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278 thoughts on “September 2021 Giveaway”

  1. My favorite memory is when i started high school. I was on my own on the city bus an i missed my exit an ended up late to my first day. Which worked out because i met my now bff in the teachers office

  2. September has a lot of fond memories for me. My mom would always make a spice cake and take us to the orchard to pick apples. We still carry on these traditions with our grandson.

    1. Shelly Ketcherside

      My favorite September memory is the beginning of a new school year. Back in my day we didn’t start school until after labor day. I was always so excited to see all my friends and to wear my new clothes.

  3. My favorite memory from September would have tk be going camping with my family right before school started. We had so much fun and I miss it.

  4. Thanks! My favorite memory associated with September and/or the opening of school are the days when I would see my friends again after vacation. They were so changed.


  5. The best memory I have of September is when I was a kid and saw red and yellow leafs all over scattered on the ground while I walked down with my parents around town. I was picking all of them and brought them home to make something creative with them with the help of them

  6. I’m very happy if I get pocket money at school openings, and hopefully the corona virus pandemic will decrease in some countries that are still affected.

  7. Penny Branson LeBaron

    Thanks for this awesome opportunity to win from some wonderful authors I already enjoy and a chance to discover new ones as I read at least a book a day.

  8. My favorite Sept memory was riding the school bus for the first time with all my siblings. I was the youngest so I couldn’t wait till it was my turn.

  9. My favorite memory of Sept was riding the school bus for the first time with my sibling. I was the youngest so I had to watch them leave me behind, but now it was my turn too.

    1. Watching my son’s head off to kindergarden and first grade together for the first time. All their best buds from the neighborhood were there too.

  10. My favorite part about school starting is that I can sit and read a book without any interruptions. It’s a beautiful thing.

  11. My favorite memory associated with September is the first day of school in my senior year! I felt excited, a little afraid-but totally happy! I knew my adult life was about to begin and the possibilities were endless.

  12. My favorite memory of September was going to an apple orchard for the first time – to pick apples, to see and feed the goats, sheep and other animals and to eat fresh apple cider donuts.

  13. My favorite memory associated with September is always my birthdays at 13. Although it says that friday 13th is the day of unforune, i´ve always enjoyed it and nothing bad happend yet ;D

  14. Thx for the chance , just got back from vacation so some extra money would most definitely be welcomed and much appreciated

  15. September is our fair time, love to watch the kids working with their animals and putting the effort in with them. Back to school and the excitement of the new classes and friends to make.

  16. One of the best memories is when I was playing with all my friends football, nothing of phones, tablets or videogames only play football for a few hours.

  17. i loved september because of new School year . new classes , fresh faces. also fall is my favorite season so yess Pumpkin Spice Everything and Cool Crisp Air and Colorful leaves falling.

  18. First I just want to say thank you for the opportunity such a great thing that you’re doing and my favorite memory was September would have to be the day my niece was born I’m so proud of how smart and sweet she is

  19. Angie Logan Fiedler

    My favorite memory in September would have to be a recurring one every year my kids and now grandkids go driving around and look at all the trees that are starting to change colors. The kids always loved doing this and now my grandkids get so excited. then we top the day off with ice cream.

  20. My mom, three of her siblings and a few cousins were all born in September so we used to have one big party in September for everyone

  21. I don’t have one specific favorite memory because September has always been a favorite for me. The start of cooler nights, first glimpse of leaves changing color, apple picking begins which means yummy apple donuts too, of course; and getting to see all the Fall/Halloween decor. I love all things Fall and when September comes I can’t help but get excited. ?

  22. I was always happy for school to begin because we lived in a neighborhood with no kids and I could finally reunite with my friends.

  23. I usually go on Twitter for book giveaways hosted by indie authors. But I’m very excited for this Bill Hiatt giveaway. I’m excited to see so many web pages dedicated to fantasy books! Good luck everybody!

    I’m have a good feeling about September the weather will cool down plus I feel better energized during the fall. Plus I can wear oversized hoodies again!

  24. My daughter was born in September on the same day as my parent’s 25th wedding anniversary. Needless to say, my mom was so thrilled to have a granddaughter on the exact same day as their anniversary. However, my daughter is not pleased she has to share that day with them! She wants her “own” day to celebrate!
    Thank you for the opportunity to enter your book giveaway.

  25. I have 2 favorite September memories!
    #1 I married my husband of 45 years coming up September 23rd❤️
    #2 our 1st daughter was born 1 year later on September 10th❤️❤️

  26. I loved looking through the Sears catalog in the summer and getting to pick out new clothes for the start of school in September.

  27. My dad and I would begin decorating for Halloween at the beginning of September (big horror fanatics!!) No one else seemed thrilled about it, but it was a shared interest that we bonded over. I cherish those memories even more now since my dad passed away last year. Thank you for the chance at an amazing giveaway!

  28. So excited for the giveaway thank you for the chance good luck to everyone and happy fall.. my favorite part of September is finally being able to spend time outside without it being to hot. Its so nice and all the pretty colors coming from leaves falling and trees changing. I live in the most beautiful state of all time during the fall.. some people say (WV)

  29. fav memories of sept is school opening & getting meet my new teachers & classroom & friends,wearing our new school clothes,plus in nc sept we have the most beautiful mountains and the changing of the leaves,so breathtaking

  30. I’ve always felt September was a dramatic month. The weather becomes unpredictable, the colors begin to change, my team vs your team.
    Oh and I was born in September.

  31. I remember September as the start of school. It was always a little exciting to have a fresh start and new clothes and school supplies.

  32. My favorite school memory was my mom and her other friends exchanging clothes their kids had outgrown with each other. I always had “new” clothes for school every year.

  33. Looking forward to read some of your books. I’ve always been a fan of fantasy and sci-fi literature ever since I started with JK Rowling. Not long after, I quickly found myself lost in the worlds of C.S. Lewis, Ursula K. Le Guin, Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman, Cristopher Paolini and Philip Pullman among others and even now I can’t live without laying my hands on some of Brandon Sanderson, Steven Erikson, Robin Hobb or Joe Abercrombie Books from time to time.

  34. My favorite memory in September was when during the first semester of high school I joined some classmates for a school activity, that day I had a great time and now I consider those classmates as my best friends.

  35. My favorite memory in September was when during the first semester of high school I joined some classmates for a school activity, that day I had a great time and now I consider those classmates as my bffs.

  36. My favorite memory is shopping for school clothes and wearing a favorite new outfit on the first day back to school and seeing all my friends at the bus stop.

  37. Id never heard of him before, then when browsing a local bookstore I found Green wounds and instantly fell in love with his writing!

  38. My fave thing about September is long walks with my dogs through the crunchy fallen leaves and enjoying the changing landscape that fall brings us.

  39. I love September because finally the nights are cooler; there is a crispness in the air and we hang for a moment between the soft pinks and bright oranges and browns.

  40. My favorite memory is all of the remodeling of the haunted house for the local Boys & Girls
    every Sept. Great volunteers.

  41. September in my days meant going back to school wearing heavy clothes. Walking to school in the snow when it was not deep looking forward to the leaves falling.

  42. 9-11 was scary as hell. I thought war was going to break out the next day. Thousands of companies and millions of workers especially offshore lost contracts in the blink of an eye.

  43. My favorite memories of September are the Fall festivals always nice to get out and go to these when the weather is a little bit cooler that and football with friends and family. I love this time of year.

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