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529 thoughts on “December 2022 Giveaway”

      1. My best memories are ones I didn’t appreciate and cherish the way I do now and wish I always had because spending the holidays with my dad was the best thing about all of my memories. And those memories keep you with me dad. I miss and love you so much

      1. My favorite winter memory is singing Christmas carols with all my family members. So grateful of those precious memories with my grandparents before we lose them.

        1. I love doing that too, but it’s not my favorite. My favorite is spending time with the dying. I work at a Hospice Home and sometimes there are patients there that have no family, so I like sitting with them and talking with them. Even if they are not able to talk I will either just sit there and hold their hand or talk to them while holding their hand or even just sitting in their room with them. They can feel someone is in the room at least and they are not alone.

      1. I can’t wait to read some of your books. They all look very interesting. Thank You for the Amazing opportunity 💕

    1. My favorite Christmas memory is driving to my grandparents’ house on Christmas Eve while big snowflakes are falling!

    2. I personally always enjoyed getting the family back together in general. We always lived really far apart and it was the one time of year I got to consistently see them. It wasn’t so much about the presents as it was seeing my aunts and uncles and cousins every year for me!

  1. This time of year brings back fond memories of my mom baking cookies for the holidays and getting out all of her holiday albums. She liked to sing them when she baked.

  2. The most magical and fabulous time of the year is approaching – a series of winter holidays, which both adults and children are looking forward to. New Year and Christmas are my favorite holidays, a time of joyful expectation of miracles. Especially for me in childhood, when I was waiting for the fulfillment of my most cherished desires and, of course, gifts under the Christmas tree.

    1. One of my favorite winter vacation memories is the week I went skiing with my family. We had a great time despite constantly falling.

  3. Last year. All of my family got together and we had a big dinner and party. I saw family that I hadn’t seen in years. It was very nice and I’d love to do it again.

  4. My favorite winter memory would be making snow angels with my siblings when we were younger. We’re all adults with separate lives now, so it’s a memory that I’ll never forget!

  5. My favorite winter holiday memory is when I was at my grandparents house and we went sledding down a big hill and I fell over and had to sit by the fire for an hour.

  6. when i was very young i was going to the college and i got my first laptop that i wanted so much.
    i wanted very much a laptop to use it at the college.

  7. My favourite winter holiday is when I got to go to a cosy log cabin with my family last year for a few days, and just relaxed, read books and played board games together. Nothing extravagant but it was lovely.

  8. When we used to have a big festive event with crystal plates and glasses and my Grandparents’ house. We had some great times in the that kitchen/dining room!

  9. Few years ago back when I was studying in Japan I saw snow for the first time still my favorite winter holiday memory till this day.

  10. Always was fun going down big sledding hills but then the blah of having to walk back up the hill or if icy and landing on back side

  11. I remember a winter where our streets were packed with ice and snow it made it so we could ice skate around the neighborhood. Was so much fun as teens.

  12. My favorite winter memory is going to my mother’s house for Christmas. All of my family goes to her house and we have dinner, stay the night and then our children open the presents in the morning. Later we went sledding down a hill in my mother’s backyard, not a very big hill but is fun and safe enough for the children. After sledding we went inside and spent the rest of the day playing table games and cracking jokes.

  13. My favourite Winter holiday memory is that all family members that live far away gather at my house (My grandparent live there), and celebrate the holiday together by chatting anf eating a lot of food

  14. elizabeth miller

    My best holiday memory was the last Christmas we had with my grandfather. We lived a 20 hour drive from my grandparents and we told them we were not coming home but I packed up 3 kids and made the surprise ride. When we got there, we got my aunt to get my grandmom out so we could sneak my grandad out. He had alzheimers so she was really protective of him. The kids and I snuck him out to a pizza place and pizza was his favorite. He was so beyond happy and my grandmother was laughingly aggravated at us but it was an amazing memory to cherish forever and my kids to always remember because even as adults they still talk about it every year.

  15. Richelle Leffler

    My favorite winter holiday moment is when my daughter and I built snowman outside, and made snow Angels, then warmed up inside with some hot cocoa.

  16. My favorite winter holiday memory is every Christmas season we manage to make a special cookie recipe to share with friends and family.

