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224 thoughts on “April 2022 Giveaway”

  1. here in Venezuela we celebrate this day in December, however the reason is the same, we meet in a small town here in our country and we throw paint at each other, it is done like a music festival, It is our way of celebrating this day.

  2. My daughter and I told my husband there was a bird in the bathroom. We had one prior, so he believed us. He suited up with long sleeves, long pants and a towel to go in to catch the bird. We still laugh about it.

  3. my mom closed the winows and when i waked up in the morning i thought that it is still night and continued to sleep all day

  4. Today April Fools is actually my anaversary. We made it today so i dont ever forget lol 18 years an counting

  5. Never been big into April Fool’s or had a huge prank played on me. I do think it’s fun when companies do funny bits for April Fool’s. My sister and I used to put salt or cinnamon in my dad’s morning coffee but he always knew it was coming anyways. Lol.

  6. A forum I frequently went on had a prank where they were seized by the fbi and it looked really real one year.. I fell for it .

  7. When I was 11 years old as an April Fools Day joke my class stole all of the removable seats from the teacher’s chairs and hid them. We got into so much trouble! lol. They were so angry.

  8. I had a teacher give us a history test,and if we had read the directions we would of seen that the last sentence said this is an Aprils fool joke. There is no test ! I read the direction, thank goodness !

  9. Rachel Collins

    My partner and I have 3 cats. They were all strays and rescued because they were abandoned. We’re trying to keep it at 3 cats. We’ll, he would rather keep it at 3 cats. Today, I found a photo of a cute kitten and sent him a message saying, “Hey babe, please don’t be upset. Meet our new kitten, Norman! I’m sorry, I had to!” He actually wasn’t mad at all and a little sad that there wasn’t really a new, Norman!

  10. Vitalie Solomon

    my school sent a message on sunday saying that the water conditions are so bad that we dont need to go to school in that day

  11. My sister was on a phone call with me and she pretended not to hear me and she said the sound was cutting off. I kept moving around the house looking for better signal until she told me it was a prank. lol

  12. My wife got me good yesterday with her acting skills, pretending there was a tarantula sized spider in the bananas

  13. Hey Bill…. your a fine Author…. thanks for the opportunity to win the sweepstakes, and keep up the great work. loved your take on the Story of Theseus. read it in two days.

    1. I’m glad you enjoyed it. My next book, Harmony and Disharmony, a Tale of Orpheus and Jason, will probably be out by July.

  14. Our Apartment complex has a woefully neglectful cleaning crew- trash strewn around everywhere, no one seems to have any respect for the land at all. Well, I decided to play an April Fool’s prank: I put up posters all around the place with a fake “Contest”: The cleanest Apartment Complex in Pullman WA gets FREE loaded Pizzas for every household, plus soft drinks.
    You should have seen it- every kid who lives here were outside picking up trash yesterday.
    Sorry, but not sorry.
    I’m sure management will get an earful, but maybe something good will come out of it.

  15. My best April Fool’s Day story is that I had to leave money to my brother and I don’t think he will pay me back.

  16. my printed with the 3D printer some zombies and put them outside of my room’s window. at night he put small leds around them and said me to look outside to see the invasion of zombies.

  17. Nothing too outrageous, just that I would have a set routine in the mornings.
    So much so, that one of my siblings decided to switch out one pair of my shoes so that I came to class in two different kinds of shoes!

  18. Alexandr Dubovin

    I tell a colleague who is poorly versed in computers about e-mail. I suddenly remember that you were just about to receive $10 by mail….. and you take out a $10 piece of paper from a 3.5′ or CD-ROM drive (don’t forget to put it there beforehand)

  19. Amber Lee Kolb

    My niece pranked us by spoofing her phone number and calling us between 80 and 100 times in under 10 minutes. We thought it was a telemarketer. She got is good. She is 11.

  20. My great grandma was in labor on April fools day but my great grandpa was friends with the doctor so when he told him the doctor he thought he was joking so he did not come till the 2nd.. My poor great grandma probably suffered a little longer but at least my grandma did not have to be an April Fools baby.

  21. Christine Weller

    I’m not a huge fan of April Fools Day. That is however the day I took my mother in law with my to pick a wedding dress in 2008. I was trying to make it a nice bonding experience but she ruined it. She thought I was spending way too much money, so I asked my husband if 7000 was took much! Well April fools it was only 750 dollars with alterations and my mother in law is crazy!

