Whit’s End: Family Drama at It’s Finest

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Whit’s End: Family Drama at It’s Finest

Whit’s End is a refreshing addition to books about realistic family drama. Though these kinds of books are not necessarily intended to to keep you on the edge of your seat, this one certainly did for me.That’s because the two women who are the viewpoint characters, Ava and Meg, are so engaging. As with all the other characters, they come across as real people addressing real problems.

Another reason the book is so compelling is that neither of them have easy solutions to their problems. In fact, they both appear trapped in situations they are powerless to resolve. Despite that, the author manages a twist ending that was plausible, yet unexpected.

This book is not in a genre I read very often–but I’m certainly glad I did this time.

Want to check the book out for yourself? You can find a preview to the right.


  1. Miranda Wood says:

    It’s not usually my genre either but I do love a real story from time to time.

  2. Michele wood says:

    Looking forward to reading this! Happy thanksgiving

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