  17. My favorite winter holiday was the year over 40 of my family members all got together to go skiing and enjoy the holiday at a cabin.

  18. I remember going to see the Radio City Music Hall Christmas Spectacular show with the Rockettes as a kid. It really was magical.

  19. A favorite winter holiday memory is when I went ice skating and then returned home to warm up with hot cocoa. We lived with my grandmother at the time.

  20. My favorite winter memories will always be getting to play in the snow with my granddaughters. We build snowmen and go sliding. They live in the South so the snow is extra special to them.

  21. My favorite memory about Christmas is when my grandma walked straight in with the Nintendo 64 that I found under the tree the next morning. Santa was a good memory for like 4 years, after that I just started to wish for Cheetos instead of expensive stuff.

  22. A favoruite winter holiday memory is when I was a little kid, opening our stocking Christmas morning on our parents bed! Those were the days!!

  23. My favorite winter memory is when me and the kids were leaving in new jersey and had our first white christmas very rare in louisiana where we are from we got to make snow angels.

  24. One of my favorite memories is when my brothers and I were very young we all got sleds for Christmas, I think we spent the entire Christmas vacation from school out on the local hillside sledding every day.

  25. One year after Midnight Mass coming out of church seeing the large snowflakes falling againts the lights of the church was so beautiful. It was my best and favorite memory of Christmas.

  26. We are taking our grandkids to a cabin for a few days. We did it last year and had a blast. Thanks for the giveaway.

  27. My favorite winter holiday memory was getting a train set as a gift when I was seven years old and setting it up with my mom. I enjoyed playing with that set for hours in my living room.

  28. My favorite winter holiday memory was when I was elementary school aged and my best friend called me one morning and asked if I wanted to come with her family to spend the night at the ski resort. I jumped at the chance and we drove the two hours away playing all kinds of car games on the way. Now, not one of us knew how to ski, including her parents, but we brought sleds for everyone. We drank hot cocoa in the lodge, had pillow fights in the hotel, and spent half the night and the next day hiking up a giant hill to sled in the snow. It is still to this day one of my favorite childhood memories and definitely my favorite winter memory. It was such an unplanned spur of the moment trip that absolutely made my year.

  29. My favorite winter holiday memory is the day my son was born. It started snowing abnormally early the day he was born and it seemed like an absolute gift to see the gentle flakes falling outside while we were dealing with all of the hectic activity in the delivery room. I’ve never felt more peace from the snow before and it was just perfect.

  30. My favorite winter memory is back when it finally snowed for the first time in my town in Georgia. It’s never snowed here since but boy did I love it when it did. We made snowmen, had snowball fights, and made snow angels with all my friends and my sister. My mom even made us hot cocoa, it may have only been around for a day but we sure made the best of it!

  31. i received a toy car and i was enjoying so much to play with it that i was playing in the street with all my neighbours.
    this car was also very strong so with the other very young neighbours , i put a lot of snow on top of the car to see if it will excapte from the bottom of the snow, it barrely escaped from there and we were enjoying so much to see the car strugle to escape from there.

  32. Here in Australia, there are only a few places that receive snow during winter time. My family love to make it a commitment to go every year, alternating between skiing and snowboarding!

  33. My fondest memories involved my grandmother passing on the family recipes/and cooking duties on to me. I get joy out of cooking for everyone. Thank you for the opportunity. Have a great holiday season

  34. One of my favorite memories was going to the ICE event at Gaylord Palms. We got parkas to walk through and look at ice sculptures.

  35. When I was growing up the day after Thanksgiving was my town’s Christmas day parade. After that we went Christmas shopping in a larger town an hour away and that evening went to the Shriner Circus

  36. My favorite holiday memories are of childhood days when our families got together and celebrated together. Gifts, food, music and the true meaning of Christmas was remembered and honored.

  37. Since COVID hit and kind of kept many of us housebound, I have been reading a lot more. My reading spans different genres and I thank you for having such a great variety of fantasy works for me to choose from.

  38. My favourite winter holiday memory was when my family and I went on a trip to a place called Obudu Cattle Ranch. This was one of the best experiences in my life. The feeling of being with family and sharing love with one another made this a memory to last for a lifetime.

