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  1. The best Spring experience is walking through our local park on a nice day when everyone is out with their family.

  2. Darla Peduzzi

    Spring is my favorite season because I love to see everything come back to life. Also, I love watching the Spring flowers pop up and show their beauty.

  3. Spring is my favorite time of the year. Nature at this time awakens, straightens its shoulders and breathes life itself. In the spring, it seems that the cold and snow were nothing more than just a dream. There is a feeling that only joy awaits ahead.

  4. We are having a great spring with the warm temperatures and the cool breezes. That makes it very comfortable.

  5. My best Spring experience was driving in Northern California and stopping at fresh produce stands dotting the highway. Everything was so delicious. I miss that.

  6. Deborah Stinson

    The best Spring experience is going on a hike in the Great Smokey Mountains to see waterfalls and wildflowers and deer and bear and eagles. Lol

  7. I loved visiting my sister in Hungary in the spring! All the flowers were in bloom and it was magical!

  8. The best spring experience is sitting outside in the warm sun reading and watching the birds at the feeders. I wait all winter for this, very impatiently I might add.

  9. Spending a week in Sacramento with my half sibs was the best Spring experience I’ve ever had. We found each other on Ancestry and we’ve been thick as thieves ever since. Spending a week in a cute old house exploring Northern California together was such an absolute blast!

  10. The best springtime experiences for me were when I was living on a farm as a young child. All of the baby animals were a lot of fun & so cute.

  11. Alana Neville

    Spring is my favorite time of year because everything is fresh and green, and people seem to be happier than they did over the winter. Spring is also great because I can read some great books outside in my hammock!

  12. Joanne Halter

    Spring is the best time to watch all the bird species coming back to nest and raise their young.

  13. athena graeme

    Best spring experience ever was going to our local feedmill to get peeps at Easter! I loved those huge pens of baby ducks and chicks! Every year it was so hard to pick if I wanted a pet chick or duckling! One year they let us keep the ducks after they were full grown and gave us a kiddie pool for them to play in! Eventually they wandered off to join the other ducks at the pond, but it was the best time ever playing with them.

  14. Foe me it would be fishing the Outer Banks in NC. The water there is amazing, the beaches are clean and beautiful, and the food is sooo amazing!

  15. Kellie Loomis

    I love going on walks down by the river when the first green start to appear on the trees.

  16. Mikhail Rapoport

    The best spring experience is enjoying the outdoors, greenery, aromas of plants and flowers.

  17. Best spring experience was getting to take my kids to disney world and getting to see their faces light up and have fun even though it was pricey,it was worth it.

  18. My best Spring experience would be going on bike rides with my friends downhill a mount near our school when I was a teenager. When I was I couldn’t climb the mount, I actually could only go halfway through to the top and once I literally drove backwards and fell flat on at the bottom. But in the middle of that fated Spring I was old enough to pedal all the way to the top, finally! Moments like this made me realized I was growing up back then.

  19. My best spring experience (if end of February counts as spring) was welcoming our baby girl. This was some years back, but I still remember all the detail.

  20. Patrick Cadette

    What can I say but let’s go..another opportunity at this .good luck everyone. Enjoy the reading

  21. I like morel mushroom picking in Spring, and have fond memories of going out with my grandparents to pick mushrooms together.

  22. Well, from that time I love to go for a walk, ride a bike, create a vegetable garden, read in a park… These are some of the things I enjoy doing during this time.

  23. Ruth Utterback

    I love stay vacations in the spring. Thanks for the chance to win my favorite amazon prize

  24. Cindy Merrill

    The best Spring experience is wild food foraging- dandelions, especially! You haven’t lived until you’ve tried pickling the tightly closed unopened buds, these are scrumptious as mock capers and FREE for the picking!

  25. Nothing beats a early morning walk in the park while the rest of the population is still at sleep 😉

  26. My favorite springtime activity is taking my hammock to the local metropark and reading all day.

  27. Lyndsey Rullman

    My favorite spring event is in late April early May my cherry blossom tree blooms for short 1 week period. The tree is absolutely beautiful and let’s me know spring is here!

  28. My best spring experiences are always the road trips I take with my family… whether they’re longer or the short ones, we always have a great time!

