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370 thoughts on “February 2022 Giveaway”

  1. Alexandr Dubovin

    I would call romantic, say, walking in the rain in a thunderstorm, when the heart stops from every clap of thunder, hiking with the whole company to unknown places, exploring caves and so on – everything that is connected with mystery and has the attraction of the unknown.

  2. Holding hands, going to the movies, chocolate covered strawberries, just spending time together! I’m all about simple for romantic gestures!

  3. I don’t know, maybe it’s just me, but my SO and I don’t celebrate big stuff; rather, I find the little everyday life gestures kinda romantic…when you have a partner who is there for you when you need them, finding comfort in their presence, etc.

  4. The most romantic thing I can think of is when my husband surprised me with a weekend away. He’d packed my bags and everything and told me after work on a Friday that we were leaving for the coast right then.

  5. I’m an old school romantic as cliche as that sounds, but I find underdog/comeback stories romantic.

    Such as someone that may have come across hard times and no one would look twice at or give them the time of day.

    Then the telling of how they found themselves and become successful by their own definition and then gets rewarded with love, but also gets a chance to show the early on in life haters how successful he/she has become.

    I think we need more than ever some inspiration in our lives.

  6. I find it romantic when your partner listens to you. Inquires about your day and tries to be there for you when things are rough. A spontaneous outing or a nice dinner to cheer you up. Finds ways to uplift spirits and show they care.

  7. I find it romantic when my partner takes note of something I said just in passing and turns that into a gift or something nice they do for me

  8. Someone cooking me a nice dinner is the most romantic feeling. The time and energy they expended to do something nice for me is wonderful!

  9. To me, it’s so romantic when my husband comes home and out of the blue says get dressed we’re going to a movie or out to eat. Just the fact that he took the initiative means a lot!

  10. One of the things that I find romantic is my partner doing a little thing for me that means a lot to me and touches my heart.

  11. I find the simplest things Romantic. When someone special holds my hand or gives me the warmest embrace. Most importantly when your Love spends time on you not money. Yes everyone likes to be spoiled with a token of Affection from time to time but when they make time for you in this busy, crazy world. Quality time and Connection is Everything.

  12. The February Giveaway looks amazing. I find my hubby and me cooking together romantic. It’s fun/romantic to do anything together.

  13. Sandra D Sanders

    LOVE reading books, emails, magazines and so much more… just love reading… I hope everyone stays healthy and safe…

  14. A comforting hug on a bad day without trying to fix the problems, offering to help me with a task then waiting for me to accept and say what I need done, and being honest with me and showing true feelings are romantic to me. I don’t need the extras that cost money like trips or treats, I just need someone who can support me when I need it and let me support them when they need it.

  15. I find it romantic when a man remembers the little things a woman likes and goes out of his way to surprise her with them

  16. I find the man and woman very sexy in this photo and it’s very romantic to be holding each other with red balloons all around you. I can see a very romantic night ahead of them with all of the sex appeal that they are throwing off in this photo.

  17. If you want me to describe what is romantic to me it’s the small things that a person can do for you like a phone call just to see how you are doing. Taking a walk in the park, making a home cooked meal together, popping popcorn at home and watching a good movie. That is all very romantic to me.

  18. Penny Branson LeBaron

    I find acts of service romantic. It doesn’t have to be all flowers and candles. If someone runs an errand for you or changes your oil, that’s romantic too.

  19. I love sitting down with a good book. Bill Hiatt is an amazing author who has the kind of books that you just can’t put down.

  20. The thing I find most Romantic is a good book, sharing two people who are in love wth passion, wth everyday life’s ups and downs. But, no matter what still love each other from the first time they fell in love till they are old and grey! That is true Romance and so Romantic to me showing passion, love and compassion towards each other through their life together, no matter what life throws at them. Then being put at peace to rest side by side , true Romance to me!

  21. When my boyfriend plans a whole date night all on his own an tells me to dress pretty . All of it is a complete surprise an I love that an find it so romantic.