  39. My favorite holiday memory is definitely going to my grandmother’s for Christmas as a kid. I always barely slept the night before we opened our presents!

  40. On Christmas Eve, my mom would make her Christmas punch. We would watch Christmas shows on TV and eat her homemade fudge and cookies with it.

  41. My favorite winter holiday memory is watching our kids, when they were very young, opening their Christmas presents from Santa. They were all so excited and Christmas was fun then.

  42. As a kid my grandma visiting over christmas each year and each year i wanted to go back to her house for a few days when she left

  43. One of my favorite memories was coming downstairs in my pj’s and opening that first present.
    The first present was a Game boy. I may be 44 years old but still remeber it like it was yesturday.
    Thank you for this amazing opportunity and good luck to everyone 🙂

  44. The Christmas feast my grandmother made when I was 11, I’ll never forget, enough food and special treats to feed an army- she had gone all out for it, even made Hot Fudge pudding cake, my absolute favorite. Did grandmother somehow know that her mind would be lost to dementia not long afterwards?

  45. Definitely one of my favorite memories is when I received a drawing tablet. I love drawing, and I still use it to this day.

  46. My favorite winter memory is playing in the snow in Central Park with my first love when we were 16. It was a magical time. Over 50 years ago, and it seems like yesterday.

  47. This time of the year makes me think of when we were kids and we would have a gingerbread house decorating contest on Christmas Eve. Such a fond memory.

  48. When I was 9, I was obsessed with the Baby Sitters Club books. So when my aunt asked me what I wanted, I said the special edition town guide (it was THICK!). I no longer have any of the books but it’s funny how that memory stuck.

  49. Thank you for this opportunity! My favorite winter holiday memory is listening to Bing Crosby while decorating the tree 🙂

  50. Favorite memory is of me and my dad going on walks in the city during Christmas week making a game out of spotting Christmas trees in people’s windows.

  51. My favorite winter holiday memory is when we got our first dog, Sasha. it was actually a Christmas present and it was snowing surprisingly and it was her first time in the snow and it was such a “aww”
    moment; she was so happy and playful!

  52. Sleighing with my brothers when we were young, then we would get all cold and when we went back in our house mom would have us hot Chocolate made.

  53. I remember getting a original cabbage patch doll with a paper birth certificate from my grandma when I was 7 for Christmas. I’m now 45. I’ll cherish that memory forever.

  54. I wish my mom was still here I miss her so much she’s been gone 5 years and every Christmas without her is so hard .

  55. Thanks for this giveaway. I never knew nothing about this site but now I can’t wait until I can read lots of your books.

  56. My favorite winter holiday memory. I have to say 10 years ago was my moms last winter. On Christmas Eve we went to my Grandmom’s and it started snowing. My mom and I had a snowball fight.

  57. My favorite memory is when my kids were younger, waking up Christmas morning watching the excitement on their faces when they were opening their gifts on Christmas morning!

  58. My favorite holiday memory is Christmas when all my boys still believed in Santa Clause, the excitement of them waking up to the gifts Santa left them under the tree were innocent beautiful moments, thanks for the chance, good luck everyone!

  59. Favorite holiday memory would be when my kids were younger. One year we made salt dough and all designed hand made ornaments for our tree! It was so much fun and the ornaments we each made still serve as wonderful memories to this day!

  60. My favorite Christmas memory would probably be when I was little, all my extended family would get together for dinner on Christmas Day. The kids would all exchange gifts, you would see family that you hadn’t seen all year. Family get togethers don’t seem quite the same anymore.

  61. My favorite winter/holiday memory was waking up to snow in Temecula California where it rarely happened. We played in the little bit of snow for an hour straight.

  62. My favorite memories are spending time with my kids decorating our Christmas Tree and Making cookies and treats for Santa and his reindeer!

  63. Thank for this wonderful opportunity! I’ve always been an avid reader and have shared my love for it with my nieces and nephews. To see their faces light up whenever “TT” gets them settled for story time is priceless.

  64. My favorite Christmas memory would be opening gifts with my parents Christmas mornings, or even Christmas Eves when I got older just because they didn’t need to hide the presents anymore. It was always great regardless because even though I was an only child, I wasn’t the only one who got toys: our dogs and cats always got bones and toys with catnip to play with!

