May 2022 Giveaway

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223 thoughts on “May 2022 Giveaway”

  1. Rachel Collins

    I had unexpected, good luck last week. I won a set of headphones. I usually don’t win but I did last week!

  2. Alexandr Dubrovin

    I consider myself lucky, but in a slightly different way. Well, with money I always have exactly as much as I need at the moment. Therefore, without bothering, I can waste a lot on stupidity, knowing for sure that tomorrow they will come from nowhere.

  3. I had the best of luck when I met a beautiful girl who would later become my wife for the first time – on a new years eve celebration πŸ˜‰

  4. Gelo Lituanas

    The only good stroke of luck that happened to me was when a stray paper bill worth 10 USD smacked my face on that windy day

  5. Cindy Merrill

    I had unexpected luck when I went to a Singles Dance & Reception at the Portland Pavilion in the Old Port area of Portland Maine. I had no expectations, just looking for someone to spend some time with. As it turns out, I met a man who swept me off my feet and we fell in love.
    Want to know more? I’ll tell you only if I win a gift card. Let’s just say you won’t believe me if I do.

  6. I had some unexpected good luck when I won a $100.00 visa gift card when I entered a sweepstakes

  7. Here’s some real luck of the Irish! A few years ago I had to catch a plane but also receive two parcels from FedEx. I was leaving a rental condo and had to call a taxi to get to the airport. The parcel was at the FedEx counter at the airport – or so I thought. When I got there, I found out that the “counter” was not in the airport at all, but in a building a mile away. I frantically got another taxi and went to that building – the driver didn’t want to wait but I begged him to. I was carrying one large tote bag and hoped my parcels would fit into it. The worker brought out two big boxes – I didn’t know what to do! The lady suggested I open them right there, and just take the smaller items inside. That’s what I did, and they all fit into my tote. I ran back to the taxi and went back to the airport. I made my plane by five minutes :). This was on a Friday the 13th – and the date my Dad passed, who was a pilot πŸ™‚

  8. Unexpectedly good luck came to me last year right before Spring time I was at the store buying my groceries as usual. I picked up a 12 pack of mountain dew which is my favorite drink with my meals. A few days later reaching inside the pack to refrigerate a new can of soda I noticed it felt like some piece of paper was wrapped around it. It was a paper to fill out and sent to Mountain Dew because I had just won a new 2021 Bass Boat worth about 40k. The can itself was Golden and had images of fish and even said congratulations you won a bass boat on the can. Now that was some unexpected luck!

  9. Iurie Solomon

    i lost the keys of my house and then when i come home the door was open :)….. nothing was robbed

  10. Cheryl Ann Bomar

    The Lord was watching over us just the other day when we were involved in a wreck and no one was hurt!

  11. A time when I had unexpected good luck? Well, during college enrollment I was still behind in credits for the year so I had to enroll in another class. I looked at many options but the classes were full but then there was this last class available with one… single… opening left so I quickly enrolled online and got my credit quota! My regret? My remorse? Well, maybe my good luck was bad luck for someone else in the same position I was.

  12. I had unbelievable luck when I left a job only to find out they closed their doors for good just a few months later. I would have been out of a job. This has happened more than once for me.

  13. Unexpected good luck…

    When I organized a clambake event for a program I sit on the board for. We held a 50/50 and I won the 50/50. I then took half that monies and gave back because well… it was unexpected good luck to win and I wanted to pay karma back.

  14. my partner and i wanted to move; i found one place i immediately knew i wanted, while they had multiple listings and lo and behold we got the one i wanted!

  15. I had unexpected good luck the moment I was born and my parents adopted me. I could not of been any luckier then to get the parents and family I got.

  16. Joanne Schultz

    I lived in NY state – my house was rundown but sat on commercial property. out of the blue, I got a phone call from a real estate person asking if I would consider selling my house- he had a client who was interested in my specific property. I said maybe. we spoke over the next several months and price was actually the last thing we spoke of. Things I requested and received were that I didn’t pay the commission, that nobody would enter my house until I left, and that I did not have to empty the house prior to moving! Although I didn’t get as much as I had wanted for the house, it would have cost a lot to fix it up to sell it, and in the depressed housing market in the area, selling the house & property as commercial really worked out to my benefit!