  22. What I find romantic are quiet but “make a difference” and “this is for only you” sincere actions which tell me that I’m the special one. Talk can be cheap and insincere but actions/gestures speak volumes to me.

  23. Kristine Petersen

    This would be a blessing to have something great to read in my birthday month! Thank you so much for an amazing opportunity! These books look incredible!

  24. What I find romantic is when a man pays attention to you enough to know things you like to do or your favorite foods. Then he takes you to do something you love or finds somewhere with your favorite food to take you to. Put some thought into it, pay attention and don’t just buy the typical gifts.

  25. Thank you for having this promotion! You rock! I am going back to order Angelic Hearts on Payday. A friend actually just told me about this book.

  26. Things that I find romantic are the little stuff that a partner does every day – a touch when you walk past each other, always a kiss goodnight/good morning/have a good day as they walk out the door to work, a note that ends with I Love You – little stuff. But don’t get me wrong – flowers, candy, a night out at our favorite bistro – all good!

  27. A romantic candlelight dinner with flowers, chocolates on a nice yacht sailing on the water in a really nice European country. Then dancing to our favorite song and watching fireworks in the distance celebrating our time together. Enjoying this moment would be a very romantic memory that I will forever remember.

  28. So many amazing books to read, and what an amazing giveaway…thanks a bunch for this opportunity…I would love to win!

  29. michelle sanders

    I really enjoyed looking through the books offered on the two sites you listed. I was really caught by your book World Crossed Lovers and it seemed a lot different then most love or romance novels. Hint of mystery and adventure. I’m really into sci fi books and books of vampires, mages and things of that nature. So thank you for the opportunity to be able to read these books. A NEW FAN!

  30. Every morning, my husband and I wake up early so we can watch the lovely sunrise from our front porch. It’s so romantic.

  31. I find the simple things as romantic: a cozy evening watching a show we both like; a bouquet of wildflowers; me reading my poems to him. And so much more.


    i am widow now ,but i always thought it was so romantic when my other half prayed with me & for me,thats love!!happy valentines to you bill!!

  33. I love the continuous physical contact. He loves to hug, we always hold hands, we spoon in bed (among other things). That is why I love him so much, we both love the physical contact!

  34. I am in love with the way he loves physical contact all the time. Always hugging me (which I love), spooning in bed at night, holding hands, putting his arm around me and runs his fingers up and down my arms and legs while watching tv, every time we pass each other he touches me or hugs me…. We both LOVE the physical contact with each other all the time. Who could want more? Not me!!!

  35. My guy has a certain way he holds me and looks into my eyes. Like he’s reading my soul. He also caresses my face when he kisses me. It make me melt every time. DEFINITELY A TURN ON!!!

  36. When my husband can tell I have had a bad day of pain and steps to help with our dog and do the dishes for me! I have several chronic pain conditions and some days I cannot get out of bed!

  37. February is Romantic because spring is in the air and Love is also in the air. New beginnings will appear, and Love makes that happen.

  38. Julie M. Feldermann

    My husband surprised me and washed my car, so when I came out of work, I had a clean car and a full tank of gas.

  39. Romantic to me is staying home, cooking something for each other, enjoying a glass of wine and snuggling in front of the fire

  40. When my husband plays our wedding song and we dance in the living room. We’ve been together 17 years now and I still love it every time he does it.

  41. After being together for 31 years, I find romance in laughter. I love how after all these years, we still can make each other laugh and enjoy the little moments.

  42. I think the little things are romantic, like when they do something you didn’t them too, or something that shows they where listening to you.

  43. What I think is romantic is sitting on the couch and snuggling and talking about anything and everything and holding hands

  44. Being able to just snuggle up by the fire next to each other is romantic. It doesn’t matter if you’re listening to music, watching a movie, reading books, or talking to each other, the quiet time alone and closeness is what’s romantic.

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