  65. I remember waking up so early in the morning and my Mom and Dak making us wake until 5:30 am to get up. There was such excitement in the house on Christmas mornings. Great memories.

  66. My favorite memory is when i was a child we would walk thru Christmas lane lights on Christmas eve we get home and Santa came.

  67. Favorite memory is my father getting a tree out of the field it looked like a charlie brown tree but it was fun decorating. It was the only time I have had a live tree.

  68. I was not aware of this website and the books that were offered. I’m very interested in Supernatural Fantasy and many of these books look interesting. Thank you for the opportunity to enter this contest.

  69. Favorite memories of winter are spending it with my grand parents. Watching all the adults drink coffee and wondering what was in those cups.

  70. I remember growing up in the country, the whole neighborhood would get together to build sledding trails through the fields. We had some that were over 1/4 mile long, and so much fun! I miss those days of everyone being outside enjoying the snow!

  71. My favorite memory is when I had no care in the world. It was just me and my book up in the tree that stood in our front yard.
    Thank you for the opportunity 🙏

  72. My Favorite Christmas Memory was of me laying in bed and I know I heard Sleigh Bells because I was wide awake and it wasn’t my imagination. I’m pretty sure it was my Mom trying to make her baby hold onto the Magic of Christmas a little longer even though she never fessed up to it. lol If it wasn’t my Mom then maybe it was the Big Guy!!

  73. My family and I would bake cookies and sing Christmas songs. We would sit around a fire and drink hot coco and coffee.

  74. The first Christmas after I got married. I was just 17. My husband got out of the service and had no job. He bought a ring holder shaped like a piano with red velvet lining that would fit in the palm of your hand.

  75. Seeing the look on my sons face christmas morning when he was 3 years old and realizing all the presents were for him to open and play withl, sweetest smile ever.

  76. Michelle Matthews

    I remember going to a neighborhood where this house was decorated for Christmas. It was a walk through and was awesome. They even had hot chocolate and popcorn.

  77. fav holiday memory is getting a stocking from santa which had the best candy canes,chocolate, a huge apple and a huge orange and then some tiny toys, and oh cant forget the peanuts.

  78. My favorite winter memory is when my grandkids from North Carolina came to New York (near Buffalo) and saw a large quantity of snow for the first time! They were so excited!
    Thank you for this opportunity!

  79. My favorite Christmas memory is the year we had the first white Christmas of my 4 year olds life and after opening presents we went outside and had a huge snowball fight with the neighbors and their kids. Then we decided to have Christmas dinner together and it just felt like a really special day.

  80. A favorite holiday/winter memory of mine…When the kids would finish opening Christmas presents, we would all start to clean up the wrapping paper & boxes. That’s when I would pretend to “find” one more present among the trash. The kids loved it 🙂

  81. Thanks for the opportunity. My favorite memory was the day we surprised my grandmother after 3 years without seeing her.

  82. My favorite winter/holiday memory is when I was 13 and we visited relatives in Maryland for Christmas. Me, being from south MS had never seen snow or a white Christmas, until that year. I got to go sledding and build a snowman for the first time in my life and I will never forget that experience. Merry Christmas!

  83. My favorite holiday memory was spending time with my entire family! It rarely happens since we live all over the country. We made amazing food, memories, and had a great time!

  84. My favorite Christmas memory is buying my wife (then girlfriend) a hope chest for Christmas. She loved it and it is in a treasured place in our home.

  85. Bridgette Leske-Heed

    I’ve always enjoyed receiving books as a gift on Christmas and after dinner is eaten being able to curl up with a new book and dive in. Thank you for the opportunity!

  86. My favorite Holiday memory was when i was six and visiting my great grandmothers and the whole family went sledding on a hill behind her home

  87. Tami Vollenweider

    A few years ago my daughter-in-law gave me a wrapped picture frame. To my surprise it was as a sonogram letting me know I was going to be a grand ma!!!

  88. I have a funny memory from when I was kid at Christmas. My mom put a pack of doggie treats in the tree, in the morning the tree was knocked over and the pack of treats was empty.

  89. My favorite Winter memory was when my uncle built us our own igloo fortresses for an all out neighborhood snowball fight.Little did I know it would the last Winter spent with him,which made it all the more memorable.

