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201 thoughts on “Harmony and Disharmony Release Party Giveaway”

  1. One summer weekend in Arkansas, we got to swim in a lake morning and night. Being so carefree made for a wonderful memory.

    1. Best summer i can remember is, when i was a kid and my dad was fishing with me and gave me my first beer.

  2. When i was younger, i and my younger brother liked to go to local river for fishing and swimming . Great times

  3. When I was growing up, summertime was filled with my friends riding bikes, swimming and just hanging out. Summers seemed so long then. Now that I’m older, they fly by.

  4. I have fond memories of spending the summers at the lake with my Grandfather. He kept a camper there & all my cousins would come. We would fish, swim, canoe & just hang out. It was like our own little summer camp!

  5. Really looking forward to reading this book! I love Greek Mythololgy and I don’t see a lot of takes on the Argonauts that include Orpheus in a prominent position.

    As to an enjoyable Summer experience? While not every second has been enjoyable I’d say finally being able to move myself, my two cats, and more books than I had hoped on this trip to live with my husband has been an overall wonderful thing. Covid had put these plans on hold for quite a while!

  6. some time ago in one day i played so much during one day that the following day i wasnt able to walk because all my muscles were hurting me.

  7. I didn’t know you were on so many social platforms, some I’ve never heard of. Thank you for giving me so many ways to find you. The story you’ve written is fascinating, beginning with a very memorable name (being that my granddaughter is named “Harmony”). Being from a musical family, I vibe with bringing joy to people through scales with flats and sharps. Since I haven’t read the book yet, I did go to Amazon to read the write-up…I love it. As I said previously, “fascinating”! Nothing beats a good Mankind vs. Fate/God(s) storyline!

  8. Amber Lee Kolb

    My husband and I took a day trip to see a new beach and eat at a new restaurant. It was a great day! I love seeing places I haven’t seen before. I hope you’re having a great summer!

  9. This is a fascinating story. Very memorable title, especially since I have a granddaughter named “Harmony”. Being from a musical family, I vibe with bringing people joy through music. I haven’t read the book yet, so I turned to Amazon for some background and You put an excellent twist the whole Mankind vs Fate/God(s) storyline — I love it! Keep up the good work.

  10. Rachel Collins

    Barbecuing with my family and friends. Everyone being in, just for the Fourth of July! It’s always a great time of year for me!

  11. Enjoyed picnic at the beach one summer with family, had the perfect day and watched sunset over the river.

  12. An enjoyable summer experience of mine would be summer of 98 with my whole family on a beach vacation. My older sister no longer lives here since she moved to Florida so memories with her are specially precious. We played ball on the beach, ate a lot of stuff, got a nasty sunburn and were later in the day attacked by what I can only describe as some kind of small “jellyfishes” whose bites hurt worse than those of mosquitoes, but we all laughed it off in incredulity because we had never experienced something like that ever and those things came out of nowhere. lol

    Anyways, Mr. Hiatt, thank you for these amazing giveaways!

  13. My favorite moment of summer is the first tomato from the garden. Whether sliced and sprinkled with a little salt or made into a sandwich, the first tomato just tastes like summer to me!

  14. i spent one summer reading a lot of books, summer is a good time to do something different that u cant do along the year

  15. Vitalie Solomon

    i just to my uncle house and there are a lot of my cousins coming and i enjoy spending the summer with him.

  16. Alexandr Dubrovin

    I remember my most interesting day of summer vacation when my cousin and sister came to visit me. I called more friends and we went to the river. There we went boating.

  17. in 2015 i went to our family old house and we planted there a lot of vegetables which we harvested after some time, i learned so much during that summer.

  18. When I was a kid we used to stay on my Aunty’s farm for summer holidays and I loved every minute as she has cows, sheep, shetland ponies, peacocks and parrots . She was an Amazing lady.

  19. Our best summer holiday was staying in a Cornwall cottage and visiting the Eden Project. Good times!

  20. Dale Steele Nicolov

    One summer we spent a month in California with our children vacationing.It was a great trip with lots of amazing memories.

  21. It’s been over a decade but my favorite summer experience was seeing my cousin get married in Brasil! It was the first time I’d been outside of Canada/ the US and I’ve been wanting to go back ever since. Truly a magical country.

