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187 thoughts on “August 2022 Giveaway”

  1. Christina Hawkins

    My unpleasant heat wave moment is right now. I live in Washington state so we’re not used to hot weather. Inside my house gets up to 90 degrees. I’m so lucky to have a portable air conditioner in my bedroom.

  2. This is the worst heat wave, that I can remember. I’ve never seen it this hot, where I live. It gets unbearable, sometimes. I’ve been leaving water out for wildlife and stray cats. It might save a life.

  3. Now that I’m older, the summer heat is not my friend. When I was younger, it didn’t seem to bother me and I had a lot of fun in the hot summers growing up. We didn’t have air conditioning at home either.

  4. A favorable heat wave memory was going to the water park after my mom was off work to have a picnic because it was too hot to go home.

  5. We had taken our children to CaroWinds Amusement Park, several years ago. I neglected to hydrate enough and developed a severe case of heat stroke. Even today, I can’t stay out in the heat for extended lengths.

  6. Pleasant heat wave memories would be when we were kids and my sisters and I would swim in out grandparents’ pool while eating ice cream sandwiches and popsicles with the radio playing in the background. Those were some really nice days 🙂 .

  7. Elizabeth TierceMiller

    My worst heat wave memory was driving a 20 hour road trip with three kids and it was so hot even the car’s ac wasnt keeping us particularly cool and it was so hot that when traffic would stop on the interstates we had to turn the car off only to get where we were going the next day to three kids breaking out with chicken pox.

  8. My most unpleasant memory of a heat wave is of one day I went out to do the shopping and after leaving loaded with things I suffered a heat stroke and ended up on the floor.

  9. I Remember as a little girl, going under the house to stand by the huge (at least it seemed huge to me because it was taller than I was) swamp cooler and feeling the cool leaks of air coming from the not quite well-fitted pipes! It was the coolest, out of the sun, place to be in the hot AZ summers. My mother did not allow anyone near the vents in the house because she was sure the excess cold would be bad for our health. Even the threat of scorpions and centipedes wasn’t enough to keep me away from that cool, damp, dim place!

  10. Current heat wave is most unpleasant. Two year old son in 110 degree weather in an apartment that have not had centrail air in two months. Glad we have window/portable units, otherwise we would be fried.

  11. My favorite heat wave is the one we’re just coming out of. Seattle broke their record for most days above 90 yesterday. We replaced our loud and inefficient portable A/C for a decent size window unit. For the first time our house stayed a cool and comfy 72 degrees! Absolute life saver having an A/C that can keep up!

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  13. My unpleasant heat wave memory was when it was so hot and it started to rain and then we had a flood. Water in the house when the temp was 105 and trying to clean it out was not fun!

  14. I generally try not to use air conditioning if I can help it, and usually a fan gets me by. This year however, my fan broke in the middle of the heatwave and I had to desperately try to stay cool for a few days while I waited for a replacement to arrive.

  15. My unpleasant memory is last year when we annihilated temperature records, including a low temp of 90 (highest ever recorded before that was about 74.)

  16. Oh, this is a good one…so when I was in second grade, I was the winner of the Advanced Reader award (which meant I had accumulated the most reading points out of the entire school) and won tickets to a theme park. Well, we went on a day that it was over 100 degrees, and long story short, I threw up blueberry ice cream…not a fun time!

  17. We had a really hot summer about 20 years ago and with the draught our water pipes burst and they had to be replaced-we were without water for 5 days

  18. A few years back I went to Rarotonga to stay with my sister & her husband. We arrived at 3am and when we went to get off the plane I stood on the top step & thought the engines must still be running as it was so hot and humid, even at that hour. It was hot but I still spent an amazing month there.

  19. An unpleasant heat wave experience would be the weeks I spent on the Caribbean after the passing of a hurricane and with no power to event turn on an electric fan. I had not ever sweat like I did after experiencing that natural disaster.

  20. I remember a heat wave during Christmas when I was growing up. It was 65 degrees on Christmas Day and was the first time we didn’t have snow on Christmas. It was very weird and a little sad.

  21. When I moved to Florida I was not prepared for the heat (mostly humidity). I loved it though and wish I had stayed in Fl. Here in Oh we get heat but also have winter which I hate

  22. Our car broke down a few hours from home during a heat wave, and we were stuck on the side of the road without A/C. That sucked. But we also had to stay overnight while we waited to get it fixed, and ended up having an amazing time. Turned into a great adventure.