  17. a few years ago, i was saving up points (watching ads on a daily basis) for an item i wanted but (after a year) the sponsor removed said item from circulation. i now had a certain amount of points for nothing i wanted to have from their inventory. i was not happy. out of spite, i entered one of the sponsor’s contests and used all of the points i had earned, unsubscribed from their emails, and proceeded to forget all about it. a week later i received an email announcing i had won an 80″ 4k uhd television. two weeks after that it arrived at my home.

  18. Thank you for the opportunity to win some “book cash”. I have been introduced to some great books and authors through your previous giveaways.

  19. The hotel we were going to stay at was overbooked with no other rooms available at nearby hotels. Lucky for us there was a last-minute cancellation and we were able to stay there, after all.

  20. Finding on my school’s playground equivalent of about 100$ . Lots of bought games and comic books that month

  21. I got lucky this past holiday season when I started noticing my showers were not as hot. I replaced my water heater just in case and the plumber said mine was so old that it was about to leak or burst. I saved myself a lot of water damage and a home insurance claim!

  22. I played the lottery and won a few times, definitely didn’t expect that! Thanks for the chance!

  23. Rebecca Small

    I entered a contest for a $50 grocery card this weekend that I assumed I had no hope of winning but I did! I just found out this morning. I’m so excited, I’m rarely that lucky. πŸ™‚

  24. Brandy Crabtree

    I went to the casino with my parents and grandparents just to spend time with them. I was betting 38 cents on a machine and it went to the free spins. I somehow got super lucky and hit a major jackpot. I cashed out right away with almost $1,400! I’ve never had that luck again. LOL πŸ™

  25. Kelly l Woods

    There has been many times God has blessed me and my family. I don’t consider it good luck. I consider it the favor of the Lord. Thank you!

  26. I was having dinner with friends at the Golden Gate in dowtown Las Vegas and afterwards we took a stroll along the streets. At one stop light I looked down and saw something colorful and odd-looking lying on the sidewalk. I bent down and picked it up and it was a $100 chip from The Palms. I was as baffled as my friends: (1) How did it get there? The Palms is nowhere near downtown. (2) How come no homeless person wandering downtown spotted I before I did?

  27. Abraham Liandro

    went to Vegas and I was all hyped up to win money. Everything I played I lost lol. The next day I did ok and won half back but like the saying goes…The house always wins!

  28. Many years ago, I was with my brother at a grand opening of a computer store and the lineup was huge. By the time we got in, it was noon and was the time of the big draw. Basically, I got really lucky and happened to be in the store when the draw happening and was able get a free new computer monitor as a result. It was an awesome time to be a student!

  29. I once lived in an apartment that my landlord let go into foreclosure. I thought it was bad luck at first, but then the bank who took over ownership of the property paid me $10,o00 to leave. I happily took the money and went on a cross country road trip!

  30. Brenda Hulitt

    For me, it was when I lost my wallet getting in the car. I was on my way to pay a bill and the bill money was in my wallet

  31. Kathryn Mackey

    I think I had good luck today because I won 200 dollars on Amazon from a. Sweepstakes. It is always nice to win.

  32. I think I had some unexpected good luck the day I started playing guitar on the street and a music producer walked by. He is my current boss.

  33. I had unexpected good luck back in 1987. I called in on a radio contest (usually I could never get through on those things), and won $5,000! Woo-hoo! My husband used it as a down payment on a new car!

  34. Hubby and I have been extremely lucky with our many adopted pets during our marriage. They have all been wonderful!

  35. I had extraordinary luck last month when I won an Apple gift card for $550. I really needed a new computer, and that helped to make it affordable!!

