its still a wonderful time that we have with our kids and grandkids. My parents are going and we lost one of our daughters last year. We still keep the tradition going.

  47. My best winter memory is when we would take our children when they were smaller to sled ride down the HUGE hill at the park and have hot chocolate by the fire when we came back home, the giggles and they joy/excitement in their eyes as we were sledding down that big hill was awesome, a tradition they carry on with their children so with our grandchildren we still get to carry on this awesome tradition.

  48. In our house, every Christmas was really special and to this day I remember those cheerful moments with joy!

  49. My best winter memory is the Christmas when I got my first pet. It was a complete surprise when my mom and sister walked in the house with a tiny kitten. I was beyond excited.

  50. My best Christmas memory the last Christmas eve part our family has had, our family always get together on Christmas eve but one year we Christmas eve party at the nursing home because my Grand mother was very ill , later that spring she past away, we didn’t have a christmas eve party that year , That was hardest year for me, my grand mother was more like mother to me, I didn’t have a mother, On Christmas eve I got a box ,in the there was an white Owl there was no name on the box , I asked everyone in my family if sent it they said they didn’t send it, and it wasn’t one of her , my grand mother collected Owls , she had them every where in the house, so sorry long , ps I am not a writer lol

  51. My favorite memory is the last Christmas that all of my sons were home. Now they’re all over the states and can’t always come home.

  52. My best winter holiday memory was of the year my aunt took her dog for a walk on Christmas Day and the stray black cat followed them back . . . He was to live with us for the next 19 years!

  53. Saundra McKenzie

    It didn’t snow very often in North Alabama when I was a child, but when it did, it was amazing. My best memory is building snowmen and eating snow cream made by my grandma. Of course it was snow cream from the first snow, because they were positive that the 1st snow was full of terrible toxins and chemicals, lol. And don’t forget school snow days- Awesome!

  54. I live Christmas with too many memories. I have a 4 yr old grandson to make new ones with now. I will always cherish my family being together for so many yrs to enjoy holidays. The cycle of life has left one weed standing …. Waiting to become part of the flowers again.

  55. Michelle Bartley

    Christmas Eve celebrations as a kid with our whole family! Mom would cook and bake for days!!

  56. When I was about 5 years old it snowed for I think the first time in my life. It doesn’t snow often here and there wasn’t very much of it, but it was enough to make a small snowman.

  57. My favorite winter memory is when we got to go to AZ to visit r daughter who at the time had 2 babies. They were 3 and 8 months snd were so fun. Taking pictures at the Grand Canyon. Anytime I’m with them is a great time ♡♡♡

  58. My best memories of Christmas and the times I remember being the happiest was when the whole family got together. We spent all day with each other and really had good times.
    That was years ago and also a different era. We don’t get together anymore. Miss those days.

  59. My favorite winter memory are the trips we would take every year to visit my grandparents. We lived 6 hours away so it wasn’t a bad trip and we got to spend some much needed family time together.

  60. Christmas in new zealand is summer time so we have bbqs and salads etc. 🙂 My favourite winter memory is seeing snow for the first time when I was about 8. My fav xmas memory is being at my grandparents for a family reunion

  61. My best winter holiday memory was seeing snow for the first time as a teenager on a work trip/holiday 🙂

  62. My best winter holiday memory is when my husband and I got snowed in out in Oregon!! I got to enjoy the snow and wonderful people that lived there!!

  63. When I was a kid all of my relatives live very very far away and one Christmas my grandparents from both sides came to spend the holidays with us. It was really great .

  64. My best Christmas holiday is when ever year that my family gets together at my grandma’s house. Last year was very special because my grandmother is a cancer survivor who battled it and she went through chemo. It was a blessing that she is still alive and living at age 85. We all had a lovely Christmas dinner and opened up presents at midnight.

  65. I remember taking my daughter to the slopes for the first time about 6 year ago. We had the best time!

  66. Christy Peeples DuBois

    My most favorable holiday memories are when my daughters were really young and loved opening presents and excited about Santa coming. Watching them opening gifts and so excitedly anticipating Santana coming brought me so much joy.

  67. My favorite winter memory of the holidays from the past days is opening the gifts with my family. May you have a great and fun holiday season.

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