Dragon Bares Its Teeth Release Party Giveaway

October 2021 Giveaway if the widget is blocked or enter here.

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97 thoughts on “Dragon Bares Its Teeth Release Party Giveaway”

  1. My favorite fall memory is my wedding day! We got married on September 22, 2017 and it was a beautiful day and almost 80 degrees!

  2. Always throwing Halloween parties for my son, who is now 38. His entire class would come and celebrate. Great memories.

  3. My favorite fall memory is playing in the leaves with my daughter when she was growing up. My husband would rake a big pile of leaves and she had so much fun jumping in them. Fun memory.

  4. I remember that I asked my girlfriend out the 1st of November. It was amazing and scary. It required a lot of mental preparation and courage. My heart was beating so fast but words just came out on their own. It was an amazing sensation.

  5. I have a trip coming up the end of the month. Looks like I have my booked picked out for the ride! Merlina sounds like an interesting character to me! Great giveaway!

  6. One of my favorite fall memories was a trip to New Hampshire and Vermont with my boyfriend. We visited some of his family in the fall and it was the first time I got to truly experience fall. Cool weather and beautiful foliage. While we get cold fronts in S Florida, our leaves here don’t really change to beautiful shades like red, yellow, and orange.

  7. Fratutu Ionut Claudiu

    Hi, to be honest I don’t really have any good memory while falling, but I remember one time I was at pool and I was running around the pool so fast until by mistake I fall into it and was pretty fun !

  8. Alexandr Dubrovin

    Most of my favorite memories were in the fall, when school began, nature was becoming more beautiful. There were many things to do, for example, picking apples and mushrooms, walking in the woods. Autumn is the time of morning rain and crisp leaves underfoot. What a time to enjoy life! One of these memories stands out especially in autumn.

  9. Definitely the one I spent in Latvi1.th2 while foredt was copper and orange, it wasn’t that cold so the picnic was perfect!

  10. I am so looking forward to reading this whole series. I’ve become housebound, and it will certainly help me out.

  11. Dustin Blankenheim

    My favourite fall memory is collecting leaves and chestnuts with my grandma to handcraft things with them afterwards. Like little figures and stuff… I really miss her and forever the season of fall is connected to her.

  12. My favorite fall memory is every year of elementary school we would go on a fall veils trip to the local apple farm! We would go on hay rides, pick apples and drink cider and homemade apple cinnamon donuts!

  13. My favorite Fall memory is my wedding. We got married mid October and it was a beautiful clear, crisp, and sunny day! Sandwiched between an entire week of pouring rain, the sun seemed to shine just for us!

  14. As kids we would rake up the leafs and shape our pile like a huge bird nest. We would make wings and wonder around the yard like birds when cars drove by. Did not take much to entertain us life was so easy.

  15. Enkeli Rodríguez

    Wow, I haven’t given a chance to “Living with Your Past Selves” and now comes this. So many books on my pending to read list for Christmas, hope I can squeeze everything in. Congrats for this new release.

  16. Hm, I don’t have anything that stands out – I just generally enjoy the colorful landscapes and spooky atmosphere.

  17. My favourite fall memories are when I was a kid and my parents took us to the apple orchard to pick our own apples.

  18. My favourite fall memory is crunching leaves underfoot, while walking down the sidewalk, or in a park. I loved this every year, and my husband still takes me out to do this, after 44 years.

  19. A favorite Fall memory is hiking in the Northern Maine woods during foliage season. The colors and views are amazing when close to peak and I love taking photos each year since every year is different.

  20. I think my favorite fall memory would have to be last fall when my kids and I went camping for the first time with my parents. They have a camper now, so we can go anywhere. This was the first time we went with them! Sitting around the fire and watching my kids smile while eating smores was definitely a memorable moment.

  21. Sadesh Abeysinghe

    I think the beauty here is the sheer amount of though thats gone into constructing something relatable and believable. Hats off

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