  36. Patrick Cadette

    Another awesome giveaway..πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘..a great read also

  37. Adaria Johnson

    I had typical good luck is when after 18yrs of being misdiagnosed I was finally diagnosed with Lupus

  38. I hope I win for my mom that would be the best gift I give to her even though she love us the best thing I can do for my mom is just love her and went thing
    for her

  39. My car was on its last leg and ready for the junk yard. My husband surprised me with a new used car for my birthday!

  40. How I’ve unexpectedly had good luck πŸ€..well since I rarely have good luck I tend to remember the moments . But as of now my good luck seems to be my boyfriend.We met again & both got divorced on the same day which was very lucky in my eyes already, divorce day !!! But meeting him again has been amazing he’s the luckiest person I’ve ever met ! He finds 4 leaf πŸ€ clovers daily 20 at a time . So that’s my unexpected luckiness

  41. Michelle Leighton

    My daughter was born 1/31/04 & on 4/1/04 (that’s April Fools Day) Her father came home & asked me if I wanted to go to Florida with my parents to visit my sister, I said “Of course I want to go but we just had a baby so we don’t have to extra money right now. He then says “I just won $18,000 on a scratch ticket so let’s go” my remark, remember it’s April 1st, BS you did!! Hahaha, April Fools, then he shows me the ticket & my mouth dropped! Needless to say, our rent was paid ahead for the next 6 months, our daughter got a whole new wardrobe, we bought ourselves a few things, we bought my 6 year old son an electric “motorcycle” bike (which actually held up to 250 pounds) We couldn’t find one here in Maine so we had it shipped from the Walmart in Tampa to one up here. Oh, & we took the baby to meet her auntie in Florida, as well as went to Clearwater Beach, Disney, & my sister took my son & our 2Β½ month old daughter on a pirate ship adventure so the adults could go to Universal. Sorry this was so long but it’s a story that’s better in full instead of bits & pieces.

  42. A time I had unexpected good luck was when I took my driving test. I was 8 months pregnant at the time. I took the test on the day my permit was expiring. I didn’t have much driving practice. I didn’t completely stop at a stop sign, I couldn’t parallel park. I just thought for sure I had failed the test. When we made it back to the instructor told me I passed. I was so shocked and happy at the same time!

  43. A couple years ago I had awesome luck when I Won the Mother Earth News 50th anniversary sweepstakes…

  44. Unexpected luck would be winning this contest. πŸ€πŸ€žβ€. Thanks for the chance

  45. Connie Headley

    The best win I had was some Yeti coolers and cups. some cloth cooler bags it was a nice win

  46. When I was trying to scrape together the money to buy a new set of tyres for my old car I got a bit down and thought I would never have enough money to do it & bought a lottery ticket..and won just the right amount for a new set of tyres. It was awesome.

  47. Rosemary Perry

    I enter a sweepstake not knowing if I would win. I was shocked that I won first prize my unexpected good luck came that I won the cash prize, unaware that my water heater was busted. I had enough to get a new one and have it installed.

  48. Vitalie Solomon

    some time ago i went to a museum in a new city and then i wanted to go inside and headed to the ticket selling point, but then there was a queue of students entering through the gates inside the museum and i aligned with the queue and entered inside without a ticket :). wasnt expecting to be so lucky.

  49. Deborah Cochran

    Really enjoy learning all about different authors and different genre of books on your website!

  50. When i pick credit line in US $ instead of Swiss Francs . Dollar fell in value compared to my currency , so it ended up that bank had to give me back large sums of money. Good feeling

  51. I entered a drawing for a work related update on information and was lucky enough to win $1500. I thought it was a scam at first

  52. I want to say about 8 years ago my position was eliminated. I was devastated as I had been there like 10 years. It ended up being a blessing, as I found another job that I love and it pays more and I get more time off. I felt very lucky to get this job.

  53. Hector Oliver

    There was a day that i found 100 bucks around, was scared of losing them or being called a thief,waited like a hour but no one came so i just picked it and save it, took months to my family to convince me in actually spending them

  54. Pedro Cabrita

    i was assisting the math class and suddenly my pencil has broken then i look at the floor and see there a used but good pensil, i took it and continued to take notes during the class.

  55. Orianna Thomas

    what an awesome giveaway your books look really good im excited to get started, good luck everyone!

