May Weekly Winner Giveaway


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Giveaway rules are below, and further down you can find the Rafflecopter widget. To the right of the widget, you may also find links to other current giveaways and items of interest. Good luck!

Giveaway Rules:

  1. Each new week’s contest will open at 8:00 am Pacific Time on Monday and close at 8:00 am Pacific time the following Monday, when the new contest opens (with the exception of the first one listed, because of the time the site was done.
  2. Each contest will be a week-long rafflecopter, with the widget on this page. The rafflecopter will be open all week, so you can answer the question about prize options whenever you want. Each day I will add a new entry option, as explained below.
  3. Just as with the daily winner contests, one of my posts/tweets during each day will contain a four digit code. It won’t be marked as that day’s code, but it will be fairly easy to spot. (A quick scroll through the FB posts or the tweets in my Twitter profile each day should quickly do the trick.) To enter, you need to make a blog post comment with that day’s code. Then you access the rafflecopter widget (or link, if the widget is being cantankerous) and record the fact that you made the blog post. The difference between this contest and the daily winner contest is that, instead of being over in one day, the contest will run for seven. Each day I will add the entry option to input that day’s code in a blog post. You can input the code for a particular day on that day or wait until later, as long as you input it before the contest ends. You only need to input the code for one day to be eligible for a prize, but the more days for which you input a code, the better your odds of winning are.
  4. At the end of each contest, fourteen winners each day will be selected randomly from among those who submitted the correct code for at least one day.
  5. If there are not enough people with a correct code, the unclaimed prize amount will be added to the prizes for the following week.
  6. As with all my giveaways, this one is void where prohibited. Entrants must meet the usual eligibility requirements, must correctly complete the entry option(s), and musts provide a valid email address in order to receive a prize. No purchase is necessary to enter, nor will making a purchase improve the odds of winning.
  7. Each person is limited to being one entrant [though that single entrant may earn multiple “entries” (as Rafflecopter uses the term) by using more of the available entry options]. However, no person may register as more than one entrant by entering under different names and/or email addresses. A person who creates multiple entrants in this way will be disqualified.


Rafflecopter, Week of May 1:

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Rafflecopter, Week of May 8:

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Rafflecopter, week of May 15:

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Rafflecopter, week of May 22:

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