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258 thoughts on “Void Gazes Back New Release Party Giveaway”

  1. One year my daughter and I told my husband there was a bird that came through the ceiling fan in the bathroom. He suited up with all of his bird catching gear, including a broom, and after he looked for a while, we told him April Fools. It was funny because he’s hard to fool.

  2. A friend telling me that they crahed my car and had someone calling me that it was the insurance company to get the details

  3. I remember how a few years ago, on April 1, a sign was hung on the college door ‘Caution! Painted!’. We remembered well what day it was, naturally touched the door with a big hand, but it actually turned out to be painted. On that day, a lot of students and teachers wiped the paint off their hands and clothes …

  4. Melanie PHelps

    I scared my hubby by grabbing his leg from under the bed after he went to sleep and cackled; he screamed!!!

  5. When I was 11 years old my mates & I removed all the seats from the teacher’s chairs at school on April Fools Day. It was hilarious…until they found out that we did it.

  6. Carrie Capehart

    Thank you so much
    I honestly can’t think of any good Aprils fools pranks I played or anyone else
    Darn I sound boring but I’m not lol

  7. Richelle Leffler

    I honestly don’t remember anyone pulling any good pranks on me or I pulling any on them. I do remember my sister switching the cereal to different boxes once.

  8. I once played a prank that I won a trip to Las Vegas. I had teased about filling out an affidavit a few days prior.

  9. As an elementary teacher, the best Zapril Fools prank is telling the students they have 10 pages of homework- then of course I tell them April fools

  10. Best April Fools trick I played was on my husband. After coming home from the doctor’s office I told him the ultrasound showed that we were having triplets. Not true, it was only one.

  11. Rachel Collins

    My niece scared me so bad this morning! She’s 15, and she sent me a text saying she was scared. I asked her what was wrong and why? She said, “I think that I’m pregnant.” Then, she sent me a photo she found online of a pregnancy test that said, “pregnant. ” Thankfully, she said April Fools before I had a chance to say anything at all! My mind was racing! She doesn’t have a boyfriend and she’s a really good student. She tries to do good and it just shocked me! It was the worst April Fools joke ever, but it got me good!

  12. I can’t stand April Fools Day lol. My mom got me when i was young saying that we got that day off of school due to snow. very cruel! Also when i was older, a friend of mine where i lived gave me this pen to look at or use and i clicked the top of it and it zapped me

  13. I remember this one prank I did to my older sister during April Fools when I took a screenshot of her laptop’s desktop, set the picture as a wallpaper, and hid the app shortcuts in her laptop from view. She went crazy thinking her laptop had broken down without realizing she was clicking on a pictures. Good times!

  14. Advice for April Fools’ Day 🙂 :

    Undrinkable Drinks

    Whip up some Jello and let it set in juice glasses, complete with a straw in each. Serve them up to guests’ surprise: Those “drinks” aren’t liquid at all, and those straws will get them nowhere.

    1. My boyfriend put balloons in EVERYTHING! I opened the fridge…balloons. Closets, drawers, oven, microwave, my car, bathtubs etc. Everything I opened had balloons.

  15. as I don’t participate in april fools jokes – thanks for once again offering such great books and an wonderful opportunity to win every month!

  16. Well, this wasn’t a nice prank, but I’ll always remember it. When I was a kid I lived in South America with my mom and it wasn’t uncommon for banks to go bankrupt and for depositors to lose all of their money (the accounts weren’t insured there like they are in the US). So my uncle decided to prank my mom and tell her that her bank had gone belly-up. She freaked out and was crying and in total anguish. When it was revealed to be a prank, I decided I would never play pranks on anyone because they can go too far. Ironically my firstborn child was born on April Fool’s Day 20 years ago.

  17. We called Dad and told him 2 tonnes of gravel had just been delivered and left in our driveway and did he order it?

  18. I was around ten years old and my sister thought it would be a good april fools joke to wake me up by putting pepper under my nose. She thought I would sneeze and wake up like they do in the cartoons. Instead I inhaled the pepper and burned my nose the back of my throat, my eyes watered. It was not fun and I learned that day that it is never funny if someone gets hurt. If someone has to say “I was just kidding” and you aren’t laughing it isn’t funny.