  56. I once won 1,000 on a $2 lottery scratch off ticket about 6 or 7 yrs ago now that was and it happened to be on my birthday! I bought myself the scratch offs too!! pretty sweet!

  57. I ordered a dryer to be delivered and they wouldn’t take the money, they said it wasn’t their job they were subcontractors. So, I called the company to pay but they said it was already paid for. I was so confused my held on to the money for a long while in case they came a knocking, they never did.

  58. unexpected good luck when I went to bingo years ago and ended up walking in with $100 and leaving with $1876 ! so unexpected and such a blessing at that time.

  59. i was about to move to a new apartment in Las Vegas since my rent at the current place had become too high. Literally a week before i move in to the new apartment, i win a $800 cash giveaway and i am so excited. It helped me get a little bit of cushion financially in my bank account and cover moving costs that can easily add up

  60. When I was a kid, I lost my favorite toy just before getting on a train. Then one of the passengers who was on that same train returned it to me, saying they saw me drop it just outside the station.

  61. My family and I had some unexpected good luck right after I was laid off from my job.
    I won about $1000 worth of gift cards. They really came in handy for buying Christmas presents for our twin daughters.

  62. Connie L McCullough

    Unexpected good luck? I’m a lucky person overall, but at the beginning of 2021, I got an unexpected check in the mail from the IRS because they had apparently underpaid my tax refund. I was delightfully surprised!

  63. Some of my good luck was NOT getting what I wished for or making a (later acknowledged) foolish decision & not paying a steep price for my ‘lady luck’. Thank you.

  64. I won a $1600 jackpot at a local casino once. It was unexpected because I had to pick stuff, and then more stuff and then for the jackpot I had to choose 1 of 3 choices for jackpot and I really didn’t expect to win.

  65. Amber Lee Kolb

    This past week! We were at an outlet mall on a day trip and my bank card fell out of my pocket when I took my phone out. My friend Craig was behind me and saw it. I’m so thankful!

  66. The list of books I see each time I visit the links never disappoint me. Cannot wait to get my hands on more

  67. Tiffani L Cavalier

    My local radio station was doing a giveaway for a Harley motorcycle. Twenty people got to pick a key. I was one of the 20 people. It came down to me and one other person to win. The key that started the motorcycle won the Harley and the other won $500. I won the $500. As a single mother the money was a blessing. Luck was definitely on my side.

  68. Marlene Seibold Rose

    I had great luck when I won a trip to Alaska for 2 people and the trip was in my husbands 50th birthday. He still talks about it now 17 years later

  69. I got an email from you today and I was I was in the Giveaway contest looking at books and I lost your email some how I cannot find it anywhere in my emails. Can you please resend it to me so I can continue entering. Thank you for your time and help in this matter.

    1. Mary, you don’t actually need the email itself, though if you’d like to see it, you can view it at . For future reference, you can always access the giveaways by clicking on “giveaway” in the top menu bar and selecting the one you want. The giveaway itself includes links to all the pages that are used as entry options.

  70. I’ve found several thousand 4 leaf clovers – and a few 6,7,and even 8 leaf ones ! Feels pretty luck to me !

  71. When I got stranded in Montana and as luck would have I there were enough open seats on the next train for all of us that were stranded.

  72. A moment when I had unexpected luck was several Christmases ago. I returned an extra gift I had purchased and used the money to give to the Salvation Army!

  73. In college one time I lost my wallet and later that same day someone knocked on my door and gave it back to me. All my money was still there, too.

  74. I honestly don’t know of a time when I have had good luck! It would be wonderful if it would happen soon I could always use some good luck in my life!!!

  75. I can not say I have been a lucky guy but if their is one area of my life where I was lucky when I was a younger guy and that was with women. I have dated some beautiful women that had no business even looking my way. But I do expect to win the lottery any day now.

  76. These types of giveaways are great as the give awareness to great items that people otherwise might not now about

  77. I had unexpected luck when I won a national sweep to get fireworks for my small local city. The year before, they stopped shooting the free fireworks at the fairgrounds, because of the cost. The sweep put my little city on the map. It was a great feeling to do for others!

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