  90. We don’t have winter down here, only wet season and wetter season. Either way, it’s fine. Snow is kind of a bother as it is, worse when there’s a cold vortex.

  91. Thanks for the opportunity. My favorite winter memories are the ones I spent in New England. When the snow was an inevitability. I’ve lived in California for some years now and it’s been years since I’ve had a “White Christmas”

  92. We don’t have winter down here, only wet and wetter season. Either way it’s fine. Snow is kind of a bother especially when there’s a cold vortex.

  93. My favorite memory is taking my 1 year old grandson out on the 1st snow, pulling him in a sled as he laughed at the falling snow.

  94. A favorite Christmas Memory: Lying beneath the tree, looking up through the mesmerizing chaos of light ricocheting off of long strands of tinsel that swayed slightly with the air’s movement.

  95. A favorite Christmas memory is loading up Christmas Eve to go spend time with my dad’s family and looking at Christmas Lights on our way there.

  96. My Son, Zach, spent six years in the Air Force. I did not get to see him much during this time. He & his wife moved to Michigan during his last year of service which made it much harder to visit. Last year, on Christmas Day, there was a knock at the door. Much to my surprise, my Son, Daughter-in- Law & Grandson had shown up to spend the holiday with us. Best winter/holiday memory ever!!!

  97. My favorite winter holiday memory is traveling from my home town in Florida to visit a friend in Missouri for Christmas . I was 18 and got to see snow for the very first time!

  98. One of my favorite winter holiday memories is receiving an e-reader from my kids as a Christmas present. I love books and being able to store all my favorites in a single,compact device has been a dream come true!

  99. My favorite holiday memory is making desserts with my great-grandmother. She made traditional English desserts she learned as a child and traditional Lithuanian desserts her mother in law taught her.

  100. My favorite winter holiday memory was Christmas 2 years ago, the whole family met at my son’s house in the country for 5 days. The little ones were excited that Santa was going to find them at their uncle’s house, we had lots of fun, lots of fun and so many outdoor activities! It was a great family gathering!

  101. I think in Portugal winter holidays are closed linked to Christmas – I guess my favorite winter holiday memory was during the school holidays when I was a kid and I received my good old ZX Spectrum 48K on Christmas – it came with a bundle of several game classics! A still play some of this games on PC using emulators just to remember those times!

  102. Dominique Cloutier

    One of my favorite holiday memories is matching pajamas with my kids on christmas eve! love doing that with them

  103. A favorite winter holiday memory is making homemade Italian cookies with my mom. This has always stuck with me and now I make them with my kids.

  104. Watching White Christmas with my mom is one of my favorite memories and now one I cherish more since she is celebrating in Heaven this year.

  105. My favorite holiday memory is when it slowed on Christmas Eve. I’ve only seen slow 5 times in my life, so it was pretty amazing.

  106. My favorite Christmas was when my son was 2 years old. This was the beginning of the magical years. I could see the excitement in his eyes every time he saw the twinkling lights and his infectious smile as we listened and sang to Christmas songs. His anticipation of Christmas morning made me excited. The days leading up to Christmas, I tried to imagine the expression on his face as he walked down the stairs that Christmas morning, but nothing I imagined came close to the moment he saw what was waiting for him as he ran over to me and gave me the biggest hug with a smile on his face I will never forget.

  107. Melissa L Endicott

    This is Great, Thank You for this opportunity!! My favorite memory is making Gingerbread houses!! I’m glad my kids love it as much as I do!! Happy Holiday’s.

  108. Thanks for the chance to win. The only thing I’ll always remember my first snow winter when I moved to Dallas Texas. Blankets of white was everywhere. I ended up getting sick the next day, lol. Lesson learned and I took advice in what to where in snowy weather.

  109. Thanks for the opportunity. In response to the question posed (briefly describing a favorite winter holiday memory), I would have to say it was the first year that my daughter could walk down the stairs on Christmas morning to see the Christmas tree and the presents under it. Her Mom had to walk with her, as she was almost running down the stairs and we had to make sure that she didn’t fall – she was squealing with delight all the way down the stairs! Honestly a cherished memory!