  22. My best April Fools story is when my cousin had me believing that I had won a huge prize from Publishers Clearinghouse! She even had the mailed letter confirming the “win.” I was so excited because I remember entering this contest. After a little while she told me April Fools, then had to prove to me it was a joke! Unfortunately, it was a joke. Bummer! I still enter hoping for a win!

  23. Onyinye Elochukwu

    I told my friend I was expecting and he believed me even though I had told him earlier I was done with having more kids.

  24. Christine Weary

    My son called me and told me I was going to be a nan again. I was so happy. Then he says April fools mom.

  25. Our house was robbed in March last year. They got a LOT of stuff. The following April 1st my Dad hid all my Mom’s silver & jewelry. She went insane! It was pretty funny.

  26. My husband called me 3 days ago to tell me that our checking and savings account got hacked and we were flat broke. I totally forgot and believed him!! Mad wouldn’t touch it!

  27. Lauren Winston

    My favorite hair stylist posted that she would be closing her shop due to personal reasons and for us to all be understanding during this difficult life choice. She had us going all day. 😭

  28. Maria Brindley

    My best April Fool’s Day story is when I told my little brother we won a million dollars and didn’t have to go to school anymore 😂. He was devastated. 😂.

  29. I guess my best story is that we have a fake
    Lottery ticket to a family member and they thought they had won but of course they did not!

  30. The local Parks and Rec advertised an educational class about Rattlesnakes, which included proper handling techniques. I thought it was a little dangerous but my 6yo would be all for it. I was ready to sign him up. 🤷🏻‍♀️ They fooled me!

  31. God Bless you for the giveaways. Great thing to do I hope I can be able to offer something in the future as well.

  32. Dianna Gilbert

    My best April fools joke is I actually went into labor and my twin sister thought I was pulling a prank and so did the father of the baby because I actually needed someone to take me to the hospital

  33. Kathie VanDeraa

    In elementary school someone would say what’s that ________ on your shoulder/head/etc. to scare someone. Pretty lame but I don’t love April Fools Day 🤷‍♀️

  34. I wish my April Fool’s Day best story was longer, but it isn’t LOL I was suppose to be born on April Fool’s Day. It was my mother’s due date. Instead, I was born April 3rd. But every year, she buys me two birthday presents. One on April Fool’s Day, and one on my actual birthday. I guess she really wanted an April Fool’s Day baby. April Fool’s, Mom! LOL

  35. April Fool’s Day was my coworker’s birthday. We had a mutual friend who spoke with a thick Polish accent. I called him on his office phone and sang Happy Birthday to him in a Polish accent and he started thanking our mutual friend when I said “GOTCHA!” in my own voice.

  36. Love April Fools! My gag wasn’t so nice this year. Soaked empty toilet paper tubes in water and then crunched them into the shape of dog poo. My husband was not pleased when he found them in unusual places.

  37. I made a ice cream sundae out of mashed potatoes and put it in the freezer. My mom found it and took a bite!

  38. Best April Fools Story
    We have a clock that shows the current date, what day of the week it is and the time. After I went to bed. my husband set the clock a day later than it actually was. So when my alarm clock went off, it showed everything a day later. I could not figure out how I could sleep 24 hours. But, I thought I missed work and was going to be fired. He thought this was all fun and games and was laughing about it. I had to turn the TV on to check the correct date and time. Needless to say, just wait until April 1st, 2023!! Karma bites!!

  39. My favorite April Fool’s Day joke is the simple one of putting a rubber band around the spray attachment handle of the kitchen faucet sprayer… sit back and watch as everyone gets sprayed when they turn the sink on 😂

  40. I did a few April Fools on my kids. From frozen oatmeal to chocolate covered Brussel sprouts. they weren’t too crazy for them.

  41. I uh…I actually don’t really have one as April’s Fools was never a big thing for me. Sorry to disappoint.

  42. Thank you Bill for the opportunity to win Amazon gift cards. Your books look amazing and I will have to start reading them.

  43. One of my children were coming to visit – they called early in the morning getting me out of bed to say they weren’t going to be able to make it – walked into the kitchen and they had breakfast ready! Awesome April Fool’s joke!

  44. I put on the calendar that’ my daughter had to work! She is a heavy sleeper & will only cooperate & get up for work or school. She had neither that day but I needed help with chores around the house! She gets up & in her uniform, ready for work, I then said “April fools, now Get to your chores lmao!