  19. My dad convinced me he was going to miss my basketball game because of work, but then he showed up and said he made the whole thing up!

  20. The best prank I can remember was when my aunt got a bag of Purina Cat food labeled “Made with real Mouse meat” ( my aunt freaked- uncle Henry had the bag lettering altered)

  21. I put fake dog poo on my daughters bed. She failed to find the humor even after I said April’s Fool.

  22. A car dealership once sent our accounting office a crate of oranges. We emptied out the crate, made a label for our most gullible coworker, and put a set of keys inside.

  23. I’ve never been big into April Fool’s but every year growing up someone would sabotage the sink sprayer with a rubber band. It was always fun to see who got hit that day and try to figure out who did it.

  24. Donna Rogozinski

    My mom told my dad his mom had called him. He spent a good deal of time talking to her, then asked what she had called about only to hear my mom giggling from the other room, his mom hadn’t called – that was the prank. I thought it was innocent and sweet and everyone ended up having a good time from it.

  25. Got invited to a party for a friend of a friend. Needless to say it’s good I didn’t buy an expensive gift 🙂

  26. We used to live near an ecology site that had a rescued cougar that used to be someone’s pet (and a pair of bears, but mostly farm animals) and I called my husband in a pretend panic and told him it must have gotten loose and that I had it trapped in the garage and with me being an animal whisperer with all, from scales to tails, feathers to fur, he bought it hook, line and sinker. I asked him if we could keep him and of course, the answer was an emphatic NO!

  27. Messing with my dad’s coffee was always a favorite April Fool’s trick. Adding salt while brewing, hot sauce after, that type of thing (not all at once, just one weird and mean thing each year).

  28. Years ago when I was a lot younger I used to like to play pranks on my awesome neighbor. We lived next door in a triplex. One of my favorites was putting bubble wrap under her welcome mat. Lets just say I knew when she got home!

  29. My boss fooled me into thinking I was fired. I didn’t find it very funny, but everyone else did! Not a fan of April Fools day!

  30. Easter Egg fundraising for the animal shelter that involved a bar hop to punch the ticket and you got two plastic easter eggs filled with candy, money and gift certificates and vouchers for gift baskets etc… Our friends had filled eggs with gag gifts (mine had a single potato chip and the other one had a stick of jucy fruit gum in the silver wrapper folded up….

  31. I told my husband that I was pregnant (the youngest of our four children was 17 years old at the time).

  32. JohnnyTheSniper

    I put some glue on my mother’s bed sheet. When she got up in the night to go to the bathroom she looked like a bride

  33. Michael S Adams

    Thanks for always hosting these amazing giveaways amd helping me find some great new books to read.

  34. Back when I was in highschool I told a a friend there was a pop quiz as a joke for April fool’s day. Word got around and quite a few people got mad at me haha.

  35. Cake pop brussels sprouts. That was definitely a fun one! Thanks for the chance and for doing such a great giveaway! Fingers crossed! Good luck everyone!

  36. A few years back my manager at the time told me I was one of the few in the company that would get a raise because the company did so well the previous year.

  37. My daughter-in-law brought me a ultra sound of a baby. I was so excited for them. They have been together 15 years. And I got up to kiss them and was so happy until they told me April Fool’s

  38. Jo-Ann Brightman

    I took a brie cheese and covered it in chocolate and gave it to my son. Oh, his face after he bit into it!!!

  39. Friend of mine was waiting for an important email, so I made a fake gmail and sent them a congratulations letter, but they had to click on this link to accept. Guillable as they were, it sent them to a Rick Roll.

  40. When I was about 10, my family had just purchased a new television (big cabinet one). I put a blanket over it and when my dad came home I told him I was rocking in the chair and broke it. He didn’t yell at me but he bent his knees and put his hand to his head, scared the crap out of me. I started screaming April Fools!!!

  41. Jennifer Hedden

    My cousin convinced me that he had broken his leg and had it wrapped and was walking on crutches the whole day. Finally he came clean but at the time I didn’t even think about it being April Fool’s Day and really believed him.

