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288 thoughts on “October 2021 Giveaway”

  1. When I was growing up, we would have sleep overs with our friends and tell scary stories. Then, of course, none of us could go to sleep, but it was so much fun!

  2. once in church the statue of Mary moved very little but noticeable . i wasnt the only one who saw it either. the women behind me screamed an it echoed through the church. ill never forget the priest came running to the women next to the lady who screamed cause she was pregnant an the priest thought she was going into labor

  3. My favorite scary story is “The Shining” by Stephen King. If you’ve never read The Shining, it’s about a writer named Jack. Jack agrees to be the off season caretaker of a hotel, in hopes of curing his writer’s block. He brings along his wife and young son. Soon after everyone else leaves, very creepy and scary things begin to happen.

  4. My favorite scare story is still Frankenstein. It still speaks to many things of modern times, like how we genetically modify things and how we dislike and do not accept those that are different.

  5. Rachel Cornelison

    I would love to win this and by the way I’ve browsed you pages and it’s not giving me the entries just thought i would let you know don’t know if it’s a glitch or not.

    1. Rachel, if there’s a problem with the entry form or the process, please contact Gleam (the giveaway provider) directly. I don’t have the power to resolve individual technical issues arising from Gleam’s system. (Because of privacy issues, Gleam won’t talk to me about individual contestant accounts. Support always advises me to have the contestant contact them.) The company has a contestant faq at . It doesn’t seem to cover the particular issue you’re experiencing, but there is a contact us at the bottom of the page. Select “technical issues” and explain your problem.

      That said, some entry issues can develop from browser issues that you might be able to resolve yourself. If you haven’t already, you might try troubleshooting steps like clearing your cache. Trying to enter through a different browser sometimes resolves issues as well. Also, this could be an intermittent issue, in which case trying again later might work. (If it were happening all the time, other people would also be reporting it, and there would be no entries.)

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  6. The scary story that I still think about to this day is a Korean webcomic about a girl walking home when a monster shows up asking where her baby was. The unique thing about the webcomic was that it used animation to scroll through the panes quickly and jumpscare the reader. It was completely unexpected and it genuinely made me fall out of my seat and scream

  7. As a child we were often told how the humans who make deals with the devil were transform into demons at night to come take us . This was to scare us to be in bed early..it worked .lol

  8. My favourite scary story is Cujo by Stephen King. It is scary to me because it is a story that could happen about a dog with rabies that kills some & terrifies others.

  9. Alexandr Dubrovin

    It is said that the devil himself threw embers into Jack’s lantern, carved from a turnip. The greedy drunkard now wanders around the world, nowhere to find a refuge, in anticipation of the Day of Judgment.
    Anyone who regrets his restless soul and puts a lantern in his house, thereby show him the way. And on Halloween, Jack walks past a house where a light is on in an empty vegetable.
    They say that you need to be ready and not let the sinner over the threshold.

  10. I’m not a big horror fan so I don’t really have a favorite scary story. If I had to pick one, it would be a traditional spooky story like the Headless Horseman.

  11. My favorite scary story is IT by Stephen King – the idea of a monster that literally feeds on fear is terrifying.

  12. My favorite scary story is the one where a boy meets a girl, but then the girl disappears and when looking for her no one knows anything about her.

  13. My favorite scary Halloween Story has to be Casper the Ghost. Loved it as a kid and still do 45 years later.

  14. My favorite scary story is when I arrived home after going to the movie Saw, and the door to my home was open and I knew that no body but me was in town.

  15. Great Giveaway! My favourite scary story is ‘We’re Alive’. It’s a podcast about a group of people trying to survive in a Zombie Apocalypse.

  16. Frankenstein is a story about a man trying to play God and in his ego creates a “monster” who becomes bitter when his father will not recognize him.

  17. My favourite scary story is Frankenstein. It is about the story of a gifted scientist Victor Frankenstein who succeeds in giving life to a being of his own creation. However, this is not the perfect specimen he imagines that it will be, but rather a hideous creature who is rejected by Victor and mankind in general. The Monster seeks its revenge through murder and terror.