  23. My most unpleasant hear wave memory was July 13, 1977. It was a sticky, humid night, we had the air conditioner on so we were comfortable. Suddenly the A/C went off, the lights went out, the TV went off – everything. BLACKOUT in NYC. Ugh, all the food got ruined too, fridge went off.

  24. My unpleasant heat wave memory was last year when my AC was not working for about a month. Finally they got it fixed. This year my best memory of the heat wave is right now sitting here in the working AC. Feeling grateful for that.

  25. Every heat wave is unpleasant to me. I don’t like the heat, so a heat wave I really, really don’t like. Nothing specific, just all of it is unpleasant tome.

  26. Heat waves occur here in South Dakota, and the worst I have had happened would be our air conditioner going out on THE HOTTEST day of the year. It was almost 120 so imagine not having a/c during that day. Yuck! But then we will be complaining about the snow and cold soon so I guess it’s either extreme here. Lol

  27. My unpleasant heat wave moment is this summer, actually. The central air conditioning in my house does not work at the moment, so the entire house is suffering a little. My room in particular gets the hottest so I have two fans running in the meantime while it is scheduled to get fixed. My brother has it the worst though since he caught covid recently and is quarantining in his room.

  28. Karen Webster Hunt

    It’s been in the upper 90’s here in Virginia. It’s humid and hot. I love the outdoors but it’s just to hot to get out and enjoy anything so I’ve been staying inside for the most part.

  29. Well I was badly dehydrated and one of my friends passed out dude to heatstroke. It was our school’s sports day….

  30. My A/C was broken for 2 weeks in the middle of the heat wave and I was suffering. I don’t think I’ve ever sweat so much in my life.

  31. My unpleasant heat wave memory I remember vividly was about 3 months ago while I was back in school. Electricity supply to my area was disrupted due to a storm and inside my house was about 110 degrees. This is my worst heatwave experience as I had to sleep through this for almost a week before power was finally restored ?

  32. My favorite heat wave memory is the time we went to Hot Springs in Arkansas and got to spend a lot of time swimming in a pond. Even though there were eight cabins around the pond, our family had the entire place to ourselves. Will never forget that.

  33. Marisela Zuniga

    I have to say this summer has been the worst! I live in Texas and it’s been so hot, this year was the first time that I’ve heard our small city had a fire from the dry grass. I am no enjoying this years heat wave, ready for fall!

  34. We had a heatwave here a few years back with a 2 week power outage! We have well water and luckily, our neighbor has an artisinal well we could use buckets to get water from. It was brutal but fun at times listening to the radio and just chilling

  35. In the UK we are much less used to heatwaves than many other countries. When it is cold everyone shuts off ventilation to keep the heat in and Covid dances a jig. When it is at normal temperatures Covid hates it as windows and doors are flung open and the virus is flushed out. When it is very hot, however, the doors and windows are shut to keep the heat out and save the cold air from the aircon unit and the virus is ecstatic again.

  36. I’ma single mom of two daughters living in Washinton State. I had a Heart Attack 10 months ago because of Covid. I love getting to spend Summer with my daughters, followed by a good book. I don’t mind the heat this year.

  37. Hot weather makes for awesome beach days!! We’ve been hitting the beach a lot this summer and bringing a huge umbrella and chairs for shade. It’s been fun!

  38. My most unpleasant heat wave memory is very recent. A couple weeks ago we were experiencing the hottest it has been in our area of Arkansas for over a decade. The extremely hot weather was in the triple digits and lasted well over a week. The heat index during the day was unbelievable and the temperatures at night weren’t much better. Wouldn’t you know that is when our air conditioner decided to die. It stopped working late on a Friday night. We called all the local air and heating companies, but most didn’t respond or call back. One company finally came to see if the air conditioner could be repaired, but it was no use. A new air conditioner was ordered to the cost of just under $10,000 and installed on Thursday. We suffered six days of unbearable heat and an enormous blow to our budget. Thank goodness we had a basement to hunker down in during that time.

  39. We went to Georgia one summer and made the mistake of leaving a 12-pack of soda in the car. It was 101 degrees out and the cans exploded in the car.

  40. Our A/C went out along with 15 other Condos. They only had 1 temporary A/C unit and it was 100 degrees out. On top of it I was trying to lose weight and was so dehydrated from exercising.

  41. There is no specific memory . Just noticed with years (and many years that i am alive ) that heat waves is becoming longer and longer with ever more higher temps .