  29. September Fink

    For me, it’s the smell of fresh cut grass and the blooming of flowers that makes spring amazing. Also being able to have my family and our dog outside enjoying the fresh spring air and classic cars that drive by.

  30. It is difficult to pick the “best” spring experience. I would have to say anything that involves spending time with family and friends. I am feeling a bit nostalgic lately about my grandma who passed away two months ago. I used to go swimming at her house quite often in the spring and summer. We celebrated nearly every holiday at her house including Mother’s Day.

  31. Well to me all springs are special – there’s the flowers, the smells, the weather becoming warmer and sunnier, the birds singing, the flowers, etc. – it’s the best season of them all!

  32. The best spring experience is a picnic outside in warm, but breezy weather, with a good book and good company.

  33. My favourite Spring Activity is Taking my dog for a walk. This time of year is best for this activity

  34. My best spring experience is taking walks and seeing flowers in bloom are also part of what makes spring so great.

  35. Spring is my favorite season and so all are special to me: the smell and colors of the flowers blooming, the warmer time, the birds singing – it’s just magical!

  36. Being able to sleep in and do whatever I want like catching up with my many stories while the spring temperatures rise

  37. I remember as kids my grandmother would always have a new craft project for us to learn during Spring Break. She was very artistic, so it was always something cool and fun. We’re all adults now and we still talk about those times.

  38. My favorite spring experience is seeing all the wildflowers burst into bloom. It is so lovely, and their perfume makes the air smell so sweet.

  39. My best “spring experience” was when I was 5 and somebody gave me a Slinky. I spent hours watching it loop-a-loop down the stairs, then running it back up the stairs, over and over and over again.

  40. My favorite spring experience is watching my kitty sit in the window and watch the birds, chipmunks, bunnies, and squirrels with a look of murder in her eyes, as if she could really leap out and hunt…

  41. Our favorite spring experience was going to the river and spending time checking out the spring wildflowers blooming. Sitting by the river and reading made the experience so relaxing!

  42. Richelle Leffler

    My best spring experience was planting flowers at a nursing home with my school and bringing some joy.

  43. Not sure what my favorite spring activity is. The weather is usually pretty nice and its nice being able ti start doing outside activities without it being cold or super hot.

  44. Oops I forgot to share my favorite spring activity, my favorite spring activity is to be able to ride my bike with my son to the park, to go enjoy nature. Thank you for the chance to enter ❤️

  45. Jacqueline Smith

    This Spring I spent a lot more time with my family, just enjoying different activities, from cookouts, bowling alley, and event the movie theatre.

  46. Heather Bressette

    My favorite spring time experiences are Sitting outside very early in the morning with a cup of coffee listening to the birds chirping and seeing all the flowers blooming and the trees leaves vibrant green colors.

  47. Natasha Turner

    Thank you for the chance! I love walking in my new neighborhood in the beautiful spring weather!

  48. My favorite spring experience was when I use to be able to walk in the beautiful sunshine, enjoying the light breeze on my face and smelling the aroma of the blooming flowers. Now that I am handicapped, confined to a wheelchair, and bound to the apartment, I am unable to enjoy these wonders anymore. I wish I had more of those special moments to remember in my old age.

  49. The best spring experience is gardening and baking. Both are relaxing, and great outcomes either way. Flowers,fruits and veggies and yummie baked goods.

  50. My favorite spring experience is watching all the flowers bloom and baking anything with lemon in it

  51. Katrina Gardner

    My favorite spring activity is a picnic with family and friends. Or reading a book outside in the park.

  52. The best spring experience is getting to stop and appreciate the simple things, like nature, and, of course, Easter candy!

  53. This is a fun giveaway! There’s so many awesome books and they look like great read! Thanks for the chance to win.

  54. Shelly Hickenbottom

    My favorite spring activity is driving around on the country roads and exploring new places.

  55. The best spring experience for me would include a road trip with my mom and husband to go visit my sister and nieces in Minnesota

  56. My best Spring experience is just enjoying the nice weather outside in my backyard with my husband and my doggies!

  57. Dolores Harris

    It’s wonderful to get lost in other worlds. I got hooked on fantasy with The Dragon Riders of Pern many years ago.

  58. The best spring experience involves taking in mother nature and all she has to offer from the sunshine warmth and beautiful sights and smells of fresh tree buds and flowers.

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