  22. I love waking up to see the sunrise over the ocean, before the masses arrive, followed by brunch on the boardwalk.

  23. We went on a family vacation to Daytona Beach when I was about nine years old. I have fond memories of going on the sky ride over the boardwalk, swimming in the ocean, collecting shells, and spending time at the arcade.

  24. When I was young my family all went camping at some of the best places you could think of. I went swimming every time, my sisters never would, I think it was because we were always out in the boonies with no one around for miles, they were scared.

  25. My best summer experience was when i got out of the backrooms after escaping from a large monster looking shadow who chased me for 3 hours. After getting out of there i saw a big swimming pool with no end at the bottom, the only exit was down there somewhere, i knew that because underneath you could see an “EXIT” green light sign, I thought i was gonna drown but I made it out of there, don’t remember much but it was a nice summer.

  26. What a great story, thanks for sharing. And also for the chance. Is the giveaway worldwide?

  27. Patrick Cadette

    Another awesome title. Allow ones mind to be raptured . Let us see where this one leads

  28. Best summer memories are having a churro at the Redondo Beach pier and visiting the arcade there.

  29. My favorite Summer experience is berry picking, it’s good exercise and I get rewarded with fresh berries after a long hard afternoon of work.

  30. elizabeth miller

    Our best summer experience was last year when my teen and I went to Pigeon Forge, TN. We did it with no big planned out days, just went and did things day by day.

  31. I remember playing explorer and king of the hill with my younger siblings every summer, when I was a child in rural Kentucky.

  32. Bernardina Sims

    We just had a beautiful bbq on the beach for father’s day with all our family and freinds! So fun and memorable!

  33. When I was a little kid I can remember wading the creek and feeling slippery rocks under my feet and us kids thought that was the greatest thing to do!

  34. My best and most memorable summer experience was in 2012 when I and my family went on a 2 week vacation. It was fun filled and one of the best times of my life. Can’t wait to organize another one soon.

  35. Summer was a lot of fun as a kid. It seemed to go on forever, but now as a a parent, it’s over so fast. I went to camp, explored nature and joined the summer reading program. One year I read over 100 books. Also did the Pizza Pan reading program if anyone remembers that.

  36. i like to read a lot and i love mythology games but tbh never ever got a mythology book, i would love to read it!

    1. When I was 16 I worked at 6 Flags Over Georgia. It was great fun. See rode eyes before and after work if we had time. Its kind of a tradition in our family to work there.

  37. I loved being able to stay outside with my friends all day, not a care in the world. We would play kick ball, ride our bikes, and have a picnic.

  38. I remember visiting Disney World for the first time in 1976 and being in a Bi-Centennial Parade!

  39. I had fond memories of visiting my grandparents every summer who live on a lake. I learned how to water ski and I got to ride the jet ski!

  40. My childhood summers were great. For 2 weeks, we would go to the Okanagan, at a motel with a private beach. Swimming all day long, walking to get ice cream. Lots of fun.


    When I was around 7 my parents took my 3 siblings and I to jellystone park to camp ! I still remember every bit of it

  42. Marlene Seibold Rose

    I like to go watch my grand daughter show horses in the summer just as I used to do 50 years ago.

  43. vivorn sophamisay

    Took the family up to Sedona, AZ to camp. We went hiking and walked through baby apple orchards. The view was so beautiful.

  44. I always enjoyed fishing and riding bikes with my sister when I was younger. Thanks for the giveaway!

  45. I went on summer vacation with my relatives and met a girl. My first girlfriend, my first love.

  46. One summer, I got to go to a summer camp where we climbed a mountain. I fell down running down the mountain and remember blood gushing from my knees. A stranger gave me a bandaid and I continued running because I had lost my group. I still really enjoyed this summer camp experience.

  47. My most enjoyable summer was going to Hendersonville, North Carolina to visit my grandparents for their 50th Anniversary.

  48. An enjoyable summer to me is staying indoors with the air conditioner on. I don’t do well in the heat.

  49. Christy DuBois

    I had typed a descriptive comment but an ERROR occurred.

    We canoed the Buffalo River in Arkansas’s Ozarks over the 4th and the clear and cool temperatures River made it all worthwhile inspire of the heat.

  50. These book I’m interested in reading is Alice in liars land for some strange reason when I seen the title I instantly thought of Alice in wonderland

  51. Rachel Edmunson

    My most enjoyable summers were spent when I was young at my grandpa’s farm. Times I cherish and will never forget!