  42. My most unpleasant heat wave memory is baking every year in my living room in our house in Maine. No A/C in our home since summers are short. I have to point the box fan at me, sit quietly and sip ice water while watching horrible TV show reruns. Can’t bake tasty food and I rely on cold sandwiches for sustenance during this time.

  43. One summer when my air conditioner failed, I spent a few afternoons sitting with my feet in a bowl of ice cubes while eating popsicles.

  44. One summer when my air conditioner failed, I spent a few days of the heat wave sitting with my feet in a bowl of ice cubes while I ate popsicles.

  45. Last year the high hit 116 in June (where our typical summertime high is 85-95). Two of our chickens, sadly, succumbed to the heat.

  46. I was taking a walk with my husband in the park in 2016 when he suddenly collapsed. I was in a blind panic. It was a hot day, but we were in the shade, so I wasn’t too concerned until then. Fortunately, a few joggers came by after hearing me yell for help.

  47. I once was installing shingles on a roof in 105 degree heat, I know I blacked out at least 3 times, and maybe died once!

  48. I don’t care for heatwaves and don’t have any pleasant memories relating to heatwaves. Since retiring when we get a heatwave, I tend to stay inside, except to get the mail or go to the grocery store. Can’t say that I have unpleasant memories relating to a heatwave except getting into my car after it has been sitting in the blazing sun and starting to drip almost instantly.

  49. This year in Dallas it is crazy hot and braking records daily. My dogs will not go outside because their paws get burned, UGH

  50. christine kahmar

    Living in Arizona many decades ago and my flip flops melted to the pavement, it’s just that HOT!!

  51. The blistering sun was shining while I was in the in the city center with no shadows to cover under. The urge to go to the bathroom only made my unpleasantries worse….Luckily I got home just in the nick of time

  52. Michelle Dennis

    The heatwave that stands out the most was the summer of 1988. I was pregnant with my first child and I remember the unbearable heat…it was so bad that I could not sleep or eat.

  53. dripping in the malta sun on the beach with 4 others and I had to chill and be the support background character the entire time

  54. John Paul Manicdao

    Thank you for this opportunity. This giveaway will definitely help a lot of people. Hoping for everyone to be healthy!

  55. My worst heat wave memory was while I was taking a walk, I suffered from heat exhaustion although I kept water with me to drink for hydration. Fortunately, I had my phone with me to call my mom to pick me up.

  56. The year I was headed into the 8th grade, 1980, my family moved to this little town called Holly Bluff. It was the beginning of July and we started living in a farming community. No trees, just soybean fields around us in every direction. It was unseasonably hot that year, no trees, new to the neighborhood and being a teenager was a terrible combination. Every day I reminded my daddy he had moved us to “hell”. Every day I told him it was hot as hell. As much as I was being a brat, he knew I was right. By the second week of the start of school, we moved. This incident has been brought up and talked about many times over these past years!

  57. Unpleasant doesn’t seem to describe my heat wave experience enough. I live in Texas and the heat index was 109. Just last week the air conditioning in my car began blowing hot suddenly. I took it to our local repair shop and it turned out we had a leak and needed a new line. That was brutal because I ended up using one of those push type carts with wheels to walk to the supermarket while the car was in the shop for 3 days. They had to order the new line. The supermarket was only 1/3 of a mile away but I thought I’d die! It never occurred to me to order online grocery delivery probably because I never had.

  58. I’m in a pretty unpleasant heat wave right now. It’s been unbearably hot since mid-may in South Texas. I can’t wait until October!

  59. My most unpleasant heat wave was when I was pregnant with my first daughter I was so hot it was just yuck. .
    Thank you for this awesome giveaway !!!

  60. I love living in Vermont for the weather ,and have hated the heat this summer! We are in a bottom floor apartment that gets so humid ,the floors get coated with a layer of water. My poor son was yelled at multiple times for spilling his drinks until I realized it wasn’t him ?

  61. Though I hate how much of a drought we are having , I actually love the heat . Monday was the first day this summer I wore shorts , at 100°. I am not looking forward to winter ,that’s for sure !

  62. The heat wave is starting the waiver hair in Pennsylvania along the border of New jersey, thank goodness says all the people in that area and animals too!

  63. Summer in SC is very harsh. I remember the afternoon I had to walk from my apartment to my physical therapy office which is about half a mile. I almost fainted.