  45. I love to read books and listen to audio versions while following along. I get more into the characters.

  46. This year, I was watching a YouTube video from “Mikerophone” who said that Andrew Luck was coming out of retirement, and I actually fell for it at the beginning of his video — until he fessed up that it was an April Fool’s joke. Haven’t had a recent “April Fool’s Day” joke pulled on me — probably not since high school, and that was 44 years ago! I can’t remember that far back!

  47. No April Fool’s jokes here, but the best April Fool’s memory I have is the year I met my husband. It was a good joke for us.

  48. Best April Fool’s Day story involves pulling fuse at master power switch cabinet for my friends room and laughing with couple of other friends while he was trying to figure out why his computer won’t turn on

  49. I so love your novel,s Bill! Such imagination, and worlds that you create, take me away from everyday life.

  50. I called in sick on April fools day. I was standing behind my Supervisor’s desk on my cell phone. When she hung up, I said “april fools” she turned around in shock. everybody laugh even she did!

  51. A co-worker recommended I read his teacher’s books. It’s a bit different from the light novels I usually read but I’m enjoying them.

  52. I cut brown paper in E shapes and put them in a dish for kids and told them I have some brownies in the plate lol

  53. Dylan Dani Oropeza Medina

    My best experience of April was when I ordered some TVs from Amazon for $1 and just the boxes arrived for $1

  54. i think the best april fools was when i was younger and parents said we had to do all the chores or be grounded. it included dishes, vacumming mowing the lawn and raking every inch of the acre yard. After me and brothers and sisters got done later that day, my dad said April Fools you didnt have to really do that lol.

  55. 1 yr Mi oldest Brother woke Mi up early early an said our Mom needed Mi rite away so I got up an went downstairs 2 C what she wanted an when I got down there she was laying on the couch bc she did the overnight again @ the station an I asked her what she needed an she said she wud lik sum coffee so I went put it on 4 her an waited 4 enuf 2 mak her a cup an then I asked her if there was anything else she needed besides a blanket an she said nuttin an asked y I was up so early Mi self an I told her that Mi Brother told Mi she wanted 2 C Mi and she giggled an said just go back 2 bed there’s no school 2day so I cud sleep in if I wanted 2 then so I said ok an headed back 2 Mi rm an when I laid down I got soaked 2 the bone an Mi Brother jumps outta Mi closet laugh’n an said Happy April Fool’s Day Sis I got U an he ran outta Mi rm an I just stood there shaken bc he made Mi jump up outta that wet bed bc he actually scared the P outta Mi almost even that morn’n cuz I wasn’t expecting anything lik this an then I got mad bc now Mi beds soaked an so am I an then I started 2 laugh bc I had 2 admit it was freak’n funni he thought of it that early that morn’n 2 pull it off… Yrs later I found out he sat up all nite long wait’n 2 do this 2 Mi cuz he thought of it a few days earlier… Freak’n Boii’z I’ll tell ya…

  56. Zabrina Caldwell

    Honestly, my favorite April Fools are the ones companies shared with me when I was avidly blogging. my Followers would of course be in disbelief but it started a lot of conversations

  57. My best April Fool’s Day story – When we were little, Mom served us purple milk at breakfast and explained that it came from a purple cow! She colored the milk with food dye.

  58. I am not human until I have had my morning coffee. One year, my husband told me we were out of coffee and I would have to drink hot water or tea or run out in the snow and get coffee. I nearly strangled him. He let me think about it for a while, then brought me a nice cup of coffee and said April Fools. I still almost strangled him.

  59. This didn’t happen to me, but its my favorite April Fool’s Day story. A local radio dj morning host reported that the space shuttle was being diverted to a small airport in San Diego. People were literally pulling over on the freeway to watch and 1000’s of people were late to work. There wasn’t even a shuttle off the ground at the time. The city was not too happy but I found it pretty amusing.

  60. my brother and I would play tricks on each other and one year he bought this itching powder, and was going to put it on my back as I was laying on the floor watching cartoons, but I turned around and it went into my eyes instead. my parents where not happy, and we were told not to buy the trick toys anymore, we still laugh about it today.

  61. When I was in college, we would take yarn and make a web in the doorway that led to the bathroom. When the other students who shared the bathroom (our neighbors) got up after a night of drinking, they would walk into it.

  62. Replacing the mayo in the mayo jar with vanilla pudding and taking the mayo container to work and scooping it out eating the pudding that looks like mayo in front of co-workers.

  63. I don’t have a good ‘April Fools’ Day’ story to report. But I do love the episode on Nickelodeon’s “SpongeBob SquarePants”!

  64. I’m really not a pranking or April Fools person. I can’t think of any funny pranks I’ve been involved in.

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