  42. I played it on my boss for April Fool’s Day. I had a key to the office, and I was the first one in that morning. I took my tape dispenser with me and visited 9 desks. I used the tape to tape down the buttons that popped up which turned the phone on when you went to answer it. So, if the phone rang you answered it, and it was on. I made sure to tape it, so it didn’t look like it. We were all in the same room which was huge, and the boss had his own. I wore a headset with a speaker piece on it since I was on the phone every morning for a hour or longer. Working for a insurance company I took accident reports from our home office. These were for all vehicles that our insured clients wrecked.
    So, in came my boss and I waited for him to get his coffee and make it to his desk and sit down. It wasn’t long before all 8 phone lines were lit up. I was putting people on hold one right after the other. My boss picked up the phone to help me out. Only thing is that his phone didn’t turn on. He laid it on his desk and ran to the next….and the next and the next. I could hardly contain myself I was laughing at him run around the room like a chicken with his head cut off. He came to my desk yelling for me to call the phone company to come fix them all. Best one I think I have played in years!

  43. The best funny but actual thing is I just attended a wedding on April Fool’s Day this year. Imagine saying on April 1st “I got married”, but it wasn’t an April Fool’s joke. Lol.

  44. My stepdad was outside working with my boyfriend, only been dating a month or so. He asked him to go ask my mother to fix them a couple of sandwiches . While he was Inside me stepdad fixed up his hand like he had put a nail thru it. My bf ran in and said we have to go to the ER. We all got in the car then he said it was a joke. My bf actually got sick and went home. He didn’t come back for a week because he was so upset.

  45. When I was a kid, I glued quarters to the sidewalk to play a joke on my dad. He found them and tried to pick them up. He did not think it was as funny as I did, and honestly I get it now.

  46. A coworker ran into the office and said she had accidentally hit a blue car in the parking lot. My car was blue. Fortunately, she started laughing after a few seconds.

  47. I’ve never pulled any April Fool’s Day pranks or jokes. Wouldn’t want anything pulled on me either!!

  48. My dad loved to open the treat box on the table, without really looking. So we put dog kibble in it and he almost ate it. Taught him to look before he carelessly ate something.

  49. My niece lives with us and she did a spoofing prank on us. My husband had a call from a telemarketer and made a Pterodactyl sound in the phone and hung up beccause he’s tired of them calling. My niece then called him over a 100 times from a spoofed number. He thought it was the telemarketer and he was like OMG what have I done lol.

  50. The best one that was ever played on me was when I was told our business was being audited, only to find out we were NOT, and were indeed in great shape.

  51. Got to work and noticed my coworker getting out of his new truck and I made sure he didn’t see me. I came in a couple minutes later and told him I just noticed someone keyed the passenger side of someone’s new white truck. Well, he made a mad dash to the parking lot to check on his new truck. When he returned, I gave him a big “April Fools” shout.

  52. When I was a kid, I switched salt for sugar, but chickened out and told everyone before anyone could use it by mistake.

  53. Years ago for April Fool’s, one of my co-workers tried to convince me we were having a gravitational anomaly that day, which meant a pound no longer weighed the same as the day before. It was more of a goofy joke than an actual prank.

  54. Michelle Landry

    I’ve never played an April Fool’s joke on anyone, nor have I ever had one played on me. I do enjoy the funny posts from corporate brands on that day though.

  55. When my son was younger, he heard somewhere about replacing water with vinegar in someone’s glass, and thought he would try to be sneaky and play an April fool’s joke. I knew something fishy was going on from the way he was watching me so closely and giggling, so I was on the look out and smelled the vinegar before I drank any, but I still pretended to drink and and ran to spit it out to let him think he had really tricked me. To this day, he still thinks he tricked me into drinking vinegar that April Fool’s day.

  56. I saw a post on FB awhile back that In N Out burger was serving bacon, but it was on the “secret menu”. You had to order a double double “Piggy style”. When I tried to order it they had no idea what I was talking about. Apparently, I was the first or only person at that location to fall for it.

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  58. Geronimo Cabeza

    I remember as a child hiding the bicycle for 2 days from a friend so that he would believe that it had been stolen

  59. I honestly can’t even remember the last time I pulled an April fools prank on someone or when one was pulled on me..by the time I even realize its April fools day its wayyy over with! Thank you so much!

