The Serpent Waits New Release Giveaway

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Yes, even though the last new release was less than two months ago, I have another one, and so it’s time for a new release giveaway! (And, if you’re interested in the book as well as the giveaway, there is a convenient way to preview it below.)

This is also the blog post where you can record the comments that are one of the entry options.
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177 thoughts on “The Serpent Waits New Release Giveaway”

  1. Appearances are quite deceiving a lot of times. I think this book looks like it will be a winner, and cannot wait to read.

  2. I think I have come across many times where appearances were deceiving, lots many people don’t show their problems in life on their faces. I think most the times is that anyone you meet will be facing some kind of challenge. It’s deceiving as you may never know

  3. I once had a college professor to sit among the students before rising to stand at the podium..he blended right in with the rest of us!

  4. It reminds me of a teacher, has the face of an angel and is very kind, but if you neglect would not hesitate to reprove

  5. I have thought people were people I knew before when I am shopping and it turns out that they weren’t people I knew.

  6. I can relate to appearances being deceiving with an old boyfriend from many years ago. Outwards, he was kind and handsome. But, after getting to know him, I discovered him to be a very mean person to others, not only to me, but to any service people, like waitresses, etc.

  7. I have met various people whose appearance are deceiving. One encounter was with a friend who dressed very modestly and was always soft spoken and was later charged with abuse. It was very shocking and no one saw it.

  8. I would say in one of my relationships I had thought my boyfriend actually cared about me and then he just up and left me while I was at work without no prior notification.

  9. There was this house I went into that looked like a hole in the wall that was cut into the side of the mountain but when I went inside it was finished beautifully with the back side all finished in natural rock with even a waterfall. It was amazing how they utilized the natural beauty of the cliff.

  10. Many years ago when my husband was in the RCMP we did a stint in the Arctic, shortly after we moved there I was walking back to our home from the Hudson’s Bay Company when a friend, Pakaq, saw me and yelled to come to his house for a celebration. I dropped off my bags and told my husband, to come with me to visit our new friends. We set off happily and were happy to see many people we knew when we walked in, all laughing and having fun… but then I saw they were sitting around a tarp on the floor with the head of a Caribou split in half and were all snacking on the brains. I was immediately sick. I mean sick to my stomach. I don’t even remember how I got home. Fortunately no one was offended, they all teased me for a long time after that, and only invited me to gatherings that would not upset my sensitive stomach.

  11. We had to live in a motel for 2 months. Just by looking at our living situation, you’d never know my husband has a doctorate.

  12. I think it depends on how you look at things. A situation or person can look very intriguing, but that could be just how it seems.

  13. Saundra McKenzie

    I have a lady at church who always looks like she hates me, but after talking to her, looks were very deceiving. She is really a sweet lady.

  14. Once I came across a survey that said they would pay, and later someone was using my bank card to buy $400 worth of shoes. Fortunately, my bank called me when they noticed something different about my shopping habits.

  15. When I interviewed a caregiver for my aged parents, she appeared to be so meek and caring. I employed her on the spot as I was really taken by her. Turned out, she was conniving, arrogant and a liar. Appearances are certainly deceiving! Lesson well learned!

  16. I once had a dream that my mom and my siblings we’re actually trying to kill me. For days I watched them closely in any event that i would notice any strange behavior. After a couple of days I was like what the heck? Why am I even doing this my family would never want to kill me. I decided that it wasn’t them I saw in my dream, maybe their body but definitely not them.

  17. I first came across a case where appearances were deceiving in my early teens when I had my first boyfriend and thought he was awesome he had the outward appearance of an angel….he wasn’t one.

  18. I’d have to say I haven’t experienced any situation where appearances have been deceiving but I have picked up a few books that have had covers and synopses that made them look like one genre but they turned out to be another. Some I enjoyed and some I didn’t.

  19. I situation where appearances were decieving was making friends with someone who was suddenly very friendly when they were usually really passive.

    The person was super nice for a couple weeks, then alm of sudden acted like I never existed.

  20. My neighbour where I lived before was arrested for identity fraud – a surprise to find out he wasn’t who anyone thought but seeming the loveliest man incapable of such actions shows doubly that you never can quite know

  21. I suspect this has been a fairly common happening with parents and caretakers of children, when you learn of something that happened and get an explanation and then get at least 1-2 other explanations for the same incident. Perception can change drastically when get further information.

  22. Oh I think everyone gets into situations where appearances are deceiving all the time. I’ve learned to never judge a book by its cover. Sometimes the cover looks scary, but the inside is beautiful, although sometimes the opposite is true. I’ve met plenty of gorgeous women, whose insides were plain vile. I’ve had friends betray me, abandon me, but also stick with me through hell. Seeing people for who they really are is a gift I’ve had to work for, and go through a lot of hurt to obtain.

  23. Back in high school, this goth kid had a permanent stoic expression like he didn’t care about anything,
    so it always surprised new teachers and students when he took initiative to lead and help the class.

  24. I have learned that appearance is only one facet of a person. Don’t feel that someone is usually trying to be deceptive but that we deceive ourselves by projecting our expectations upon them. Thanks!

  25. First impressions are not always correct, sometimes people are a lot different after you get to know them sometimes not in a good way.

  26. Once when I walked in on a couple of co-workers in a “compromising position”; it turned out one had just received a call that her father had passed away, and the other co-worker was offering a consoling hug.