  18. I love the story of the woman who wears a ribbon around her neck and when she unties it, her head falls off

  19. I would love to win this giveaway, Sci-fi and Fantasy are my favorite genre and I am always looking for something new.

  20. Tiffany Sheffield

    Thank you for the amazing opportunity, and good luck everyone. Books look awesome need to check some of them out asap

  21. When I was little. I u had a stand beside my bed. I would see scary things at night under the stand. So I was always afraid to go to bed cause I never knew what I was going to see that night, now that I’m older okie it was my imagination.

  22. My favorite scary stories are also funny. I don’t like to just be scared, I like a little humor mixed in there to lighten the mood at times!

  23. My favorite scary story is about a couple that moves into a house with a troubled past, murders happened there. As they go on day by day more strange things happen, like bleeding walls, lots of flies, all kinds of spooky things. One of the scariest books I ever read until I found Stephen King.

  24. My scariest story is seeing someone/thing run across the ice packed snow in a cemetery late at night and not make a sound on the same ice that was cracking loudly under my feet.

  25. Larissa Nezdoliy

    This would be so wonderful, I buy everything off Amazon from air purifiers to filters, from children’s gifts and books to Halloween Costumes, from food to coffee to vitamins.

  26. I love the story about the evil guy with a hook as a hand, and a couple at lover’s lane pulls away from parking and find the hook dangling on the car door handle.

  27. My favorite scary stories were from the Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark. I loved the creepy pictures that went with the stories.

  28. Lisa Bucciarelli

    Salem’s Lot gets me every time. I cannot sleep for days after reading the book or watching the movie.

  29. My favorite scary story is the one i read to my daughter called Goldilocks: And The Three Bears. It is more haunting than the original. It is about the disapperance of Goldilocks. I love reading it to my daughter in the creppiest voice i can muster!

  30. After my grandpa died years ago we started to take care of his dog. after his dog passed of old age, I would hear a dog walking around downstairs. Nobody is in the home except me. Creepy

  31. When I was living in Iowa as a child, my mother had a neighbor kid walk me to school. To scare me, he would take me down some alley and told me they were full of ghosts. It kinda scared me but I was hoping I’d see a ghost ‘cuz I would bet the kid walking me would freak out! hahaha on the neighbor kid…

  32. My most memorable scary stories came from those Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark books, especially when combined with the artwork that came with it. There was one story that involved human remains in spaghetti that afterwards made me be extra suspicious as a kid whenever my mother made that dish for me.

  33. Many of these books look truly enticing and I would love to read them. Now, if I could just find the time and a quiet place – –

  34. My favorite scary story is “Ligeia” by Edgar Allan Poe. The nameless narrator’s first wife, Ligeia, whom he adores dies. He enters into a second but loveless marriage to Rowena. She, too dies, but keeps coming back to life looking more and more like Ligeia.

  35. My daughter loves these books and ones like these , so thank you for the chance to win this awesome giveaway

  36. Nice website and I love the looks of your novels. I can’t wait to start reading! Thank you for offering this cool giveaway so that I can buy the books!

  37. My favorite scary story was about a man who lived in the attic of a family home without the consent of the owners. The people who rented the home had no clue he was there, but noticed things began disappearing such as food, clothing, and blankets. When no one was home he used their kitchen, tv, laundry, etc. He cleaned up after himself so no one would know. Then he became sick and died in the attic. Those living there began smelling his rotten corpse. The police were called to find where the stench was coming from. He was found and brought to the morgue. In the attic all their lost belongings were found. There was a note stating he was sorry for squatting there for the last twenty years. He was a previous renter who had been evicted. I don’t remember the book title.

  38. Hello!,yes I have a few and I love Halloween and plus I get to celebrate my husbends birthday too he is a Halloween baby ,but there is not enough spa e for me to write everything but Thank you for the good book and stories, &Thank you for letting me enter the contest
    .Good luck everyone

  39. Jennifer D Raska

    My scary moment was when I was laying in bed one night and I woke up in the middle of the night, hard to breathe felt as if the blankets were being pulled down on each side of me, I couldn’t move or scream as I also seen a huge black shadow standing over me. My chest felt as if something was on top of me pushing me into the bed. I looked down and seen the blankets were being pulled off slowly from me. I kept telling myself it’s just a dream it’s just a dream but it wasn’t …I will never forget that night. I eventually was able to go back to bed, in the morning time I lit Sage all around my room.

