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303 thoughts on “June 2023 Giveaway”

    1. Theresia Whatley

      I to appreciate this opportunity…even though I can’t figure this out yet , everytime I go to click on something it takes me somewhere completely different

    2. I really loved reading through all the different book options I’m honestly a book nerd you can’t go wrong with a good book.

    3. My favorite wedding my Uncle’s. I was 9 and I and my cousins engaged in quite a bit of shenanigans. It was fun. I have been to a wedding in a long time.

    1. I remember graduating from community college in 1980. My parents and boyfriend were so proud of me. It was truly a wonderful day forever in my mind and heart.

  1. We have a big family and always have fun graduation parties and weddings to attend in June. It’s always fun to celebrate with family!

  2. Lyubomir Iliev

    The bride and groom looked stunning in their wedding dress. Personally, I had a great time at this wedding. I adored the way it was celebrated, the way everyone talked about the bride and groom, and how joyful and lovely everyone was. It was a joyous occasion, and I thoroughly liked every aspect.

  3. I thought that graduation, farewell to school – all this is so far from me … But now it was already, childhood ended!

  4. Favorite graduation moment was my own when I graduated college and my kids and my husband honored me.

  5. My favorite graduation experience was meeting up with all my friends after the ceremony and celebrating together!

  6. Rachel Collins

    My son just graduated from high school this past Friday. I’m so proud of him and his speech! He was Salutatorian and he has worked very hard and for his entire life to get where he is today. It was a beautiful day and I’m just so happy that I could celebrate that with him!

  7. My favorite graduation experiences are seeing both my daughter and son graduate from high school. I can’t wait to see them graduate from college and all the things they will do.

  8. Now I just remember an aunt’s wedding, in itself it was very nice because it was the first and last

  9. Best graduation experience was that i was so drunk that i completely missed my graduation date and ceremony

  10. My favorite graduation would be mine. lol I have fond memories of my high school graduation. I graduated from University but still graduating from high school with my closest friends felt closer to the heart than graduating with other students I never got to know closely. The after party was wild too. lol

  11. My favourite wedding will be my sister’s. What made it so memorable was that we all woke up late for the event 🤣🤣. I’ll never forget this

  12. When I was a bridesmaid for my friend’s wedding. Got to her house at 6am and left late into the early AM. Even got some $$ out of it!

  13. A couple of years ago I went to see my daughter receive her Bachelors degree of early childhood education and I was so proud. I was even more proud that she studied while holding down a full time job at the same time and worked so hard to get it.

  14. When I graduated from college, my parents threw me a surprise graduation party. It made me so happy.

  15. I guess I had this strange experience at my friends wedding. He was getting married to a girl from the US and there was a couple of friends of his wife-to-be. I sat with one of those girls deep into the night, just talking and sipping wine. I don’t think I ever had such deep connection with anyone else, but somehow, we did not exchange contact information (this was before social networks). So I never connected with her again, but this still remains a fond memory.

  16. My graduation was during COVID so I ordered myself champagne and celebrated with classmates over zoom! Still a great memory/

  17. Graduating from middle school was fun because I didn’t know how to properly dress for the slow Waltz dance, my best friend did my tie and my crush was my partner and I felt like that dance could last for ages.

  18. When I graduated from Job Corps, it was a surreal experience: out of the 260 students i entered with, only 22 of us made it through to get our certificates.

  19. Graduation experience description:

    A college graduation night I participated in, there were so many students all in blue. There was an American-style closing with those graduation caps, I thought many of them could have lost theirs by the way. The worst came nevertheless for them, it began to rain and it was so windy. That friend of me I went for that night fell over and she got so wet. She embraced me instantly and got me so wet too. The two of us laughed at each other a lot. So fantastic moment.

  20. Elizabeth Miller

    My favorite graduation experience was watching my baby girl graduate this past weekend from high school. Watching that girl cross that stage with 2 different national honor society recognitions as well as a running signing for college was amazing.