  60. I had a picture saved of one of my old positive pregnancy test to fool my husband that I was pregnant again. He fell for it! We had a good laugh!

  61. I’m not really a pranky person. I can’t think of a prank that has been played on me or I don’t remember it.

  62. Last year, I colored white computer paper with brown crayon and cut out lowercase and capital letter Ee’s and threw the Ee’s on a plate and yelled for my kids to come get some “brownies” hahahaha get it? They weren’t too amused lol

  63. Thank you for the invitation to read this awesome literature. And the opportunity to win your great giveaway.

  64. We recently bought a nice new TV for the living room. Before my husband got home from work, I put on youtube and picked a cracked screen video to play. My husbands face was priceless when he thought out new TV was already cracked!

  65. Kathie VanDeraa

    I do not care for April fools pranks and so don’t do them. Usually when someone tries to pull one on me it’s a lie and not a prank. So once I correct them, they never try it again! 😝

  66. One year my father had just lost his dog so I thought I would get him a new one. He only liked very small lapdog-type dogs. On April 1st I brought him a full-grown, large Sait Bernard! They took one look at each other and it was love at first sight. Beredette became his best buddy and a rather large lapdog and was his best friend until the day she passed from old age. They made wonderful memories together!

  67. One year my father had just lost his dog so I thought I would get him a new one. He only liked very small lapdog-type dogs. On April 1st I brought him a full-grown, large Sait Bernard! They took one look at each other and it was love at first sight. Beredette became his best buddy and a rather large lapdog and was his best friend until the day she passed from old age. They made wonderful memories together!

  68. I’ve never been a prankster because I don’t like it done to me! I guess I’m too sensitive. Thanks for a generous giveaway and good reads 📚

  69. Calshondra Williams

    I had a friend that had her cop friend come up to my job & pretend I had a unpaid ticket. At first, I panicked but figured it out because I didn’t have any tickets.

  70. My son put a fake snake on the dash of his truck cause he knows how much I am scared of them. That snake looks so real and life like. I screamed thinking there was a snake in the truck. Him and my daughter in law got a great laugh out of it. That snake now lives on the dash of the truck. I’ve come to accept the fake thing.

  71. My sister was always annoying us with texts (ie: DEER) every time she saw any wildlife. We put deer stickers on her car side mirror!

  72. My birthday is 2 days before Christmas. I grew up complaining that all I got was just one of my Christmas presents for my birthday. The presents were always wrapped in Christmas paper. I never had birthday parties because my birthday was too close to Christmas. One year long ago I received a present in the mail from my older brother on April 1st. It was a birthday present. He said that since I didn’t like the real date of my birthday, he thought it was a great idea to have a “birthday” on April Fools Day. He has continued this and still does it. A lot of times I forget it is April 1st and still get surprised with a present and a Happy Birthday post on my FB page.

  73. Many years ago, my father lost his little pet dog. He was heartbroken. After a while, we decided it was time to get him another dog. The only type of dogs he liked were small lapdogs. So on April 1st, I brought home a full-grown St. Bernard! They took one look at each other and it was love a first sight. They remained best buddies and friends until Bernadette passed away years later.

  74. My kids really replaced my sugar bowl with salt and gleefully watched me fix and attempt to drink a cup of tea afterwards. It’s funny now but was I ever salty – literally!

  75. I told my son (he was in grade school at the time) that he had a dental appointment, and he hated going to the dentist.

  76. Unfortunately, I don’t have any stories to share regarding me playing an April Fool’s prank on someone or someone playing an April Fool’s prank on me. However, if I were to play one on someone in the future, I’d like to buy confetti and place it on top of a ceiling fan so the person who ends up pulling it to turn it on will most likely end up quite surprised.

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  77. I don’t really have a good one to share but when I was a kid I replaced the table salt shaker with sugar instead. Dad got mad so bad try

  78. Best April Fool’s prank played on me was when I was a kid and my grandpa told me pigs could actually fly. He spent all day convincing me then threw a piece of bacon at me and said “See? Told ya”

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