  27. I fell madly in love once with a guy I thought was the “one”: Turned out he was an uptight control freak. I was deceived.

  28. I thought my local coffee shop was open one Saturday and didn’t notice the big closed sign and the obvious fact there was a photographer going crazy on photos of the couple. Went up to the counter to find out they were closed for a wedding shoot and had left the door open for the wedding party. I felt like a jerk! lol! The fact the barista was behind the counter was the appearance part that threw me off, I was just focused on them like a laser.

  29. Thank you for creating this giveaway. I love on a fixed income so I cannot afford to buy books most of the time. This at least gives me a chance to add to my collection.

  30. I have met so many people whose appearance was deceiving. For example, there’s a guy in my school who plays a lot and whose appearance looks like that of an unintelligent person. Suprise!,he is very intelligent

  31. Working in the public I’ve met people that seemed so clean cut then you find out that they are anything but. While running a cash register I’ve had people out and out lie about the prices of products trying to get a cheaper price.

  32. this is amazing! thank you so much for the chance!

    my first situation in which appearances were deceiving, would be when i dated a girl who i thought was faithful, then she preceded to cheat with every guy she met, she once even cheated on me with another couple. like whaaaat. it was insane lol. she looks like such a nice girl too you never would have thought she would do that type of thing

  33. Jamie Blankenship

    Sad to say but i have met people who appear like great people then to find out there liars or thiefs or juat pretend there something thier not and its horrible.
    Thanks for the chance!

  34. Yes appearances can be deceiving especially when you first meet someone. But the wort is when you consider someone your friend and the lie and manipulation you.
    Thanks for the Amazing chance!??????

  35. I dated a guy who was so quiet and shy in public but when it was he and I were alone and he got angry about something he exploded. We didn’t date long.

  36. I find appearances can be deceiving in all walks of life; in my experience I’ve encountered people in the workplace, during recreation, and in familial situations who I’ve maybe misjudged or had preconceived ideas about that proved wrong. Conversely I’ve also underestimated peoples true intentions to my detriment.

  37. I have a friend who has been divorced 2 times. Each time I thought she had the perfect life, beautiful home, fun loving husband, a lot of money parties travel and friends but then when she got divorced I heard the truth.

  38. Кирилл Тимохин

    I remember my new English teacher in the high school. I thought, she is the best, but no, she can’t teach something to someone.

  39. Within the last year, I advertised a secondhand item online, and was contacted by people who claimed to be interested in what I was selling, and they certainly were, but they had no intention of paying for it. Beware of fraudsters. There is a serpent in every one of them, and the serpent is waiting to deceive you.

  40. When did you find yourself in a situation in which appearances were deceiving? Hmmm… This happens at least once per year…on Halloween! lol

  41. I used to clean houses for people and I heard of a woman who needed one. She lived in a mansion and was well dressed. I met her and she was kind and warm. I thought she would treat me like a servant but she didn’t. I worked for her for years and we became close friends. When she moved away we both drove over 2hours to visit each other. She lives in a state farther away but we email at least once a week. She has been gone (another state) for 9 years. She sends us cards all the time.

  42. I think there have been several times in my life that I thought someone wasn’t nice, but they were. Most people are just going through hard times, and can appear rough. However, it means they are only hurting.

  43. Throughout my life there have been instances where I met people who seemed nice and kind or vice versa but turned out to be different than my initial thoughts. Happened with a good friend I used to have as well as a few professors during my study days.

  44. An internet relationship…..all sweet till face to face…..once face to face the loopy side came to the fore…..what I realised was that what I encountered was not what I expected

  45. I used to be a secret shopper and all of these were situations where appearances were deceiving because we were actually evaluating the experience for the company while pretending to be shopping.

  46. When I thought I knew someone and they totally turn out to a wolf in sheeps skin and I got heart broken by this person

  47. I felt in a situation when appearances were deceiving around strangers because when you first meet someone usually you go off the first impression but usually that is not really how the person is.

  48. Appearances can be very deceiving. For instance, with myself, I am a tad bit overweight….but I eat pretty healthy and eat minimal meat.

  49. I had just bought a new SUV and went to donate meals and clothing to the homeless. i sure got dirty looks from everyone there. Needless to say they had no idea my previous car was 15 years old so it was way passed time for a new one! I am not rich by far… LOL

  50. I found that looks can be deceiving on one of my jobs. When I went into my new supervisors office she didn’t smile. I was so afraid of her until I ran into her in our local animal shelter. She was so sweet and gentle to all the animals and had the biggest smile for all of them.

  51. A very long time ago when I was in high school. I was bullied and a couple of girls who I thought were my friends weren’t. I made new real friends who were bullied by the same girls. We banded together, and the bullies backed off.

  52. About anyone I have dated lol focused on looks instead of who they were. Saw beauty but really was just pure ugliness inside them.

  53. I had a good friend who always put up a front I didn’t know this for the longest time I thought she was the person she acted like.

    1. It isn’t. (That’s the one unfortunate thing about publishing only the first name and last initial–there could be multiple entrants with the same data.)

      For future reference, I try to send out the prizes relatively soon after the names are drawn. I think all the emails had gone out by around 10 am on the day the contest ended in this particular case.

      Fortunately, there will be many other opportunities to win. Another contest begins around March 1.

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