Month: May 2019

The Problems of Teaching Greek Mythology

Why Is It Important to teach Greek Mythology? This section is primarily for those of you who aren’t English teachers, though there is some difference of opinion on this subject, even among English teachers. I’m a big believer in avoiding what Will Herberg referred to as a “cut flower culture.” That’s true, not just in …

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Teacher Stress Management

One of the most surprising things about teaching I discovered when I first started in the profession was how much stress a teaching job generates. Nowadays I think teacher training programs incorporate more material about that, but even with some preparation, it’s difficult to really understand the levels of stress involved until one actually teaches. …

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What’s the Purpose of Education?

One crucial step in creating the best possible education system is figuring out what you want that system to accomplish. While establishing goals sounds as if it should be simple, the process isn’t as easy as one might think. A recent Phi Beta Kappa poll  illustrates the problem: 45% of people surveyed said the primary purpose …

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Tips for Students Who Want To Start a New School Year Right

(This article is written with high school students in mind, though in some cases the advice might also work for younger students.) When it’s  that time of year again, hopefully you’ll look forward to with joy–but realistically you may end up missing the summer, at least for awhile. If you’re reading this article, you probably …

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