  64. Every day in Florida during the summertime is an unpleasant heat wave. Even the water at the beaches is warm.

  65. Ok, so about five years ago it was so hot in the house and I kept telling my husband to turn up the air conditioner and he kept saying he did but it was sweltering so I asked him to go outside and to clean off the dirt, debris, leaves anything that could be blocking it so we can get some air circulating inside the house. and as he went outside to check it out he actually discovered that someone stole our air conditioner!! So that is why when we had a really bad heat wave going on we were using all kinds of fans in the house. I still can’t believe that someone actually stole the whole air conditioner!

  66. My most memorable heat wave experience was when I was 12 and we went in a field trip to cedar point. Of course I had my coolest shoes and outfit and it was so hot! 93 degrees with no clouds in sight! I spent the entire field trip under the canopy waiting for it to end !

  67. First time I ever was in Florida they were experiencing a heat wave, I got out of the car and it was like I was smacked in the face! It literally took my breath away

  68. I remember driving in a convertible with my stepdad one summer where the temp was over one hundred degrees and he refused to put the top up. I got SO sunburned!

  69. My unpleasant heat moment was when I was pregnant with my first child it was a 100 degrees outside and I lived in a trailer with no air conditioner.

  70. Little Rock, AR is hotter this year, than any other summer, that I can possible remember in all my 60 yrs The humidity is off the charts

  71. My unpleasant heat wave memory is having to take a cold shower in my backyard with the garden hose and stand in front of my refrigerator until the frozen steak thaws.

  72. This giveaway seems super cool, love fantasy books that aren’t necessarily YA and there’s a great selection here!!

  73. unpleasant memory . Living it right now , literally melting . All crops are gone , earth is scortched . Don’t know how will pull it up with all the other things happpening , high gas prices and everything has gone thrue the roof , fertilizers , seeeds . And no money from this years harvest , because there is nothing to harvest

  74. Marlene Seibold Rose

    Thanks for this great giveaway. My house also gets up in the 90’s and I only have fans but they don’t help much.

  75. The worst heat wave memory so far is the summer from 2 years ago. It was so hot into October in the south. I was literally counting down every single day of the long range forecast until it cooled off. Luckily I was leaving on a business trip to California and was able to escape the hot humid heat wave at home for a week, and when I came back, it had finally cooled off.

  76. My most unpleasant heat wave memory was when I fainted in a bus full of passengers! Luckily, my mom was with me! I can still remember the stifling heat and smell of diesel.

  77. I remember falling asleep in a hot car wi,th the windows up. I woke up weak and a little delirious, not realizing how close I was to heat stroke.

  78. I am not one for temperatures over 16-18 Celcius, so these 30+ heat waves are only manageable thanks to our AC. Only thing is to remember to empty the full gallon before the unit stops working. 😛

  79. Right now, I’m thinking how wonderful it is needing two blankets with the air conditioner blowing. It has been in 90’s during the day but, if I don’t leave the air on at night, the humidity won’t let me breath. Just getting over COVID.

  80. donateeverything

    I’m very unlucky with these giveaways, so with a heavy heart this is going to be the last time for me.

    Just kidding! See you guys next month!

  81. in one day i my life i felt asleep on the bech and i got so many sunburns on my body that i wasnt able to sleep during that night

  82. My family and I grow and store the majority of our food. My worst heatwave memory is when our fruit trees and gardens were suffering in the heat and alongside an Indiana drought. One never forgets when their food source is at risk. The worst part of the memory is how, for months, rain was falling everywhere within a mile or two except for on my small parcel of land.

  83. We are having a very bad heat wave right now in Kentucky its so hot hard to go to sleep at night where it is so hot

  84. some time ago i went to the beach and it was so hot and i was so tired that i took all my clothes from me without noticing and went to swim, when i come back i noticed that too many people are staring at me.

  85. I love the heat! The best is when I go to Florida in the Winter to visit my parents if it’s warm enough you get to see manatees in the marina! Thanks for the chance!

  86. Jacqueline Davison-McLean

    Exceptional Giveaway Prize. Since I’m stuck in the house every day all day since losing my ability to walk. I’ve been reading lots of books. There’s a lot of great sounding ones here.

  87. I have to say that right now we are having really nice temps for the last few days. Before, we were in the midst of a horrible amount of heat that made everything uncomfortable.

  88. I can’t handle the heat anymore as I get older so when it’s excessively hot I can’t stay in it long at all unless I’m in the water.

  89. I live in Newfoundland by the Beach and our weather is always chilled with the cold from the Ocean. Summer 2022 has been amazing we are getting in the high twenties everday and it’s amazing. Later this week they are talking 30 ….this is totally amazing. Have to ever been to Newfoundland? It’s amazing here. Thanks for the opportunity.

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