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150 thoughts on “March 2022 Giveaway”

  1. Spring is my favorite season. I love watching all of the flowers and trees come back to life. My aunt and I used to pick our mom’s flowers in the Spring.

  2. My best spring experience was spring camp during 6th grade. This was a huge experience for me because I got to ride a zipline that was really high and it was extremely fun to ride. I got to do this with a few friends and it lasted for a few days and I got to stay at the camp site so I was also a unique experience.

  3. Thanks for the chance! My best spring experience was going to the Tulip festival with my family when I was a kid. We only went once the entire time I was growing up and it’s cemented as one of my favorite and most vivid memories. The entire day was absolutely amazing!

  4. Patrick Cadette

    ??????awesome..waiting to see what 2022 has when it comes you and what you will bring with ink and paper..

  5. Hooray for Spring! My best Spring experience was getting married many decades ago in a beautiful April!

  6. My best spring experience was a few years ago when I fostered 3 little black lambs that were rejected by their mothers. I have not eaten lamb since.

  7. Thanks for the chance, Bill! My best spring experience was when I saw my grandma’s flower garden bloom at that time, especially the primroses. It was a lovely sight because I also got to see my grandma’s vibrant smile.

  8. My best spring experience involves working in the soil and getting ready to plant. It is so wonderful to be outside and enjoy mother nature!

  9. Love this picture. Looks so peaceful. My best spring experience was as a young girl visiting extended family in Canada – the day I discovered what the ‘perfect’ day (to me) was – beautiful day for a picnic with sweet corn from the garden – I rushed inside to see that the temperature was 25 degree Celsius.

  10. Best spring ever was definitely when we did Disney World for spring break. Crowded, but happy crowds.

  11. After having 8 months of winter, I’m thrilled when Spring comes. The day the summer birds come to the feeder, and the leaf buds open is my happy time.

  12. I love all the Spring flowers. I have several flower gardens and they look best late Spring/Summer.

  13. My best spring experience happened 24 years ago this March 20th. The first day of spring in 1998 I met my boyfriend of now almost 24 years. Love that we found each other on the first day of spring.

  14. Alexandr Dubovin

    My favorite season is spring! It seems that everything comes to life and comes into motion: sparrows rustled, drops drip, the first leaves bloom, grass appears. The days are getting longer and brighter. The sky is blue and clear and the sun shines brighter. Everyone around is happy about spring, even people smile more often. Soon everything around will be painted in bright green colors! This is the real SPRING!

  15. My best spring moment was the spring I met my husband, 24 years ago. It’s been a lot of ups and downs, but we have survived it so far.

  16. Learning how to tap maple trees to gather sap to boil down into syrup—-old school style at Daniel Boone Village

  17. Going for more walks and viewing nature at it’s finest and taking more pictures, while I am at it! Just spending more time outside, in general!

  18. Barbara Hadley

    thanks Bill for the opportunity. Your books are interesting and my husband has read a few of them.

  19. My best Spring experience is getting engaged. It was a total surprise and I never suspected anything. A wonderful memory I will hold in my heart forever.

  20. One of my best spring experence was in 2019 when i hung out with my boyfriend, riding bike for hours then we eventually when swimming….
    I went home feeling very blessed

  21. Spring hasn’t arrived here yet, still some snow on the ground. I am hoping to see dandelions soon! My grandparents called these “weeds” a spring tonic and used the unopened buds like capers.

  22. My best spring experience is camping – being back outdoors after the snow melts (and after the mud subsides). I love enjoying a bonfire and some beers as the sun sets, and then stargazing!

  23. I’d say driving to Connecticut to visit Mark Twain’s home! Going through New York was insane! We had a great time! History is really amazing!

  24. My best spring experience this year so far has been a vacation with my husband. He swam and I read 2 whole books!

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  25. My best Spring experience was planting vegetables with my girlfriend in my section of a community garden at my college dorms.

  26. Cheryl Ann Bomar

    We love to plant a garden and plant new flowers. We also like to watch the birds and their nest they make.

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