  110. My favorite winter memory is the first Christmas my then fiancé (now husband) spent together in our first apartment together. Decorating our first tree together, baking cookies, and watching Christmas movies was so fun and even though nothing was extravagant, it still felt so special and still does till this day!

  111. My favorite memories were when my now-adult children were still toddler & pre-school age. Both of their grandmothers would come to stay with us for about a week at Christmas , and we would do all the traditional Christmas fun things!

  112. My favorite Christmas memory is the excitement of getting up really early on Christmas morning as a child to open presents from my parents.

  113. Thanks for the opportunity to win, thanks for the great reads! Merry Christmas, and continued success in the New Year.

  114. My favorite holiday memories are the ones with my grandparents in them it’s not the same now that they’ve passed. Thank you for this opportunity!

  115. Christmas eve when I was maybe 8 or 9. It was held at my granddad’s and grandma’s home in the country. Grandma took us out to the chicken coop where we gathered about 2 dozen eggs and grandma squealed when she saw a large black racer slithering up the chicken coop wall. Granddad took us fishing on the river and showed us how to dredge up a few oysters. Then the whole extended family — there were at least 40 of us! — gathered around a large dining table (or one of several smaller tables for the kids) and enjoyed turkey, ham, oysters and more veggies than I could count, all of it grown within a mile of the house and all of it lovingly prepared by one person — my grandma (if you tried to help, she would snap “get out of my kitchen!”). Thank you Pops and Hilda! Love you still!

  116. My Fav Christmas memory is going visiting the week of Christmas brake to all family & friends with a tray of cookies and a bottle of homemade wine.

  117. I remember it snowed one year on Christmas. I sat by the window all day watching. My mom and I walked to the store after it finished and I remember thinking that any other time we walked to the store, it always seemed so far away. For some reason, walking in the snow wasn’t so bad.

  118. Looking forward to purchasing and reading some of these interesting and great books! Thanks for the opportunity! I wish more people would put down the social media and turn to a good book in their down time!

  119. I remember (and miss) the time when climate changes weren’t so noticeable like today – it doesn’t feel like Christmas when, instead of cold rainy weather, you have warm and sunny days!

  120. A favorite winter holiday memory of mine is coming in from playing outside in the snow as a child, and my mom making my brothers and I hot cocoa.

  121. One of my favorite winter holiday memories is making a gingerbread house with my mom and choosing all my favorite candies for the decorations:)

  122. Honestly I don’t really care If I win or nah, cuz even I don’t, someone else is becoming happy, So its like a win win no matter what.. Best of luck everyone and I hope you guys have an amazing Christmas and NewYear!

  123. Baking Christmas cookies with my grandparents every Christmas eve and than after that watching Plane, Trains, and automobiles

  124. One of my most favorite winter memories is with my grandma. Every Christmas break she would come pick me up. Our first stop would always be to the library. We would both pick out a few chapter books and maybe a VHS or two. Then we would stop at Big Bear grocery and we would go to their salad and make the biggest salads that would hold in the containers. Go grab a block of colby cheese and a bag of grapes. Her little apartment had a fireplace and she would always have a small fire going. She didn’t have much, but she made sure that I always had my own chair. They would always be in front of the fireplace. We’d enjoy each other’s company while reading our books. Once we were finished we would share what they were about. Something so simple, but something I look back on. I’m grateful she is still a live at 85. Although our rolls have reverse, she is my best friend. I wouldn’t change anything in the world.

  125. Having never seen snow as a kid & growing up in Florida, my favorite winter holiday memory is going outside, turning on the water hose and having it shoot out a ton of cylindrical ice cubes. Only to be compared with walking outside and being amused by all the grass being frozen & breaking like glass as you walked over it.

  126. I always used to love riding around in the car with my family when we would search for neighborhoods with houses lit up by Christmas lights!

  127. My favorite holiday memory was helping mother in the kitchen with the holiday baking. I loved the smell of the cookies and bread and just being together and spending time with her.

  128. My favorite winter break memory for me is hanging out with my family and drinking hot cocoa together while watching winter-themed movies

  129. i got so many candies and chocolates on Christmas and i ate so many of the that i got worried and in the first week of Janyary i practiced a very intense physical workout

  130. Love the holidays. Busy busy time. Then it slows down and gives me a chance to cozy up with a drink and a book. Happy New Year!

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