  21. My wedding was a quiet celebration in the town where my wife was born. It is a secluded place where there is a castle nearby.

  22. Donateeverything

    A former president came to my graduation and one of the good ones at that. To be fair, the president before her was a dictator so there wasn’t any choice to begin with.

  23. My favorite graduation experience was my own – I didn’t do anything special that day to celebrate but it took a great pressure from me because I was already working at the time and my boss had a new/better contract ready to be signed waiting for that day!

  24. My favorite graduation experience is watching my daughter receive her master’s degree at NYU. I was a very proud mom!

  25. My husband and I just went to the courthouse to get married. If I could do it over again, I would choose a destination wedding. I think it’s really smart to combine your wedding and honeymoon into one experience.

  26. My favorite wedding experience is always when the bride and groom present a rose to their mothers along with a heartfelt “speech” to them. If a mother isn’t present, they will sometimes do an honorary rose and talk about their mothers. It was always very touching.

  27. I recall my cousin’s wedding, the first I went to. It was sixty years ago and they are still happily married.

  28. My fave wedding experience was my own! We had the quirkiest venue for our reception and it was such an absolute blast and so different from every wedding I’ve ever been to. There was a log cabin inside, a tiki themed room with a stuffed lion, and so much more. It was so much fun!

  29. My favorite wedding was my cousin. The reception was in Johnny’s Bar in Belt, Montana. We had breakfast at the Mother of the Bride’s house at 3am. I sat opposite a couple of cowbowys killing a fifth of Jack Daniels. I was 14.

  30. My favorite graduation was my own! I got to spend one last time with all my classmates. We had a lot of fun and good memories that day!

  31. My favorite wedding was my Niece. Why because I did not have to be in it. LOL Just a guest. Was able to enjoy seeing everyone and enjoyed the food.

  32. My sister got married on a cruise ship. That was a lot of fun because it was my first cruise and I got to spend it with family!

  33. I attended a wedding in Paris. The couple had the party on a boat travelling up and down the Seine all night.

  34. My favourite wedding experience was my own. It was a beautiful day in late July and a fun celebration with family and friends.

  35. Favorite graduation moment was being the class graduation speaker and graduating with a 4.0 while pregnant!

  36. The best graduation was having it in the fall rather than the spring as everyone could afford to take rooms in the great hotel where it was held.

  37. Thanks so much again for the giveaway Bill! Well my high school graduation i was excited about because i was finally out and headed to college. Like most people, i couldn’t stand high school haha. Probably the best experience from that was i received a graduation present from my parents of tickets to see The Masters golf tournament in Augusta, Georgia. That was really awesome!

    1. Best graduation was my brother and float building was fun and it was in a church and it was fun and it was in the world congress center and there was a lot of people there.

  38. My favorite wedding memory is of my not very athletic friend attempting to throw her bouquet. Her arm was weak and her aim was bad, so she threw it about six feet short and way off to the right of where we were standing!

  39. My sister just graduated from college (first in the family)! While her path wasn’t the easiest I’m proud of what she accomplished. She motivates me to keep going when facing obstacles and inspires me to believe in myself and my capabilities! Education was so important to my dad and he was always our biggest and most supportive fan! We wish our dad could have been there as he would have been the loudest one cheering her on but I know he was watching over my sister with his biggest smile! Thanks for the chance and for doing such a fantastic giveaway! Wishing everyone an incredibly successful summer filled with smiles! Fingers crossed! Good luck all!

  40. Lacey Bundschuh

    Well I don’t really have one of either, but I worked weddings and my fav part about that was all the beautiful photos of the scenery with the lake in the background all set up beautifully.

  41. Never been married but love attending weddings. Most have been traditional. None too crazy or out of the ordinary. I like the ones that take place in a barn or at a park. Those ones break the boringness of Church weddings

    1. Valerie Kibler

      My first born’s kindergarten graduation brought me to tears. It’s amazing seeing your child become such a great person.