  52. gloria patterson

    One summer (YEARS AGO) I got to go to TN and spend 2 weeks with my grandma and grandpa. I got to play with my cousins and go places, still have great memories of that time.

  53. I like swimming in the public pool a lot. My best friend has a pool now, and I end up spending more time there than at the public one. It’s not as big or cold, but on the bright side, it’s definitely more quiet and there is less of a fall risk.

  54. donateeverything

    I have always enjoyed the beach during summer. Down south of the Philippines, you’ll find some of the best in the country.

  55. I’ve had a lot of enjoyable summer experiences over the years. I’m going to reminisce about my summer after graduating high school. My best friend and I went to Fort Worth, Texas to spend time with my aunt. We did some fun things and enjoyed ourselves. Six Flags, Cowtown, festivals, local bars (not to drink, we were learning the two-step) and swimming. It was kind of like a last who-rah before entering the adult world. We had a blast, enjoyed ourselves and have enjoyed talkig about our memories over the years since that summer. Oh, this was 1985!

  56. We are taking our grandson on vacation with us the end of the month to Branson Missouri. We love getting to spend extra time with him.

  57. Cheryl Ann Bomar

    My favorite Summer was when we went to Holly Beach every year until Hurricane Rita took it all away.

  58. Jacqueline Davison-McLean

    My favorite memory is Going camping with my family. Especially the long trips partially across the country. Camping in different states. Also my favorite memory with my hero, my dad. Is when it’d be just him and me duck hunting in our blind he built.

  59. A few summer’s ago I went to Aruba for a week. I went alone because my girlfriend and I had broken up. I thought I would be bored and lonely but I ended up having the time of my life. I met so many wonderful people that I probably wouldn’t have even talked to if I was with someone else.

  60. Looks like a great read!! My favorite summer memories were the ones I spent as a kid at horseback riding camp!

  61. The best summers were the ones when me and my cousin stayed at my grandparents’ place and played all day.

  62. My son’s birthday is in the summer, so we got to have a pool party this year and relax and have fun. That was a special memory this year.

  63. One of my favorite enjoyable summer experiences as of late has been being able to watch my niece and nephew play outside in the warmer months. It’s been a joy seeing them having so much fun playing outside in a little pool that they have and being able to push them around on the swing set they have.

  64. I really appreciate the chance at winning a gift card. With such a low amount of money to spend each month any bit helps with being able to purchase goods for myself and also my cat.

  65. A enjoyable summer experience for me was when I took my kids to Disneyland for the first time. They were so excited.

  66. One of my enjoyable summer experiences was a few years ago. My mom and I took my nieces and nephews camping for the first time. I do not currently have children of my own so I am loving building bonds and making memories with them whenever I can

  67. When I was in 8th grade, my family rented a condo up in Virginia, and we visited Washington DC and Six Flags.

  68. My youngest sister and I were born twenty years apart in July. So, every summer we get to celebrate our birthday!

  69. In June I went to an amusement park (SixFlags) with my friends. I had a bunch of good food and it was great!

  70. Shelly Hickenbottom

    The best summer experience happened when I was a kid. Used to go with my cousins to the pond and look for tadpoles

  71. A few years ago, my daughter was turning 13 and had never been to a concert before and her birthday was coming up, as it is on August 7th. I wanted to do something special for the big 13, and decided to try and win some concert tickets to Flo Rida that my radio station was giving away. I won them right before the concert started, and it was an hours drive away. We jumped in the car and took off and made it just in time. We danced and danced and had the best time ever. That night as I carried a very sleeping child to her bed from the car, she wrapped her arms around me and told me that it was the best present she had ever gotten, because she got to spend time having fun with me. Kids grow up so fast and after that she spent less and less time with me, so I look on that night as one of the last nights she was still little and I’ll always cherish it for the rest of my life.

  72. In the summer of 2015 I lost my home and ended up living at a campsite, and working at a lake washing boats.
    I hung out everyday by a camp fire and got to work by a lake all day, even though It was difficult loosing my home I am glad the campsite was there and It was a tough but enjoyable summer.

  73. I love going to the beach in the summer. I have alot of great memories of going to Emerald Isle, NC with my family when I was growing up.

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