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158 thoughts on “March 2023 Giveaway”

  1. My favorite spring memory was having my son be born in the spring of 2003. He’s now in the Navy and currently visiting Guam.

  2. My favorite spring memory is a trip to Dallas – we went to the Botanical Gardens and enjoyed all the flowers blooming!

  3. Birds are chirping outside the window. Spring. Your favorite time of the year. And I remember beautiful walks in the spring park.

    1. My favorite spring memory is from a few years ago, a trip I took with my girlfriend to one of the most beautiful gardens in Barcelona, located on the mountain of Montjuïc.

  4. My favorite Spring memory is hiking in the mountains with my grandma when I was a kid. It’s been washed out by now but there was an epic suspension bridge across a river that you could hike to and it was my favorite place in the world.

  5. I love everything about spring but i started gardening last year and i am so excited to start it this year.

  6. Thanks for the chance! Best spring memory are always the great spring break trips! No snow, no jacket, all fun!

  7. I live in Florida, so I haven’t seen spring for awhile, but it’s a nice, warmer transition from winter when beautiful things bloom

  8. A favorite memory was spending time with my then fiance’ in our first spring together, now my wife of over 24 years.

  9. Amber Lee Kolb

    Walking the trails at our local state park is so refreshing after being couped up all winter long!

  10. We don’t have spring in our country, rainy season is our counterpart and what’s good about it is taking suops to warm the body in the cold weather.

  11. My Spring memory would be going with the family on a trip to the park. I love Spring because things are at that point where the weather is not so cold but is not as hot as it is in the summer. We walked through the park, watched birds, and sat and ate food by the river. Nice family memories like this are all that life is about.

  12. My favourite spring memories are the ones from my childhood when we lived on farms. We would have so many baby animals to look after.

  13. Every Spring is different and has it’s own wonderful surprises but Snowdrops flowering are perhaps my favourite memories.

  14. I remember going to our small town Easter Egg Hunt, but instead of finding eggs, we were looking for full size Reese’s. I was in heaven 🙂

  15. My favorite spring memory is when the tulips come up and bloom – beautiful colors and mother nature’s awakening!

  16. There isn’t one favourite memory…I just remember March or April and sometimes May as being one of the best months in past springs where I either met new people or experienced new beginnings.

  17. Actually i dont know my fav spring memory, but i always like it when the winter is gone and its getting warmer. 🙂

  18. Jacqueline Smith

    My favorite spring memory is when we went on a group vacation to the theme park. Lots of fun and laughter too.

  19. My favorite part about Spring is when everything starts to turn green. Winter is long with no bright colors. I love seeing the daffodils.

  20. My favorite Spring memory was when my wife and I visited Ana Maria Island in Florida. Absolute blast of a trip!

  21. Amanda Daggett

    When I was a child my whole extended family on my mom’s side would all spend Easter at my great aunt’s farm. It was so much fun, we would fly kites, ride horses, play games, eat lots of food and spend time with aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents.

  22. My favorite spring memory would be in march/2000 (i dont know exact day lol), my friends and i went on hike in the great mountains of Ohio (they were hills but we were young and seemed way bigger back then). We took some snacks with us; didnt have a care in the world back then life was simple.

  23. My favourite spring memory was a year when we’d had perfect weather to produce an amazing coverage of pink everlasting flowers – the bush was simply covered and there was a glorious sea of pink as far as you could see. So pretty.

  24. Kobi Carpenter

    My favorite spring memory was planting lots of tulips down my grandma’s driveway and waiting for them to bloom 🙂

  25. Vitalie Solomon

    when i was in the college i collected a bucket of flowers from my garden and gave to a lot of woman from the college, it was so pleasant by seeing a smile on their face

  26. Spring is my favorite season: days start to get bigger (more daylight), temperature gets warmer and everything starts to bloom –it just can’t get better than that!

  27. One spring when my children were little we had a wonderful day with their cousins having an Easter egg hunt – it was a perfect day 😊

  28. Spring is the time when I love to get out and start the clean-up around the property, getting everything prepared for the new year, it gets me excited.

  29. Deacon Maccubbin

    My favorite Spring memory goes way back — the year my husband and I spent 3 weeks in Europe, ending up in Berlin where we chipped away at the Berlin wall which was in the first throes of destruction. What a heady time!

  30. My favorite spring memory is having a robin build a nest right by my bedroom window. I got to watch three little robins grow up!

  31. Elizabeth Miller

    My favorite Spring memory is of always taking my kids to Easter Egg hunts and the pure joy and excitement they would get from them.

  32. Springtime on a lake island at Norris Lake in beautiful Tennessee with my family was one of my best memories!

  33. Letisha Williams

    Watching the flowers while in my grandmothers, beautiful garden, I use to anticipate the colors and smell.

  34. Well we don’t really have true seasons here so it’s hard to say I have a favorite spring memory. But I’d say taking my three year old nephew to the zoo, this was just last week and seeing his wonder at seeing all the animals was just amazing.

  35. I loved going to my grandparents lake house and seeing all of the pretty flowers bloom, esp the Dogwood trees.

  36. Every year it’s the same chaotic wonder.
    The weather hasn’t yet stabilized into a constant warmth, and the variations in temperature and rainfall keep me giddy with anticipation of the upcoming splendor.

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