  42. Jacqueline Smith

    My favorite wedding was my own, back in July of 2007. We had both of our families there. And to top it off, both of our sons were the ring-bearers. Was a huge blessing and I remember it just like it was yesterday.

  43. My favorite memory of a wedding was mine. I had went into Labor with my son just right before saying I do. Thank you for this giveaway.

  44. My favorite graduation was my son’s. He struggled so much to get thru high school,it was truly a blessing to see him walk across that stage to receive his diploma. Especially because I know he just wanted to give up.

  45. The best graduation in my opinion was when my sister graduated from college! Our family was so proud of her. We threw her a huge party to celebrate!

  46. Lindsey Garrison

    My favorite wedding was my own wedding. We got married outside underneath three large trees with strong, thick branches that helped keep the shade. We got married in October while it was still cool. Our wedding still gets talked about for me being rather quiet in my upbringing and having a partially catholic/pagan ceremony. My husband had 6 groomsman and I had 2 bridesmaids. It was unforgettable.

  47. Christina Lopez

    My son just graduated from Junior High and going to High School. I am absolutely proud of my Valedictorian. Best memory thus far

  48. Thank you for the opportunity! We’re looking forward to our daughter’s high school graduation next year!

  49. My daughter graduated from College of Charleston. They wear white dresses or white suits. The tradition is stunning!

  50. Katrina Gardner

    My favorite wedding is when is takes places somewhere special for the couple that I’m reading about it. I think its a beautiful and wonderful thing.

  51. Great giveaway, my eldest son is officially a senior and my 2nd eldest son just graduated 8th grade and is a starting high school, freshman, proud mom, would love to share this with them, thanks for the chance, good luck everyone!!!

  52. When I picked up my Grade 12 transcript and I had all the creditd I needed to graduate 10 years after my Graduating class

    1. Thank you for the opportunity to win this giveaway I am a avid SCI-Fi, Fantasy, and Horror book reader.

  53. My graduation day was a very special day since it represented the transition from school life to work life – we had a small party with some friends and family and it was just great!

  54. My favorite graduation was my niece’s graduation she had worked so hard and with the pandemic and everything they didn’t think they would get to have a graduation!!! Of course the kids were excited to be able to get to walk with their friends and have their friends and family there.

  55. Michelle Blechschmidt

    I spent the last year finishing my Bachelors degree and turning around and getting my Masters. Mind you, I’m in my 30s, with two children, and employed full time. I would go straight from work to doing homework. I hardly slept. One day I was picking up my five year old son from church and the teacher told me to the side and said “Max said that you never have time for ‘cuddle time’ because you’re always working.” My heart sank. That night I cuddled with my son and when he finally fell asleep, I broke down in the shower.

    In December 2022, in a foggy stadium with tears blurring my line of sight, I walked across the stage for my children. I wanted them to see that this was what all my hard work was for. It was for them. I am first generation German American and the first to receive any college degree in my family. I wanted to be the change and I was.

  56. Jenny Deaton Stafford

    My graduation, in the mid 1980’s, a few of my classmates blew up beach balls and we all kept them up during the ceremony! A beach trip followed graduation and it was Beautiful!!!

  57. Rebecca HollandCowling

    I always love admiring the wedding flowers and taking pictures of them! Those are my favorite wedding memories.

  58. Crystal Juranek

    ✨☀️✨☀️✨☀️✨☀️✨☀️✨☀️✨☀️✨Oh I would be so super HAPPY to win this AMAZING giveaway!!!!! Thank you for this opportunity!!! Keeping my fingers crossed! Good luck everyone!!! ☀️✨☀️✨☀️✨☀️✨☀️✨☀️✨☀️✨☀️✨☀️✨☀️✨☀️✨☀️✨

  59. ❤️❤️😍😍😍😍Such an awesome giveaway!! I hope would love to win this! Thanks for the chance!! 😍😍😍❤️❤️

  60. I was a single parent of two toddlers, serving in the Air Force and taking classes. I also worked a second job to try to make ends meet. The moment I graduated with my bachelor’s (and eventually master’s) was the most fulfilling moment. I knew I EARNED it.