  40. Says I’ve already said, I am not really a fan of scary stories, but I’ve never commented on this site before. Very interesting.

  41. My favorite scary story is about the Banshee that lives a few streets over from. There is a story going back 100’s of years about a woman and her boyfriend that were lost in the woods and she was forced to watch her boyfriend murdered, the she was tortured, raped and left for dead. The story goes that on some nights she walks the road for vengance screaming along the way.

  42. My favorite scary story….watching Night of the Living dead 50 years ago with a friend. We were so scared we couldn’t turn off the tv

  43. I think one of my favorite scary stories involves a strange new girl in a Japanese high school class that all the boys fall in love with and the girls get jealous of, but it turns out she’s a monster trying to take over the town and the world!

  44. My favourite scary story is about a assasin clown, that only kills people when they are drunk, cause his mother dies in a car accident when the other driver was drunk.

  45. My favorite scary story was about the white Witch that haunted an area of San Diego known as Elfin Forest. The rumor is that she would wander the woods searching for her husband and son that were murdered there. I’ve never seen her but I have friends who swear that they have on multiple occasions. The last I’ve heard is that the area is off limits for hiking.

  46. My favorite scary story is “Guts” by Chuck Palahniuk where a man gets stuck in a pool filter while masturbating.

  47. Honestly I can’t recall any scary stories. I don’t do well under pressure lol. My mind has drawn a blank and I just can’t think of any.

  48. My favorite scary story growing up was the always popular “man with a hook for a hand” that roamed the hills where I lived. There would always be that one friend who snuck up on the group making screeching noises like a metal hand scratching metal. Always scared us though!

  49. My favorite scary story has to be Homebody by Orson Scott Card. I had to pick out a book for a book report, and picked that one. Not knowing I was going to fall in love with the book. I have since lost the book, but it’s definitely on my to buy list!

  50. This is so cool. I would love to win one of these. If I win one of the big ones I would be buying myself some books and chapsticks

  51. It is not as much a scary story as it is a suspense, but I loved “Lost Boy.” It totally changed my childhood and what I believed of Peter Pan. He never was a good person and now we all know why he never grew up.

  52. Enkeli Rodríguez

    Finally in October! Best part of the season. It bring back memories of my childhood having so much fun on Halloween when going “trick or treat” with friends. Those were the times! Now I’m more into going for a walk to the countryside from time to time and enjoy the stunning landscape with the trees and the paths coated with their leaves… It really helps me to unwind. By the way, I’ve started reading Fateful Pathways: A Story of Theseus and must say I haven’t finished it yet but I love it so far. Keep up the good work Regards!

  53. My favorite scary story was a tale that my grandmother used to tell me about a little girl getting lost in the woods.

  54. I enjoy a whole category of short quips, a few words or a couple of sentences. For example:

    My daughter won’t stop crying and screaming in the middle of the night.
    I visit her grave and ask her to stop, but it doesn’t help.

    I just love how the macabre aspects jump out at you.

  55. Some of my favorite scary short stories are by Edgar Allan Poe. The Tell Take Heart and The Imp of The Perverse always creeps me out.

  56. My favorite scary story I learned in elementary school. A boy was frightened to death because of a dare. Because of his friends’ urging, he agreed to spend the night in a cemetery. He was meant to stick a knife near a gravestone to prove he was there. He accidentally caught it in the back of the cape he wore as a costume. He was convinced an undead hand was grabbing him! Tragic.

  57. My favorite scary story is “The Turn of the Screw” by Henry James. I love the tension, the atmosphere, and the ambiguity of the story. The unreliable narrator is one of my favorite tropes, too.

  58. My favorite scary story is the one that leaves me thinking about it long after I am done reading. In Cold Blood is a great one.

  59. I have an aversion to clowns. My brother’s both take full advantage of that fact and have been coming up with clever ways to terrify me since we were little. Not exactly a story, per say, however it is to them when they share how they can still get me every time such as opening an email with a scary clown attachment. You think I’d have learned by now!

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