  61. My oldest brother’s wedding was my favorite. It was a blast and we didn’t want it to end. He got pretty obliterated and ended up with someone’s joint in his pocket the next morning. My sister-in-law is my best friend and it was a good time.

  62. My best graduation experience was when my brother graduated in 1999 from Morehouse College. So many family members were able to attend. It was fantastic.

  63. This giveaway is so exciting. It would make my year. I love books! I read a book a day at least. It is my HAPPY time! 🙏🔥❤️📕📗📘📙📖📚📓

  64. My favorite graduation experience was when I graduated highschool. I thought I was ready for all of this….,…

    Thank you

  65. One of my absolutely favorite memories from my wedding is my nephew, the ring bearer, forgot to pack his black pants. We didn’t find this out til he was getting dressed for some of the pictures done before the wedding. His mom rushed to a nearby store and bought some before the ceremony started. So half the pictures have him in khaki cargo shorts with a suit jacket and tie, the other half are in pants. I will never forget it. 💙💙

  66. My favorite wedding was when my best friend got married i was so touched that his wife accepted me and after they had kids they call me auntie.

  67. I remember my step sisters graduation party I was doing keg stands😅 so fun! was much younger then lol! thanks for the chance to win!!😁🎉🍀



  69. Even though I twisted my ankle when I graduated it was still a fantastic day. It was awesome to see my parents together even though they have been broken up since I was 10 months old. It was great to see my grandmothers and aunts and cousins. It really brought my family together.

  70. My favorite part of my high school graduation was looking over to the bleachers and seeing my family that I had become estranged from. It gave me a sense of pride and relief to know that they still cared about my achievement.

  71. My favorite wedding was my own when I got married. It was very formal and all the work and planning was totally worth it.

  72. My favorite wedding was when my bestfriend got married, we had an awesome time, and I danced the night away!

  73. Grad memory: All of our family coming out to Arizona for a high school graduation of one of my sons. Last time we had both sides of the family together before grandparents starting passing away.

  74. Jennifer Hedden

    My favorite graduation was my high school graduation. It was so great to graduate with the friends I grew up with. So many awesome memories!

  75. My favorite graduation moment was when my baby sister graduated from high school and celebrated with a big party!

  76. My favorite wedding experience was at my brother’s wedding. It was beautiful and it was my first time being a bridesmaid.

  77. My favorite wedding experience was my own of course. After more than 9 years together I finally got to marry the love of my life on 11/11/2021

  78. I haven’t been to too many weddings, but my older sister got married and I was a bridesmaid and I remember how emotional I was standing up there with her. One, because she was stunning in her dress and two, I was proud of her and in shock that my sister was getting married! We took pics after and that was hilarious, and I was late to the reception wish still cracks me up cause she gave me clear directions where I was supposed to be heading. I was so embarrassed lol

  79. Graduating middle school was great because we went on a school trip to Kiawah, South Carolina afterwards.

  80. My favorite graduation experience I wore my favorite dress, straightened my curly hair and put on makeup and heels. That year I was part of the band so I played my trumpet in the first half and sat down for the second. I took pictures with family members and I had went out to a restaurant afterwards.

  81. Susan Marina Brown Lane

    My husband took a red bandana from his Tuxedo pocket, and blew his nose during our wedding. It is still mentioned more than 30 years later lol.

  82. I actually enjoyed my niece’s college graduation back in May b/c it was over YouTube and I could BACK UP and watch her walk the stage. The way they had split the graduates up it wasn’t easy predicting when she’d actually walk

  83. My nephews recent graduation was my favorite its hard but nice to see him moving on to the next chapter of his life all grown up..

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